IKEA Visa/Projekt Credit Card Payment Guide ❤️2023

How to pay Ikea Visa credit card bill and the Ikea Projekt credit card bill? What different bill payment options are available for customers? What are the penalty and other charges in case of missed payments?

Check the complete payment guide in this article.

Quick Payment

Complete payment guide:

Ikea credit card payment

Comenity bank offers many options to make the Ikea card payment and customers can choose any one option as per their requirements. Currently, Ikea customers can use the below-mentioned payment methods to pay their Ikea card bills.

  • Online Payment
  • Payment by Mail
  • Automatic payment
  • Payment through the mobile app
  • Phone payment
  • Comenity’s EasyPay

i-Onlne Payment:

It is the easiest payment method and is also recommended by Comenity Capital Bank. Customers first register an online account on the official website and after that log in to their account and make a payment as per the latest billing statement.

Please check the below steps for making a payment.

  • Visit the Comenity Ikea Visa account page or the Comenity Ikea Projekt account page.
  • Use your login credentials to access your account dashboard page.
  • If there is a payment link available on the dashboard page then click that link to make a payment or visit the payment section.
  • View your payment details and start the payment process.
  • Enter the payment amount from minimum payment, full payment, or a custom amount.
  • Enter the payment date to schedule your payment.
  • Select the bank account for the payment. If you haven’t added a bank account then add a new checking or saving account.
  • After entering all details, review all information and pay your credit card bill.

ii-Payment by Mail:

Customers can use the Mail facility to pay their credit card bills. Please send your check or money order to the Ikea Visa Comenity payment address. Customers will receive a payment slip along with their billing statement.

The payment address is mentioned there. Customers can mail this payment slip along with checks or money orders or write their account information on the back of their check or money order.


  • All information and guidelines to make a payment through Mail are written on the monthly statement.
  • It is advised to check your statement for more information before issuing a check or money order.
  • Mail will take around 7 days to reach the payment address so please send a mail at least 7 days before the due date to avoid the late penalty.

iii-Recurring payment:

Recurring or Automatic payment is a great option for those people who don’t want to waste their time checking the due date or statement balance every time. If you want to pay your Ikea bill automatically through your bank account every month then you may set up the automatic payment plan.

The Automatic payment can be set up with the help of the below steps.

  • First of all, log in to your Comenity Ikea Visa account or the Comenity Ikea Projekt account.
  • After login in, you will find the Automatic payment option in the payment section of your online account.
  • Select the automatic payment section and fill out all details.
  • Enter the amount to be paid automatically every month.
  • Select the bank account to debit the required payment every month.
  • Review all settings and set up the Automatic payment plan.

iv-Payment through the Ikea mobile app:

Ikea does have a mobile app but currently, it is for shopping purposes only. There is no facility to pay the credit card bill. Maybe in the future, Ikea will introduce the facility to link Ikea account to a Comenity Bank account so that customers can pay their credit card bills and shop for their favorite products from a single place.

v-Phone payment:

A phone payment facility is available for all Ikea credit card holders. Just call the below Ikea phone payment numbers.

  • Ikea Visa – 1-866 387-6145
  • Ikea Visa Signature – 1-866 518-3990
  • Ikea Projekt – 866-337-5539

After dialing customers can use the instructions through the automatic dialer and make a payment on their credit card. Please arrange the bank account number and routing number you want to use for the payment purpose.

If a customer wants to pay their Ikea card bill immediately then the customer can also use the expedited phone payment service where a live agent will interact with the customer and assist in credit card payment.

Note: Phone payment is a free service as long as the customer is using the automatic dialer. For expedited payment through a live agent, there is a $15 fee for each transaction.

vi-Comenity’s EasyPay:

Comenity Bank has developed a payment utility that customers can access through their Comenity Ikea Visa account page or Comenity Ikea Projekt account page. The top benefit of EasyPay is that there is no need to log in and customers can pay their bills directly by using their credit card account information.

Please check the below steps.

  • Visit the Ikea account page through the below links.
  • Click the EasyPay link that is available in the top menu.
  • On the EasyPay web page, enter account information and click the Find my Account button.
  • Verify your account and make a payment in the next step by using available online payment modes.

Note: All payments must be paid in United States Dollars only. Comenity Bank reserves the right to honor the payment or decline the payment if not paid in U.S. Dollars.

What are penalty charges and how to avoid late payment penalties?

All customers must make at least the minimum payment for their credit card bill every month to avoid late penalties and applicable high-interest charges. As per the official instructions by Comenity Bank, all Ikea Visa and Projekt cardholders must make their payment before 5 PM Eastern Time (ET) on the due date.

If the customer missed the payment then the below-mentioned late/returned penalties will be applied along with the interest charges.

Fee/Rate typeIkea VisaIkea Projekt
APR for purchases21.99%21.99%
APR for Balance Transfers26.99%N/A
APR for Cash Advances23.99%N/A
Minimum interest charge$2$2
Late payment penaltyUp to $41Up to $41
Returned payment feeUp to $41Up to $41

All due balances will be added in the next billing cycle that customers can view in their billing statements. Customers get a 25 days grace period after the billing date so it is advised to make a payment before the due date.

