ABI Mastermind Employee ESS login: ess.abimm.com

What is the ABI Mastermind enterprise self-service portal and how employees can log in to the ABIMM ESS web application? How to access different services such as timeclock, scheduling, support, training, etc?

What are the important features and benefits of this portal? Check all the latest updates and step-by-step guides in this article.

What is ABI Mastermind ESS?

Abi Mastermind is a leading Workforce Management Solution that helps customers to manage their workforce scheduling, Time Off, etc tasks. ABI Mastermind is serving 400+ venues in North America that include big stadiums, arenas, convention centers, resorts, etc.

ABI Mastermind offers an ESS (Enterprise Self Service) module that makes Workforce Management Planning very easy with the help of integrated modules such as scheduling, budgeting, time management, training, etc.

Workforce management is the most critical process to handle if you are a facility manager. ABI Mastermind offers its advanced technology to manage event booking, incident tracking, inventory and wardrobe management, budgeting, enterprise self-service, etc.

ABI Mastermind ESS login

All employees can visit the official website ess.abimm.com to log in to their self-service portal.

Login requirements:

First of all, all employees must take care of the below recommendations before login into their accounts.

  • Employees must get their login id and PIN from the system administrator or their manager.
  • Employees must check that a properly working internet connection is available.
  • Employees can use any trusted and secure device such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone to access their account
  • Web browsers and other applications must be updated to their latest version.

Login steps:

Step 1: Visit the official website. You will see the ABI Mastermind ESS homepage on the screen (as shown below).

ABIMM ESS Venue id selection

Step 2: Your ESS will be different according to your venue. Enter your venue id in the online form available on the screen and press the Submit button.

Step 3: After that, enter your login id and PIN to log in.

Note: If you are accessing the ESS first time then your login id will be your last name + the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number in all CAPS (e.g. JAMES6877) and your default PIN will be 12345.

Step 4: After login, you will be asked to change the default PIN and create a new PIN for further login.

What is ABIMM Com Venue ID?

ABIMM Venue ID is a specific identification number assigned to each venue. ABIMM Employee Self-Service account is available for each venue. To access your ess portal, you will have to enter the Venue ID of your location. If you don’t know the venue ID, please contact your department manager.

ABI Mastermind ESS dashboard features

Employees can log in and access their Employee Self-Service portal from any device through a web browser. Once you log in to your ESS portal, you will see your account dashboard page.

ABI Mastermind ESS employee dashboard page example

You will see three sections under the Main menu.

  1. Navigation
  2. Department announcement
  3. Employee Message


In the Navigation panel, employees can navigate to different service links as mentioned below.

  • View my PDFs – Check your PDF documents uploaded by your department manager.
  • View my schedule – Check your upcoming schedule and event details by clicking this link and prepare yourself accordingly.
  • Confirm my schedule – Click here to confirm your availability for the upcoming schedule.
  • Update my profile – Click here to update your profile and make any relevant changes such as your contact information, security question, etc.
  • Change PIN – Click this link if you want to change your PIN.
  • General availability – Click here to share your availability in the future.
  • Availability exceptions by calendar – Manage your availability by submitting your preference through this link.
  • Availability by event – Click this link to update your availability for all upcoming events and press the submit button to share your consent.
  • Contact my scheduler – Contact your scheduler and ask any questions if you want.
  • My training – Check your upcoming training session details and enroll in the training classes.
  • Time report – View your time report and check the total number of hours you have worked.
  • Points status report – Review performance-based points and point detail notes.
  • Time entry – Manage check-in and check-out time entry.
  • Review hours – Review the hours you have worked.
  • Manager menu – Access your manager menu with your managerial login credentials.
  • Logout – Click the Logout link to log out from the ESS portal.

2-Department announcement:

In this section, employees will find important announcements from different departments related to events, schedules, post times, etc. Please check this section regularly to get information about any urgent work.

3-Employee Message:

Employees can check their messages in this section.

ABIMM ESS Benefits:

  • Employees can access this ESS portal as a web-based toll from any device by using a web browser.
  • Employees can communicate with their manager and get important information easily.
  • Employees will regularly receive communications related to events, training, etc.
  • It is available 24/7 and all the information is updated in real-time. All employees will always get updated data and reports.
  • It removes the paperwork that makes the overall system very slow.

