My HR KP Login 2023: Kaiser Permanente HR Connect, mykphr

Kaiser Permanente HR Connect Human Resource portal, MYKPHR, and all related information will be discussed in this article. How to log in securely and access different services?

What are the benefits of this portal and what type of services does it offer to KP employees? In this article, we are sharing the various aspects of the My KP HR portal including a detailed overview of its functionalities and benefits along with updated information and step-by-step guides.

These days where most companies are working in a fast-paced work environment, efficient, effective, and engaging employee portals are highly required to streamline all HR processes and enhance employee experience.

Kaiser Permanente has also developed such a type of portal “My KP HR” for its employees to offer a wide range of features and tools to simplify HR processes, empower employees, and ensure better communication in an online mode.

What is My HR KP Connect?

My HR Kaiser Permanente is an online portal developed by the company for its employees to implement an effective, efficient, and transparent human resource management system.

This portal provides all the functionalities, services, and communication systems between the employee, HR, and other departments that a modern HRMS system must have.

Kaiser Permanente hr connect homepage

All employees can access all the services and facilities by logging in to the Kaiser Permanente online employee portal such as employee schedules, time-off requests, pay stubs, benefits, personal information, performance management, company news, training resources, new announcements, and other resources that are helpful for the day to day tasks.


Data management and security is the most important challenge of a large organization and a proper Human Resource Management system is required to efficiently manage all the employee’s data and associated information.

Kaiser Permanente has identified this challenge and developed the KP HR connect portal which is a well-efficient HRMS portal where data processing can be done online easily and at a fast pace as compared to older paperwork systems.

  • All employees’ data is available online and can be used when required.
  • All employee-specific services have been connected to the HRMS portal to make it a one-stop solution for all employee requirements.
  • It helps in reducing the paperwork and directly helps in saving the environment.
  • Payroll management is very easy now through the online portal.
  • All important documents, MIS reports, and data are available on the HRMS portal.

My Kaiser Permanente HR Login

All employees can log in to the HR connect portal of which is the official human resource portal for Kaiser Permanente employees. After the login employees can check their dashboard and access any service.

Login requirements

There are some prerequisites to log in.

  • You must be an employee of Kaiser Permanente to access the KP HR Connect portal.
  • All employees must have their National User Identification Number (NUID) and password
  • A working and reliable internet connection is required for smooth processing.
  • A secure device must be used to access the HR portal.

My KP HR Login Process

The Kaiser Permanente employee portal is only accessible to current employees having their login ID and password. If you are an employee, please check the below login process.

Step 1: Open the official portal or use the alternate link

Kaiser Permanente hr Login link

Step 2: Click the Sign On link available on the homepage. You will be redirected to the employee login page (as shown below).

kaiser hr login page

Step 3: In this login form, enter your NUID and password, and press the Sign-On button to access your KP HR dashboard page.

After login, employees can access all important services such as payroll-related information, employee schedules, benefits enrollment, training, and development, etc.

My KP HR Account Recovery

If you forgot your KP MY HR National User ID?

If you forgot your NUID then you can use the official login page to recover that. Please check the below steps.

i-Open the My KP HR login page as we have mentioned above.

ii-On the login page, click the Forgot NUID link. You will be redirected to a new NUID recovery page (as shown below).

KP hr NUID recovery form

iii-Enter your First name, Last name, and date of birth, and press the Continue button. The system will verify the information you have entered and share the NUID associated with this information.

You may see your NUID on the computer screen or you will get an email including your NUID. After recovering your NUID you can easily login through the login page.

If you forget MY KP HR password?

A password reset option is also available on the KP hr login page which employees can use to reset their password. Please check the below steps.

i-Open the MY KP hr portal login page.

ii-Click the Forgot password link available there. A password reset utility will appear on the next page (as shown below).

KP hr password reset form

iii-Enter your NUID and date of birth in the given space and press the Continue button. You will receive an email including a link to reset your password if the NUID and date of birth you entered are available in the HR database.

You can use that password reset link to create a new password for your KP HR account.

Services offered by MY KP HR Connect Portal

Once you successfully log in to the Kaiser HR Connect portal, you can access the below-mentioned services and facilities through your dashboard.

Benefits & Wellness:
Different types of health and benefits plans are available through the HR portal. Employees can get help from the Employees Assistance Program (EAP) and can access other wellness services.

Summary of benefit & Coverage (SBC):
Get information about your covered health care services and other medical plans. Check retirement plans, Kaiser employee medical health plans, HIPAA, etc.

All documents are available on the website for the employees. All members will get the best quality care through Kaiser’s nonprofit health plan.

Money & Time:
Employees can access the below-mentioned Money and time resources from the portal.

  • Special discount offers
  • Check their salary-related information and download the pay stub online.
  • Employees can view their schedules, Find information about time off (absences), can submit leave-related documents. Employees can request time off, and managers can approve or deny these requests.
  • Employees can view their W2 and payroll-related information and also download their w2 forms, etc.

