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How to log in and access the n2y student login? How to log in to Unique Learning System and News2you? What are the different methods available to access these services?

What are the login requirements and guidelines? What are the features and benefits of n2y? Check all the latest updates in this article.

n2y.com Unique Learning System Login

Students with special needs are those students who find it difficult to learn something in different ways as compared to normal students. These students required some specialized learning methods, learning-related curriculums, educational courses, etc.

These students face some exceptional medical issues due to any syndrome, terminal illness, serious psychiatric problems, etc.

n2y website homepage

n2y which is a technology company in the educational domain came up with the idea to help students with special needs through some unique learning methods and specialized curriculum, and instructional materials developed especially to target students with special needs.

n2y products include online learning resources and tools such as Unique Learning System and news2 you. They are designed to support students with disabilities, including those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, and other types of special disorders that students face since birth.

How to get your n2y login details?

n2y is available for the special education department of the school districts. n2y sells its learning platform Unique Learning System, news2you, etc license directly to school districts and also share all required information on how students or parents can log in and access their platforms.

If you want to access the student login for n2y, you can contact your school or special education department and get your login credentials.

After getting the login credentials, parents can simply log in by visiting the n2y official website or mobile app. After login, parents or students can access all the study and learning materials that are available through your subscription plan.

n2y Learning Solutions

n2y offers different learning solutions that are available through individual subscription plans, as a combination, or all. Each solution comes with all the implementation and learning resources that will guide schools to start the learning process.

n2y unique learning solution
  • Polaris is a collaborative, time-saving IEP development system helping teams create truly personalized, data-driven IEPs with task automation, timely prompts, step-by-step support, and current performance data.
  • Positivity is the first proactive online solution to support classroom management, empower students’ self-regulation and social-emotional skills, track the behavior intervention process to determine and deliver proactive strategies, and automate data and reporting to enhance outcomes.
  • Unique Learning System delivers comprehensive standards-aligned learning for pre-K–transition, informed by assessments and reporting, and differentiated specifically to help unique learners access their state’s extended standards.
  • Inspire is a skill-based intervention curriculum guiding struggling and at-risk students from teacher-led instruction to independent learning as they acquire the skills they need for success in school and life.
  • News2you connects students to the world through current events in a differentiated, age-respectful weekly newspaper that enables them to access informational text, take part in meaningful discourse, and strengthen ELA skills.
  • SymbolStix PRIME provides access to over 90,000 relevant, dynamic symbols for consistency throughout our suite of solutions, helps educators create interactive communication tools and activities, and empowers self-expression and learning in students with communication and reading challenges.
  • L3 Skills offers fun, accessible, and age-appropriate educational games for unique learners to practice life and academic skills in a safe, immersive environment—ideal for independent learning.

n2y also offers a Total Solution Bundle which provides great value and a cheaper group subscription. The total solution includes Positivity, Unique Learning System, News2you, SymbolStix PRIME, and L3 Skills.

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n2y.com login

n2y login option is available for everyone including teachers, service providers, administrators, students, etc. This login method is useful to access all types of accounts. Use this form to sign in if you’ve created a username and password for n2y.com.

n2y login page - access your account
  • Just visit https://www.n2y.com/.
  • Click the menu link in the top right corner to view the menu items.
  • Click the Sign In link.
  • Select the Sign In method from the options “TEACHER/ADMIN” and “STUDENT”.
  • A login screen will appear on the next page.
  • Enter your username and password to log in.

How to reset the n2y.com password?

If somehow the teacher/admin/service provider forgot their account password then the password reset facility is available on the login page and it helps to create a new password.

  • Visit the login page https://login.n2y.com/account/login.
  • Click the Forgot your password link.
  • On the next page, enter your email address and click the Reset password button.
  • You will receive an email including a password reset link on the registered email address.
  • Click the link to create a new password.

The above login method is for all including students, teachers, and administrators. let’s discuss the student’s login specifically and the available login options for students.

n2y.com Student Login

Students can log in to their customized learning solutions and access the different solutions as per their subscription such as Unique Learning System, Positivity, News2you, SymbolStix PRIME, and L3 Skills.

n2y student login page - access your student  account

Student Login is made available only by the teacher, SLP, OT, etc and students can access their n2y account only if their login credentials have been created and shared with them.

