How to check Emerald Card Balance 2023: Text, Phone, Online

Are you looking for ways to check your Emerald Card Balance through phone, text, and online? If yes then you are at the right place. In this article, we will show you how to check the balance easily within minutes.

In this article, you will learn…

  • How to check your Emerald Card Balance.
  • What are the different methods to check the balance?
  • Why should you check the balance?
  • Other related details.

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Quick Balance Check

  • Login to your Emerald account and check your card balance.
  • Call customer service number 1-866-353-1266 to check the balance.
  • Send a “BAL” text message to 58084

How to Check My Emerald Card Balance?

If you have already registered and created your login credentials such as username and password then you can simply access your account to check your Emerald card balance.

There are multiple ways to check your account balance as mentioned below.

  1. By logging in to your online account
  2. By H&R Block mobile app
  3. By calling the H&R Block customer service
  4. By sending a text message
  5. Balance Inquiry through ATM

1-Check your Emerald Card Balance By logging into your online account

An online balance check is one of the easiest methods customers can use. Just visit the Emerald account center website and log into your account.

After login, you will be redirected to your dashboard page where you can check important details such as transaction, history, account balance, etc.

Simple steps are given below.

  1. Open the Emerald card login page.
  2. Login by using your username and password.
  3. Check your account summary on your account dashboard page.
  4. You will find your card balance.

If you don’t have an online account then visit the official website, provide your card and personal information, and create a new account.

2-Emerald Card Balance Check By H&R Block mobile app

Customers can download the official mobile app and check the balance of their Emerald card. The mobile app is available on Google Play and Apple App Store and customers can download it freely.

We are sharing the direct links to download the official mobile app.

Mobile app download links:

Steps to check balance through the mobile app:

  1. Download the H&R MyBlock mobile app on your smartphone.
  2. Open the H&R Block mobile app.
  3. Login with your login credentials.
  4. View your account summary and check your card balance.
  5. You can also enable the Tap for Balance Check feature. Visiting the app settings and activating tap for balance facility.
  6. Now every time you open your app login screen you can just check your Emerald card balance with just a tap. There is no need to log into the app.

Note: Please keep in mind that everyone who can access your mobile can also check your Emerald card balance. It is advised to enable login security features such as fingerprint or facial recognition scan facility.

3-Check Emerald Mastercard Balance By calling the H&R Block customer service

All Emerald cardholders can also call the Emerald card customer service number 1-866-353-1266 to check their account balance.

You may be required to share some account-related information such as your card number and personal details, etc.

After that customer service will share the card balance information with you. The customer service number is written on the back of your card.

Emerald card balance phone number: 1-866-353-1266.

Also check, H&R Block Emerald Card Login

4-Emerald Prepaid Card Balance Check Through text message

If you have a question about your Emerald Card balance, the best way to check your balance right now is via text. Text BAL to 58084 from the phone number connected to your card.

You’ll receive a response with your current balance. This service is free, but keep in mind that standard text messaging rates may apply depending on your phone plan.

5-Emerald Card Balance Inquiry through ATM

You can also check the balance through the balance inquiry facility available at the ATM.

Please note that this service is not free and $1.50 will be charged every time you perform a balance inquiry for your Emerald card. There may be additional fees by the ATM operators.

Please note that if there is a pending transaction then it may not be reflected through the balance inquiry. Also, note that some methods such as calling or sending a text message may incur additional fees as per the service provider.

Why Should I Check My Emerald Card Balance?

Checking your Emerald card balance provides cardholders several benefits including:

Budgeting: Cardholders can check the balance and find how much balance they have in their account.

It will help them to manage their expenses so that their finances can be easily managed according to the remaining balance.

Avoiding Overdraft Fees: Customers can avoid overdraft fees if they check their balance. It’s a great way to pay unnecessary fees.

After checking the balance, cardholders can transfer funds to their account if the balance is low.

Planning for Future Expenses: It also helps to manage future finances and expenses as per your budget.

You can find how much funds you have to pay for future bills, recurring payments, or other types of spending.

Identifying Fraudulent Activity: Regularly checking the Emerald card balance also avoids any fraudulent activity.

You can check if funds suddenly get lowered due to any unauthorized activity. You can then report it to Emerald card customer service if any unauthorized transaction happens on your card.

Convenient: Checking your Emerald Card balance is very easy and we have already shared five simple steps. So just take advantage of this balance check service and keep yourself updated.

Checking your balance can help you in many ways such as managing your finances, lowering your expenses, avoiding late fee penalties on your bill payments, and much more.


What number do I call to check my emerald card balance?

You can call the Emerald card customer service number 1-866-353-1266 to check the balance.

How to check My Emerald card balance via text?

You can send a text message “BAL” to “58084” from your registered mobile number. You will receive a text message including the information about your Emerald card balance.

How do I check my Emerald card balance online?

Login to your account and visit the account summary on your dashboard page to view your Emerald card balance.

To sum up, we have shared all the possible methods to check your Emerald card balance. If you want to add something then please share it in the comment section below.

You can also share your suggestions and feedback for this article. Also, let us know if there is any incorrect information in this article.

Finally, thanks for reading this article. Please share this if you find it helpful.

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