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MGM Okta Virtual Roster Login: What is MGM Resorts Virtual Roster ESS? How to log in and access your schedule online? What is MGM Resorts and how to log in through Okta service? Check the updated details in this article.

MGM Virtual Roster is helping MGM Resorts International to solve their earlier challenges to properly manage their floor, workforce, and employee scheduling and also offering key data metrics to optimize their daily operations.

What is the MGM Resorts Virtual Roster?

MGM Okta Virtual Roster is an Employee self-service portal developed for the employees of MGM Resorts International. Employees can access this portal with the help of their login credentials and access important services such as their schedule, Time Off requests, balances, edit personal details, set up their preferences, etc.

MGM Resorts official website

This ESS portal is developed to help employees accomplish their basic day-to-day tasks and help the organization improve overall efficiency. It ultimately helps to improve overall productivity.

Virtual Roster ESS Scheduling login

Please follow the below steps to log in to your ESS account and check your virtual roster schedule

Login requirements:

First of all, some login-related requirements must be followed by all employees for safe and secure login.

  • Employees must arrange their employee ID and password.
  • Employees must have access to the correct URL of their ESS portal.
  • Employees must use a trusted and secure device to access their ESS portal.
  • Employees must use a reliable and uninterrupted internet connection.

Step 1: Visit the official login page This link will be redirected to a login screen powered by Okta (as shown below).

virtual roster scheduling login page

Step 2: In the given login form, enter your employee ID and password and press the Sign In button to access your ESS account.

What are MGM Resorts International Okta login?

MGM Resorts International is using Okta login services for its employees. Okta is an On Demand login service that works as an SSO (Single Sign On).

Once you log in to Okta powered login page of your organization, you will be redirected to your organization dashboard page of Okta where employees can access all applications of their organizations with just a click.

All applications will open in a new browser tab and you will be automatically logged in. There is no need to log in again and a single login will help you to access all applications your organization is using.

MGM Okta Virtual Roster Login process

Please follow the below steps.

Step 1: Visit the Okta-powered login page of your organization at MGM Resorts employees can visit web page.

Step 2: An Okta-powered SSO login form will appear on the screen (as shown below).

MGM Resorts Okta SSO login page

Step 3: Log in by using your employee number and password. It’s a Single Sign On login so After login, you can access any application without any further login.

How do I change my password on Mgmresorts?

1-Visit the official ESS login page.

2-Click the Need help signing in? link located on the login page. Some new links will appear on the same screen as shown below.

  • Forgot Password?
  • Locked Account?
  • Help

3-Click the Forgot Password link. A password reset form will appear on a new screen (as shown below).

MGM Resorts Okta SSO password reset page

4-Enter your Employee ID in this password reset form and click any one option as given below.

  • Reset via SMS – Click this link to receive a security code through SMS.
  • Reset via Email – Click this link to receive a security code through Email.

Once you receive a security code, you will have to enter the security code in the given space. After that, you can create a new password.

How to unlock your account?

If somehow your account has been locked due to any reason then you can unlock your account online.

  • Visit the official ESS login page.
  • Click the Need help signing in? link and again click the Locked Account? link.
  • On the next page, enter your employee ID and click the Reset via SMS or Reset via Email button.
  • On the next screen, enter the security code received through SMS or email and unlock your account.

How to check your schedule?

Please follow the below steps to view your upcoming schedule through the ESS portal.

Step 1: Log in to your Virtual Roster ESS Scheduling portal. After login, you will see your ESS dashboard page where you will find the below-mentioned links in the tabs on the top side.

  • Schedule
  • Noticeboard
  • Time Off
  • Details

Click the Schedule tab to view your schedule. If you are in the Shift view then you will have to click the ‘Switch to calendar view‘ to view your schedule. The light blue color will show the current day and the Gray color shows the past days.

The noticeboard tab shows some important messages and announcements from different departments. Employees can click the Noticeboard tab to view any new message in their ESS.

Time Off:
Click the Time Off tab to view the Time Off-related details. On the top side, employees can find available Time Off balances. After that employees can check the previous Time Off requests. Click the Next button to view the Time Off details listed on the next page.

Employees can check their personal details in this tab. Employees can set up their preferences and edit their personal information. Employees can also change and create new passwords if they want.

MGM Okta Alternate Login for Virtual Roster:

My MGM Workday login

Now employees can log in to their MGM Workday payroll account and access all available services. MGM Resorts is using the Workday human capital management service that employees can access by visiting the above URL. It will open a workday login page where employees can log in by using their employee ID and password.