Students/Parents will also get additional help, support, documents, etc so that they can start using their learning solution. Parents may also get a letter from the teacher including the login details and step-by-step instructions.

What Student Login Options are Available at n2y?

There are different types of login options available for the students as created by their teacher, SLP, OT, etc. By any login method, students can access their accounts through home access. Parents/Students may also request any preferred login method.

Currently, the below type of login method is available for students. 

  1. Simplified Password: (Student logs in at student.n2y.com, selects their avatar, and is prompted to enter a simple password.)
  2. Username + Password: (Student logs in at student.n2y.com and enters a username and password.)
  3. QR Badge: (Student logs in at student.n2y.com and scans a QR badge from a device with a camera.)
  4. Google Single Sign-On: (Student logs in at student.n2y.com and signs in with their Google credentials.)
  5. Microsoft Azure AD Single Sign-On: (Student logs in at student.n2y.com and signs in with their Microsoft credentials.)
  6. LTI Basic 1.0 Basic Launch: (Student logs in from your LMS or remote learning platform as configured by your IT team.)

Students Log into n2y with Google SSO (Single Sign-On)

Students, teachers, and service providers can use the Google SSO login option available on the n2y login page. It’s an easy way to access the online n2y student account.

Please check the below steps.

i-Login through the n2y login page:

  1. Visit the n2y login page https://login.n2y.com/account/login.
  2. Click the “Sign In with Google” link.
  3. A Google login screen will appear on the screen and shows your Google account information that you have already logged into your browser.
  4. Click the Google account link or you can add a new Google account.
  5. Please login with the same Google address that you have shared with your teacher and associated with your n2y account to avoid duplication issues.

ii-Login through the n2y student login page:

You can also use the student login page to access your student account through Google SSO login.

n2y Google SSO student login page
  1. Visit the student login page https://student.n2y.com/.
  2. Click the “Sign In with Google” link available on the login page.
  3. Follow the further login process and authenticate your Google login.

n2y Sign In with Student Username and Text Password

Student login through the username and password is also available on the login screen.

  1. Go to https://student.n2y.com/ login page.
  2. Enter the username and password.
  3. Press the Sign In button.

n2y Logging In with Simplified Password

A simplified password login option is available that can be used if students have got the classroom code. This classroom code is a unique code that teachers shared with parents/students. A simplified password is also issued along with a classroom code to access the student account at home. Please follow the below-given simple process to log in. 

  1. Visit the student login page https://student.n2y.com/.
  2. Click the “Enter Classroom Code” link available on the login screen.
  3. Enter the classroom code (provided by your student’s teacher/service provider).
  4. Press the Enter button.
  5. On the next screen, enter your password and press the Sign In button to access your student account.

n2y QR Code Student Login?

If the teacher’s/service provider has created a QR badge then students can log in to their personalized account dashboard by scanning this QR code.

  • Visit the student login page https://student.n2y.com/.
  • On the login page, select the Enable QR Code Scanning button to allow QR badge login.
  • Hold the QR badge to the camera and position the QR code in the box on the screen to log in.
  • The student will now be able to access their Student View!

Students Log Into n2y with Microsoft Azure AD SSO (Single Sign-On)

Microsoft SSO login method can be used if the student’s Microsoft email address has been added to their student information under the My Students area by their teachers or service provider. Please follow the simple login steps given below.

  • Visit the student login page https://student.n2y.com/.
  • Click the Sign In with Microsoft login link available on the student login page.
  • A Microsoft login page will appear on the screen.
  • Enter your email address that is connected to your account and press the Next button.
  • On the next page, enter your password and access your account.

After login, students will have access to their personalized view where they can access activities, current events, articles, assignments, lessons, etc.

n2y Login Benefits

All students, parents, and others get a lot of benefits through n2y login including:

  1. Satisfaction and better outcomes: All tools and resources related to lesson planning, behavior management, and task automation along with a data-driven approach helps teachers to provide the best quality education to students, and students also get personalized learning courses and an easy way to access everything.
  2. Access to learning resources: A lot of different types of learning resources are available through the n2y that are accessible for students, teachers, and service providers through the proper authentication. Resources include games, quizzes, and lessons for students with special needs.
  3. Personalized learning: The main benefit is that students will have access to personalized learning according to their skill level, learning capacity, personal requirements, etc.
  4. Engaging content: Engaging content helps students to show more interest and motivate them to learn through the content designed by professional instructional designers.
  5. Communication & Collaboration: n2y facilitates better collaboration between teachers, students, and parents and everyone can communicate with each other very easily. Proper communication helps improve the student’s outcomes.
  6. Data security: Students can access the one curriculum through the platform from early childhood to their graduation. All the data is securely stored in the database and no one can access it without proper authentication.
  7. Data availability: Since all the data is available to students all the time. All data is available while transitioning from elementary to middle school, from middle to high school, etc. Everything can be monitored at the district level very easily.

These programs are GREAT and highly recommended to anyone interested. They will do all the work for you, so teachers only have to worry about teaching.

N2y Teacher/Admin Registration

A new user registration facility is also available on the n2y website. This facility is available only for teachers or administrators. Student registration will be done by teachers by adding them to their classroom roster.

Registration process:

  • Visit the official website https://www.n2y.com/.
  • Click the Sign In link in the menu and select the Teacher/Admin option.
  • On the login age, click the Register new user link.
  • You may also visit the registration page directly at https://login.n2y.com/account/register/.
  • Select the Administrator/Teacher registration option.
  • An online registration form will appear on the screen.
n2y administrator, teacher registration page
  • Fill in all the required registration-related details.
  • Complete the captcha verification and press the Register button.

n2y Portal Summary

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Student support – n2y

Please contact n2y at 800-697-6575 in case of any issues.


How to Set Up a Student With Google SSO?

There are multiple login methods teachers can enable for the students to log into the n2y student portal and the Google SSO login method is the quickest and easiest among them.

Teachers must provide their students with this login method so that they can use this to access their n2y account and start learning. Once enabled, students can use the “Sign In with Google option available on the n2y students’ login page.

Google authentication option is available on both https://login.n2y.com/account/login and https://student.n2y.com/.

Steps Required to Set Up a Student With Google SSO:

Teachers or service providers may follow the below steps to enable the Google SSO login option.

1. Add the student’s Google email address to their student information under the My Students area. NOTE: A student login method is not required to use Google SSO, but can be used in addition to this login method.
2. Once enabled, students can visit student.n2y.com and select the “Sign in with Google” option on the login page.
3. The student can authenticate this Sign In with Google login through the email address and password of their Google account. Generally, everyone is already logged in to their Google account if using the Google Chrome web browser so students can just click the Google account email address to log in.

After login, students will be redirected to their students view dashboard page where they can view their lessons, activities, events, and assignments assigned to them.

How Do I Set Up a QR Badge Student Login?

QR code is a login method that students can use to access their n2y account. It is beneficial for those students who have a smartphone and needs a quick login method. QR code can be enabled by the teachers through their administrative panel and it will be valid for 1 year.

Students can log in to student.n2y.com by scanning the QR code through the camera of their smartphone. There is no need to enter a password to log in. Teachers can also provide this login option to students along with other log in options. Teachers will print a QR badge which includes an avatar, first name, QR code, and expiration date.

Creating a QR Badge:

-To create a QR Badge for a single student, Navigate to the My Students section in My Account using the menu in the upper left-hand corner.
-Select “Setup student login” under the desired student, OR the settings icon next to their name if they already have a login method setup.

Can My Students and Staff Log Into n2y with Microsoft Azure AD SSO (Single Sign-On)?

Yes, Teachers or service providers can enable the Microsoft SSO login option by adding the student’s Microsoft email address to their student information under the My Students area. NOTE: A student login method is not required to use Microsoft SSO, but can be used in addition to this login method.

What is the recommended browser to access n2y solutions?

N2y recommends Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari for the best viewing experience. On a mobile device, the Google Chrome browser is recommended.


To sum up, we have provided a comprehensive overview of the n2y.com web portal and its learning solutions. We have also shared how to log in to n2y.com as a teacher/admin and student. We have shared step by step login process for different types of student login methods. We have also shared the benefits and features of the n2y.com learning portal.

Students with special needs require a different specialized and targeted approach and n2y solutions are a great help for them.

Finally thanks for reading this article. Please share your suggestions, feedback, or questions in the comment section below. Also, share this article if you find it helpful.

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