How to avoid a late penalty?

We are sharing some important tips that will help customers to avoid late/returned penalties and interest charges.

Pay the bill before the due date:
It is a very basic thing to make a payment every month before the due date and avoid any type of extra charge.

Set up a Recurring payment plan:
An automatic payment plan is the best option for Ikea customers that will avoid any possibility of late or returned penalties by debiting the required payment every month on the due date from the customer’s bank account.

Setup payment alerts:
Payment-related alerts are very useful and help customers to make their payments on time. When you set up the payment alerts by visiting your online account, you will receive important alerts about the due date and payment amount every month before the due date.

Maintain funds in your bank account:
There might be some situations when you don’t have enough balance in your bank account and you missed your credit card payment. If you have sent a check through Mail and you don’t have enough balance then you will have to pay a returned penalty.

A similar thing happens if you have set up an automatic payment plan but don’t have enough funds in your payment bank account. Please check your bank balance and add enough funds to avoid penalties.

Schedule your payment:
You may also schedule your payment through your online accounts in advance while making an online payment. Payment will be debited on the scheduled date and there will be no penalty.

Add an authorized user:
If you think that you will not be able to make a payment for a few days and the due date is near then you can add your family member as an authorized user so that the authorized person can make a payment for your credit card bill.

Pay your promotional Financing payment:

Ikea offers a promotional financing facility through the Ikea Projekt credit card. Please check the below details about the promotional financing plans.

$500.00 – $999.996 months
$1,000.00 – $2,499.9912 months
$2,500.00 or more24 months
  • Promotional financing offers no-interest split payment options as per the above offers for 6, 12, and 24 months. There is no need to pay any interest charges for these durations.
  • Customers must check their minimum payment as it will include the monthly promotional financing amount and would be higher than the regular minimum payment.
  • Monthly payment of promotional financing must be paid in full to avoid any interest charges.
  • If customers failed to pay the total balance within the promotional financing duration, interest will be charged according to the purchase APR of 21.99% on the remaining plan balance.

Note: Ikea automatically placed purchases of $500.00 or more on a promotional credit plan that are made at the Ikea store or website. Customers can cancel this promotional credit plan by contacting the customer service team before the due date and converting this promotional credit plan to a regular revolving credit plan.

Customer Service

For any kind of credit card bill payment-related help or inquiry, Ikea customers can speak to the below phone numbers.

Ikea Visa1-866 387-6145
Ikea Visa Signature1-866 518-3990
Ikea Projekt1-866-337-5539

Secure message:

Customers can also send a secure message after login into their Comenity account. Please visit the below links to send a secure message to the customer service team.

Important links:

Official websitewww.ikea.com/us/en/
Ikea Visa Comenity account pagecomenity.net/ikeavisa/
Ikea Projekt Comenity account pagecomenity.net/ikeaprojekt/
Ikea Visa payment pagehttps://d.comenity.net/ac/ikeavisa/secure/payments
Ikea Projekt payment pagehttps://d.comenity.net/ac/ikeaprojekt/secure/payments
Ikea Visa Comenity EasyPay web pagehttps://d.comenity.net/easypay/ikeavisa/welcome
Ikea Projekt Comenity EasyPay web pagehttps://d.comenity.net/easypay/ikeaprojekt/welcome


What is the current late and returned fee?

Customers will have to pay late and return payment penalties in case a payment is missed by the cardholders. Currently, Comenity Bank charges a $30 penalty to Ikea cardholders for late and returned payment penalty if the customer missed the payment the first time. If customers have already paid a penalty in the last six billing cycles then the late and returned payment penalty will be $41.

Is there a Foreign transaction fee?

There is no foreign transaction fee for Ikea cardholders. All transactions made in foreign currency are converted to U.S. dollars by our network provider Visa.

How can I check my transaction history and billing statement?

Ikea customers can log in to their online account and visit the Transactions and Statements tab to check all transaction details and also view their billing statements. Please click the below links to visit the transaction page directly.

Ikea Visa: https://d.comenity.net/ac/ikeavisa/secure/account-activity/transactions
Ikea Projekt: https://d.comenity.net/ac/ikeaprojekt/secure/account-activity/transactions

How can I manage my payment-related alerts?

Please visit your Comenity account page and log in by using your username and password. After login visits the Alerts section and setup payment related text and email-based alerts as per your preference. Customers can directly visit the alerts page by clicking the below links.

Ikea Visa: https://d.comenity.net/ikeavisa/sec/communications/Alerts.xhtml
Ikea Projekt: https://d.comenity.net/ikeaprojekt/sec/communications/Alerts.xhtml

Can I use a mobile wallet service for the payment?

Customers can add their Ikea credit card to mobile wallet payment services. You can easily connect your credit card to Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.

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