IKEA Visa Credit Card by Comenity Bank ❤️ Full Review 2023

Check out the complete overview of the Comenity Ikea Visa Credit Card in this article. What are the fee and charges, interest rates, and penalties?

What are the benefits this card provides to Ikea customers and how customers can get the most out of this credit card? Check the latest updates in this article.

Ikea Visa Credit Card

Ikea Visa is a store credit card that customers can use to purchase their furniture-related products from Ikea and it can be used outside Ikea also. Ikea Visa is issued by the Comenity Bank in partnership with the Ikea group. This credit card offers many benefits including a rewards program where customers will earn rewards points on every purchase.

Some of the important benefits of the Ikea Visa card are mentioned below.

Salient features:

  • Customers can use this credit card anywhere Visa is accepted.
  • It’s a free credit card and there is no annual fee.
  • Customers will not be liable for any unauthorized use.
  • Customers will also get the IKEA Family loyalty program benefits.
  • If customers are not enrolled in the IKEA Family loyalty program then they will be enrolled automatically after the approval of the IKEA Visa credit card.
  • Enjoy the Low APR on purchases and cash advances as compared to other store credit cards.

Rewards Points benefits:

  • Customers will get the opportunity to earn 5% rewards on every purchase made at the Ikea store or on the online e-commerce Ikea.com website or TaskRabbit assembly services.
  • Customers will earn 3% rewards points on dining, grocery stores, and utility purchases.
  • Customers will save 1% through rewards points on all other purchases.
  • Customers will get $25 Bonus rewards points if spend $500 for qualifying purchases outside Ikea and TaskRabbit within the first 90 days.
  • Customers can earn unlimited rewards points without any maximum cap.
  • Rewards points will be valid for 36 months after the earning date.
  • Customers will receive a $15 rewards certificate for every $15 rewards dollar.
  • Rewards certificates can be redeemed on Ikea purchases in-store or online.
  • The rewards certificate will be valid for the next 90 days after the issuing date.

Fee & charges:

Fee typeCharges
APR for Purchases21.99%
Penalty APRNone
APR for Cash Advances23.99%
APR for Balance Transfer26.99%
Minimum Interest Charge$2
Annual FeeNone
Balance transfer feeEither $10 or 5% of the amount of each transfer, whichever is greater
Cash Advance feeEither $10 or 5% of the amount of each cash advance, whichever is greater
Foreign Transaction FeeNone
Late Payment penaltyUp to $41
Returned Payment PenaltyUp to $41
Over the limitNone

Customer Service

For any type of help, please call the below-mentioned customer service number.

Visa1-866 387-6145
Visa Signature1-866 518-3990

Mail Inquiries: Please write your inquiries to the below address. Please include your account information such as account number, name, and address in the mail.

Comenity Capital Bank,
PO Box 183003,
Columbus, OH 43218-3003

Official websitehttps://www.ikea.com/us/en/
Credit Card page on the Ikea websitehttps://www.ikea.com/us/en/customer-service/services/finance-options/
Ikea Visa Comenity account pagehttps://d.comenity.net/ac/ikeavisa/public/home
Ikea Visa cardholder agreementhttps://d.comenity.net/ikeavisa/pub/requestCca/requestCca.xhtml


Name of Credit CardIkea Visa Credit Card
Issued byComenity Capital Bank
Serviced byComenity Capital Bank
Credit card network providerVisa
BeneficiaryAll Ikea customers
Who can applyAll eligible Ikea customers
Official websitewww.ikea.com/us/en/


Is there any Introductory offer on the Ikea Visa credit card?

Yes, As an introductory offer, new Ikea Visa customers will get an opportunity to save $25 on their first purchase of $25 or more at Ikea.

If you have applied in-store then the discount will be automatically applied to your in-store purchases. If you have applied online then the $25 amount will be received as a statement credit within two billing cycles.

Please note that to get the introductory benefits discount, you will have to use your credit card on the same day of your card approval.

How can I get my Ikea Visa cardholder agreement?

If customers don’t have their cardholder agreement copy then they can request a copy with the help of the below steps.

1-Visit the Ikea Visa Cardholder Agreement page.
2-You will see a general cardholder agreement on this page.
3-To get a copy of the cardholder agreement specific to your account, you will have to fill out the cardholder request form available on the same page.
4-Fill out the form and press the Submit button.
5-You will receive a letter including your cardholder agreement copy from Comenity Bank at the address registered with your account including your cardholder agreement copy.

How can I get cash through the Ikea Visa cash advance facility?

Ikea Visa cardholders get the Cash Advance facility also to get cash any time up to their cash advance credit limit. Customers can visit any nearest ATM that accepts Visa cards and use their PIN to get the required amount of cash.

If a customer does not have the PIN then please call the customer service number written on the credit card and request a PIN.

Below mentioned activities will be considered as a cash advance and will use the available cash advance credit limit.

-Withdraw cash from ATM, financial institution, or any other location.
-Buy lottery tickets, money orders, foreign currency, gift cards, or similar items.
-Use checks received through Comenity Bank to get cash or pay someone.

What to do in case of unauthorized use?

If you think that your account credentials have been compromised and your card used by someone then immediately notify customer service by calling or by sending a Mail. Do the same if your card is lost or stolen.

How can I close my Ikea Visa credit account?

If you are using the Ikea Visa credit card and are not happy with the service or if there is any other reason then you can cancel your credit account anytime. Just send a card closing request through Mail to the address written on the billing statement.

You may also call the customer service number written on the back side of your credit card to request an account closure.

Please note that before initiating the account closure request, you will have to pay all due balances on your credit card including interest charges and penalties.

The Comenity Bank also has the right to close or suspend your account at anytime without sending any prior notice.

Can I change my personal information?

Yes, All Ikea Visa cardholders can log in to their account center and update their address and phone number or any other personal information.

After updating the personal information, please notify Comenty Bank by calling the customer service number or by sending a Mail to the customer service address.

The customer service number is written on the credit card and the Mail address can be found in the billing statement.


Ikea credit card provides a lot of value to customers. Ikea customers will get good rewards points earning facility and Ikea Family loyalty program benefits. Customers can also use it outside of Ikea and earn rewards points. Account management and easy bill payment facilities are also available for all customers.

All Ikea Visa accounts are managed by Comenity Capital Bank which is a reputed Bank that serves a large number of stores. Overall it’s a good package for customers who regularly shop at the Ikea stores or the ikea.com website.

Ikea Group

Ikea is a home furnishing retail chain that operates worldwide and sells home furnishing products through its online website and retail stores. Starting in 1939 Ikea now operates in 50+ countries and sells its products under different brands.

Inter IKEA Systems B.V. is the key company that manages the IKEA franchise business worldwide and manages other Ikea retail businesses in different geographies under its franchise business.

Ikea offers two credit cards to its customers in the United States to enjoy a hassle-free and convenient payment option.

  • Ikea Visa Credit Card
  • Ikea Projekt Credit Card

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