Merrick bank credit card login, activate, customer service phone number

How to log in to Merrick bank’s credit card and other products? How to manage your account and access important services? How to activate your credit card? How to apply for a new credit card?

In this article, we are going to share important details about Merrick bank and the products it offers to consumers. You may read this article to know more about Merrick bank.

Merrick Bank

Merrick Bank which was founded in 1997 offers different types of products such as loans, credit cards, High-Yield Certificates of Deposit (CD), acquiring services for merchants, clients, personal loans, etc. Merrick Bank also offers outdoor recreation loans for RVs & Motor Homes, Traditional Boats, horses, Utility, or Cargo Trailers, ATVs, UTVs, or Side-by-Side Vehicles.

Their most specialized product offering is credit cards which are helpful in building credit. It is very beneficial for those consumers who just started building their credit profiles. Merrick Bank offers both secured and unsecured credit cards and consumers can apply for anyone as per their current credit score.

Currently, Merrick Bank is offering three credit cards in partnership with Visa.

  • Platinum Visa Credit Card – Unsecured credit card
  • Double Your Line® Secured Visa Credit Card – Secured credit card
  • Secured Visa Credit Card – secured credit card


  • $0 fraud liability for unauthorized transactions.
  • 100% approval of secured credit cards.
  • Double your credit limit by even paying a minimum payment for the first 7 months.
  • Low APR on secured cards.
  • Get a monthly FICO score
  • An electronic communication facility and Mobile app are available to manage your account.
  • Your credit score will be reported to three credit bureaus and your credit limit will be reviewed automatically.

Fee and charges:

Secured credit cardUnsecured credit card
APR for purchases17.45% (variable)19.45% to 29.70% (variable)
APR for cash advance22.45% (variable)24.45% to 34.70% (variable)
Minimum interest charge$1$1
Annual fee$36 the first year. Billed $3 dollars per month thereafter$0 to $72 the first year. Billed $0 to $6 per month thereafter
Account set-up fee$0$0 to $75 (one-time fee)
Additional card feeNot available$0 to $12 per additional card issued
Cash advance feeEither $10 or 4% of the amount advanced, whichever is greaterEither $10 or 4% of the amount advanced, whichever is greater
Foreign transaction fee2% of each transaction in U.S. Dollars2% of each transaction in U.S. Dollars
Late payment, returned paymentUp to $40Up to $40
Over limit charge$0$0

Merrick Bank login

If you are already using a Merrick bank credit card or any other product then it’s very easy to manage your account and perform specific account-related tasks online. Just login into your Merrick bank account and access all available services.

The login process is given below, please check.

Step 1: The very first step is to visit the Merrick Bank website

Step 2: There is a login form on the homepage. If you don’t find any login form then click the Login link located on the top menu.

merrick bank login page

Step 3: You will get the below-mentioned options to log in as per the products you are using.

  • Credit Cards
  • RV, Boat, Horse Trailer Loans
  • Certificate of Deposit
  • Personal Loans

Let’s discuss each login process one by one.

i-Credit cards login:

  • Select credit cards from the drop-down option menu.
  • Enter Username/Email ID and Password in the login form.
  • Click the login button.

ii-RV, Boat, Horse Trailer Loans login:

  • Select RV, Boat, or Horse Trailer Loans option from the drop-down menu on the login screen.
  • Here you can make your Recreation loan payment after login into your account.
  • Click the Make a Payment button.
  • You will be redirected to Merrick bank’s recreation loan management page.
  • Now click the Sign In link if you have already enrolled.
  • On the next page, a Sign In form will appear on the screen.
  • Enter your Username, Password and click the Sign In button.

iii-Certificate of Deposit login:

  • Select the Certificate of Deposit option from the drop-down menu.
  • Click the Login to Account button.
  • On the next page, you will see a NetTeller login page. NetTeller manages the Certificate of Deposit accounts of Merrick Bank. You must have a Net Teller ID to log in.
  • Enter your NetTeller Online ID and click the Submit button.
  • Enter your password and log in.

iv-Personal Loans:

  • Select the Personal Loans option from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter your Username or email id and password.
  • Click the login button.

Merrick Bank cardholder center

All customers can access the cardholder center by visiting the URL. Through the cardholder page, customers can log in to their account, reset their password, recover their username, set up a new account, etc.

How to reset the lost password?

  • Open the Cardholder Center page.
  • Click the Forgot username or password? link.
  • On the next page, enter your account number, and username, and click the Continue button.
  • The customer will receive an email including a link to reset the password.

How to recover the username?

  • Visit the Cardholder Center page.
  • Click the Forgot username or password? link.
  • On the next page, click Forgot Username link.
  • On the next page, enter the account number, last four digits of your SSN, and last name.
  • Click the Continue button. You will get further instructions on the screen.

How to register and set up a new account?

  • Open the cardholder center page.
  • Click the Not enrolled? Sign up now link.
  • On the next page, you can enroll yourself with a three-step process.
  • Enter your account number, date of birth, and last four digits of your Social Security Number.
  • Click the Next button and complete the next two steps.
  • After the enrolment, customers will have their username and password which they can use to login in the future.

How to activate a credit card?

Customers can easily activate their credit cards by calling the customer service number.

An online activation facility is also available. Just visit the link.

credit card activation page on Merrick bank website

Enter your 16-digit card number, the last 4 digits of your SSN, and your date of birth. After that click the Activate your card button. Your credit card will be activated instantly and ready for a transaction.

How to apply for a Merrick credit card?

You can apply for a new credit card by accepting the Mail offer. Merrick Bank sends credit card offers to eligible customers by collecting data from different credit bureaus. If you receive any Mail offer then the chances of getting a credit card are very high. Visit

credit card application by accepting merrick mail offer

Enter your Acceptance certificate number, last name, and email address, and click the Apply Now button. Your application will be processed and further reviewed. Once approved you will receive your credit card.

If you don’t receive any Mail offer then you can click the link Can’t find your acceptance certificate number A new online form will appear on the screen. Just fill out this form completely and Merrick Bank will inform you if they have any offer for you currently.

Download GOMOBILE App

Now manage your account through a secure mobile app and enjoy better convenience and security. Visit and click the mobile app link according to your device. You can also download the mobile apps from the below-given links.

PlatformDownload linkLatest Version
AndroidClick here3.24.17
iOSClick here3.24.17

App features:

  • Fingerprint ID
  • Quick View
  • Set and Schedule Payments
  • View your FICO® Score with goScore®
  • Alert Set-Up & Management
  • Recent Transactions
  • Payment History
  • And much more
  • Device recognition technology
  • Encrypted mobile banking data

Customer service

For any kind of inquiry please contact customer service through below contact details.

Phone number1-800-204-5936
Mail address:Merrick Bank
Customer Service
P.O. Box 9201
Old Bethpage, NY 11804-9001
Official website
Merrick bank login page
credit card login page
forgot the credit account password
credit account username recovery page
Credit account enrolment page
Recreation lending account login page
Recreation loan enrolment
Merrick certificate of deposit NetTeller login pageClick here
Personal loan Password reset page


Source: Merrick bank website

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