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Kroger Feed Employee self-service portal or express HR portal-related information will be discussed in this article. Check how to access the express HR application made for the company associates. What is the SecureWeb application and what are its benefits of this?

Kroger has developed a dedicated web portal for the employees and associates working in the company. All employees can use the online login portal and perform various tasks. ESS Kroger is an Express HR management portal where authorized members can log in and access the portal.

If you want to login into the Kroger feed or ESS portal then you must have an enterprise user ID or EUID and a password associated with your account.

Feed Kroger SecureWEB

Kroger SecureWEB is the latest technology introduced by Kroger to log in online and keep your information and identity safe. It provides a single sign-on facility where you can log in to multiple Kroger applications with the help of a single user id and password.

This way whether you are using multiple systems in your organization or accessing the different applications through different login options you don’t have to remember multiple login credentials.

Now you can log in to all Krogen portals securely with the help of a Single Sign-on facility provided by SecureWeb technology. All SecureWeb-protected programs can be accessed by a single sign-on. There still may be some unprotected applications that require a login id and password.

Kroger Feed Express HR SecureWeb login process?

All employees of Kroger can use the online portal to login into their Kroger ESS or employee self-service accounts. After login employees will be able to perform important transactions and other tasks online.

Please check the below-mentioned steps to log in.

Step 1: First of all open the official Krogen Express HR portal at

Step 2: You will see a login page (as shown below).

Kroger expressHR secure web login page

Step 3: Now in this login form enter your Enterprise User ID and Password.

Step 4: After that click the “I Agree” button to accept the terms and conditions and login into the portal.

Note 1: Please note that you will be responsible for any change in the application after the login and all changes will be reflected in all Kroger-associated applications.

Note 2: Also, note that this Express HR Employee Self-Service portal is made for the current employees of all Kroger Co. family companies. You are accepting the Company’s Information Security Policy by clicking the I Agree button.

Any authorized use of the application other than the intended purpose may result in disciplinary action by the Company as per applicable laws.

Kroger Feed Great People login

Kroger’s employees can check the latest news and information through the login portal.

Employees can log in and check the information online with the help of the below steps.

1-Open the official portal

Kroger greatpeople login page

2-In the given login form enter your enterprise id and password.

3-Click the Sign In button to log in to the portal.

Feed Kroger Single Sign-On login process?

You may use the Single Sign-On facility to log in and use all applications through a single login credential. Please check the below steps to log in to Kroger’s SSO application.

Step 1: Open the official website at or you may use the alternate URL

Step 2: A new SSO login page will appear on the screen(as shown below).

Kroger feed login page

Step 3: Enter your Enterprise User ID and Password in the given space and hit the “I Agree” button to successfully Sign In to all protected applications.

Important information to log in:

  • Please access Kroger’s websites through the company area and the systems assigned for the employees to log in and access account information online.
  • Please arrange your Enterprise User ID and Password if you don’t have any.
  • Don’t share your login credentials with anyone such as your friends or family members. You will be responsible for any unauthorized access and damage.

Feed Kroger Mobile App

Download the latest mobile app for both Android and iOS platforms as per your device. All associates can check their schedules and the latest company news directly through mobile. It’s a very convenient facility for associates to access all the latest company updates and associates-related resources by just using their fingertips.

Benefits of mobile apps:

  • Access the schedules in advance which are available in a list view and calendar view.
  • Access the latest news and updates about the company right from the mobile app.
  • Manage your shortcuts and notifications easily.
  • Associates can manage their alerts services and keep important alerts on to get the notifications immediately.
  • Associates can also check the paystub through the ExpressHR link available in the mobile app.

How to download the mobile app?

All associates can download the latest version of mobile apps through the below-given links.

PlatformCurrent versionSizeDownload link
Android1.4.8.18151 MBClick here
iOS1.4.839.5 MBClick here

Once you click any link, you will be redirected to the google play store or Apple app store page where you can easily download the mobile app.

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About Kroger

Kroger is an online web portal delivering groceries to customers online. It was founded by Barney Kroger in 1883 and started its journey through a single store. Now Kroger has evolved as the largest grocery store having nearly 2,800 stores in 35 states.

Kroger has innovated many things and it was the first company that started selling all things through one shop, started delivery of groceries, implemented testing & quality check, and implemented an electronic scanner. Now Kroger is one of the world’s largest retailers with annual sales of more than $132.5 billion.


What is an Enterprise User ID?

An Enterprise User ID or EUID is the employee user ID that is required to log in on the online employee portals of the company systems.

If you don’t have your User ID then you may contact your System Administrator to share your User ID with you.

Enterprise User IDs are generally made by using the first initials of your name followed by a five-digit number. For example, James Richards’s EUID may be JR05647.

How can I reset my Express HR Password?

Your login password will be used to log in to the portal along with your user ID. If you forgot your password then you can reset it online with the help of the below steps.

1-Open the Kroger passport website at
2-Login by using your Enterprise User ID and Password.
3-Click the Reset Password link.
4-Make a new password and click the Apply Changes button.

You can change your password only through the assigned system at the company office location. The URL will not work at any other place.

How can I get help?

If you are facing any issues related to online login or related password then you may call Kroger Support Center at 1800-952-8889 for further help.

What is feed Kroger com my schedule?

Kroger E-Schedule is introduced for Kroger’s employees where employees can schedule their daily work according to the working hours or they will be assigned a schedule by the administrator through the Kroger Schedule login option.

Schedules can be accessed through the My E-plan link after login.

After login employees can also check the latest job openings and refer someone interested. There are also options for applying for a leave.

Just log in to by using your login credentials and check your schedules so that you can prepare in advance and apply for leave if you are not able to visit on any day due to some emergency.

Thanks for reading this article. If you have any suggestions or queries related to Kroger’s login please feel free to drop a comment and we will be happy to provide a solution.

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