MGM Workday alternate login page:

Employees can also access their account through the alternate Workday login page

MGM Resorts Workday Career login

All MM Resorts employees can access available internal job opportunities by visiting the above web page. Employees can search for different types of job opportunities and apply for them through their Workday login or other login options available on the Apply page.

Benefits of MGM Okta Virtual Roster Integration

MGM Resorts International runs many casinos, resorts, and other global hospitality and entertainment-related businesses. It is using the Virtual Roster to manage the workforce of its employees. Virtual Roster is a workforce management application specially designed for the casino industry.

Okta is another very important cloud-based identity and access management service provider. It offers a single sign-on facility to organizations.

Now all the different applications have been integrated and made an interconnected system that is currently helping MGM Resorts International to run its business smoothly. First MGM Resorts implemented the Virtual Roster, after that, it integrated Okta Single Sign On service with the Virtual Roster for authentication purposes.

Now only authorized users can access the system. It helped MGM Resorts to prevent unauthorized access and manage the security and privacy of employees.

MGM Okta Virtual Roster Customer Support

Please speak with the system administrator or HR department of MGM Resorts in case you are facing any issues while accessing your ESS portal.

Mlifeinsider okta

Mlifeinsider was designed for the new employees of MGM Resorts to provide discounts to them. It is also powered by Okta SSO. If you want to log in then please follow the below steps.

  1. Visit the official website
  2. You will be redirected to an OKTA-powered login page.
  3. Enter your user ID and password.
  4. Check that a security image appears otherwise open the website again in a new browser tab.
  5. Access your account after successful login

What is Virtual Roaster?

Virtual Roaster is an online scheduling and workforce management system. It was developed specifically to manage the Hotel and Casino industry. It is a product of Digital Instinct Pty. Ltd. Kronos has acquired the Digital Instinct Pty.

Ltd and now offering and managing the Virtual Roaster. If you are a casino owner and want to manage the casino floor, employee scheduling, time, and attendance, Virtual Roaster will be the right choice for you. You will get fully automated scheduling, payroll processing, daily workforce tasks, etc.

Virtual Roaster Tools:

Virtual Roaster offers different tools and services as mentioned below.


Scheduling is an important module of the Virtual Roaster that offers intelligent scheduling, key workforce data analytics, etc. Scheduling is very fast and can be done with just a few clicks. It helps to streamline the daily operations.

The virtual Roaster Scheduling tool offers different modules that the casino or hotel industry can implement as per their specific needs. Important modules scheduling offers are…

  • Virtual Roaster standard.
  • Leave manager
  • Auto roaster
  • Floor planner
  • Employee self-service
  • PIT manager

Time & Attendance:

Easily manage the time & attendance of your workforce and get time to focus on other areas. Now all the key data about overtime, penalties, loading, and allowances helps HR managers in faster payroll processing. Time & Attendance consists of the below modules.

  • Time management
  • Award interpreter
  • Time clocks

Workforce Analytics: Workforce Analytics offers a Workload generator module that assigns different tasks to associates as per the business planning. It records the historic employee data and assigns tasks automatically and helps in increasing the overall efficiency of the organization.

Pit Manager:

PIT manager offers real-time information about the events on the floor and share useful insights. Its a part of the Scheduling tool.

Important links:

Official website
Okta SSO login page
ESS Scheduling login page
MGM Resorts Okta login help page
Password reset page
MGM Workday login page
Account unlock page


Name of the portalVirtual Roster Employee Self Service
OrganizationMGM Resorts International
Developed forMGM Resorts employees
PurposeTo provide all services through a single login
SSO service providerOkta


What is my MGM Resorts Okta?

Okta offers a single sign-on service to its clients for managing all types of application logins from a single platform.

It acts as a one-stop solution to manage all applications MGM Resorts offers to its employees.

Employees can log in on the Okta-powered login system and access all available services without any further login.

What is the MGM Resorts Workday portal?

MGM Resorts and Workday have been partnered where MGM Resorts will use the Workday Human Capital Management, Workday Payroll, and Workday Recruiting solutions.

After the implementation of all the services at MGM Resorts, the company managed to improve productivity by a huge margin.

Now employers can focus more on the employees because most of the administrative work is managed through WORKDAY.

Can I access my Employee Self-Service account through the mobile app?

Currently, there is no mobile app available. You will have to open the online website of the Virtual roster scheduling application on your mobile browser.

After that, you can easily log in to your mobile browser. The website is fully responsive so there will be no issues in accessing any service.

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