Career & Development:
All employees can search for jobs and apply online in different departments.

All employees working at Kaiser Permanente can browse available job openings through the above URL.

Employee Well-Being:
Various Health and wellness-related programs are available for Kaiser Permanente employees to support them and maintain good health. For more details,

You may also send an email to [email protected].

Employees can access the mentioned resources below after logging into their accounts.

  • Physical Health Tools
  • Mental Health Support
  • Thrive at Work
  • Social Support
  • Family Resources
  • Managers & Team Leads

Moreover, if you are looking for a great place to work, good employee benefits, and better time off then you can search for the current job positions in Kaiser Permanente and start your career.

My Kaiser Permanente HR phone number

If you are unable to sign on or looking for any other information related to the KP HR connect portal, please call the Kaiser Service Desk at 888-457-4872.

For any issue related to location-based access, please send an email to [email protected].

How to access the My KP HR portal for your location?

You may have access to the HR Connect portal according to your location. It helps to provide location-based personalized results to the employees.

Once you set up your location, you will not be asked again to select your location but if you change your device, change your web browser, clear browser cookies, or you have bookmarked the old location-based URL then you will have to again share your location preference.

What you can do is…

You will have to complete two tasks.

  1. Choose your location
  2. Choose your group

You can follow the below steps for the best experience.

  • Open the Kaiser HR Connect portal
  • Choose any one location as mentioned below.
    • California-Northern
    • California-Southern
    • Colorado
    • Georgia
    • Hawaii
    • Mid-Atlantic States
    • (VA, DC, MD)
    • Pacific Northwest (OR, WA)


How does a new employee register My HR KP Connect portal?

If you are a new joiner of Kaiser Permanente then you will get your login credentials from the HR department after completing all the joining formalities and initial paperwork. If you did not get your NUID and password, please connect with the HR team.

Is there any mobile app available to access the My KP HR portal?

The mobile app is not currently available but the web portal is fully responsive. It is designed so that all Kaiser Permanente employees can easily access all the information and services without any issues.

It is cross-platform supported and works fine on laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

Is the My Kaiser Permanente HR connect safe to access?

Yes, it is 100% safe to use without any issues. The HR Connect portal is following all the essential security protocols and offers a secure way to access employee data. The website has a valid SSL certificate and the URL starts with HTTPS.

Why the login page is redirected to an SSO page?

The Kaiser HR connect portal has upgraded its login experience. Now all employees will use a single sign-on login process to access their HR portal. The main benefit of the SSO login is that it offers a single login facility to access all applications in Kaiser Permanente organization along with providing security benefits.

How can I get a leave?

Employees can log in to the HR portal and request time off. Please note that you will have to submit the required documents related to your leave. You can upload these documents through your account.

How can I download My KP Pay Stub?

Employees can log in to the HR Connect KP portal and view their monthly Pay Stub. Please follow the below steps to download the Pay Stub.

-Visit the HR Connect pay stub web page
-You will have to log in by using your login credentials.
-After login, you can search for the Pay Stub according to months.
-You can view your current Pay Stub and download a PDF file.
-Employees can easily check the net income, deductions, etc.

About Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente is a leading healthcare service provider in the United States. Currently, Kaiser Permanente operates in 727 locations in 8 states and serves around 12.5 million members. Anyone can easily search doctors, locations, medicine information, etc online with just a few clicks.

Anyone can become a member and buy a health coverage plan online. Health plan premiums can be easily paid online. Kaiser Permanente provides health coverage primarily for the California, Colorado, the District of Columbia, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, Oregon, Virginia, and Washington. It covers around 12.7 million people in these locations. Different types of health coverage plans are available such as.

  • Individual plans
  • Family plans
  • Plans for employers
  • Charitable health coverage plan
  • Medicare plan, etc.

Kaiser Permanente was started by Dr. Sidney R. Garfield who was a surgeon working to provide healthcare services to workers through a 12-bed hospital in Mojave Desert. Later Henry J. Kaiser who was an industrialist and built the largest construction site having 6,500 workers joined Dr. Garfield.

The idea was to provide health services to all 6,500 workers. Later a new business model which was prepaid health coverage was born. In 1953, the two businesses were separated into two different entities. One is for the health plans and hospitals and the other is for the medical group. The first one is renamed to Kaiser and the medical group is renamed to Permanente.


Name of the portalKaiser Permanent HR Connect portal
Developed byKaiser Permanent
BeneficiaryAll Kaiser Permanent employees
Access modeOnline web portal
Mobile appNot available


Finally, all employees can easily access the My KP HR portal by using the correct login procedure. We have shared all the necessary information that is required for a safe and successful login experience.

We have also shared information about the services, benefits, and account recovery steps related to the Kaiser HR connect portal. Finally, thanks for reading this article. Please share your suggestions or views in the below comment section.

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