Customer support

A dedicated customer support team is available to solve all critical issues. Please call the customer support number 916-381-3809 from 7 am – 4 pm (Pacific) and press Option 2.

You may also contact your scheduling manager or system administrator for any issue related to ESS or other ABI Mastermind applications.

Online request form:

Customers can also submit an online request form to the customer support team. This online request is suitable for general support only. Please check the below steps.

1-Visit the official support web page. An online support request form will appear on the screen.

ABI Mastermind support request form

2-Fill out this request form by providing all required information such as name, work email address, Venue / Company Name, and phone number, and select an issue category from the below list.

  • Terminal/Hardware Troubleshooting
  • Connectivity
  • Processing Payroll
  • General Software Question
  • Enterprise Self Service
  • Accounting & Billing
  • Training
  • Additional Modules
  • Username and Password
  • Other

3-After that write the subject and description and select the contact method.

4-Finally, select the terms and condition check box and Submit this support request form. A support person will soon contact you.

Important links:

Official websitehttps://www.abico.com/
ESS login pagehttps://ess.abimm.com/
Support pagehttps://www.abico.com/request-support/


Name of the portalABI Mastermind
OrganizationAdvanced Business Integrators, Inc.
Developed forEvent management companies
BeneficiaryAll employees using the ESS portal
PurposeTo offer an effective self-service solution
Official websiteess.abimm.com


How can I update my profile?

Employees can log in to their ABI ESS account and update their profile. After login, click the Update My Profile option located at the left-side Navigation menu.

Employees can view their contact and other information such as email addresses and contact numbers.

Please enter security questions so you can reset your password if the future if you forgot your password. Finally, click Submit Changes button to update your profile.

How to check in and check out from your shift at your facility?

Please have a look at the below shift procedure. Check-In and Check-Out will be processed through four steps.

1- On-Premise:
When you have reached the location, you will have to verify that you are allowed to enter the premise. Place the barcode on your credential underneath the scanner below the terminal and click the ON PREMISE button.

Note: If you got the NOT scheduled, or too early/late for your shift (red screen) through the terminal, you will have to contact your manager.

2- Check In:
After successful ON Premise, you will have to check in for your shift through the terminal by placing the barcode on your credential underneath the scanner below the terminal and clicking the Check IN button.

Note: You may get an error “NOT scheduled, or too early/late for your
shift (red screen)”. Please contact your manager for more details.

3- Check Out:
Similarly, after finishing your work, click the Check-Out button on the CHECK IN/OUT terminal with the help of your barcode.

4- Off-Premise:
After checkout, Click the OFF PREMISE button by using the same barcode scanning method. It will ensure that you have left the premise.

How to reset your ESS password?

Employees can reset their password if they have set up the security question in their profile. Please check the below steps to create a new password.

-Visit the official ESS portal.
-Enter your venue id and press the Submit button.
-On the next login screen, click the forgot password link.
-On the next window you will have to very your account by answering the security question that you have set up while updating your profile.
-Once your account is verified, you can create a new password.

How managers can track employees’ activities?

Managers can track employees’ activities through Manager Mobility which is a part of the Enterprise Self-Service module.

Managers can use a mobile device to track the staff activity, notes, and contact information anytime anywhere. Managers can check the below reports or information.

-On-Premise Report
-Meal time report
-Manager checkout
-Positioning report
-Contact a person
-Dept WIP approval
-Benefit req approval
-Event Calendar
-Geolocation finder

Is any mobile app available for ABI Mastermind ESS?

There is no mobile app available. You will have to use the ABIMM web application-based ESS to access your account.

Can I log in on a mobile device?

Yes, ABI Mastermind ESS is a fully responsive web application. You can open it by using the official URL on any device such as a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. Please use an updated and secure browser to log in and access your account.

What types of modules are available through the ABI Workforce Management Solution?

Currently, below mentioned modules are available for customers.

-Time and Attendance
-Credentials and Security
-Enterprise Self Service
-Labor Cost Reporting
-Labor Compliance

Apart from the above modules, some below-mentioned additional modules are also available.

-Incident Manager
-Lost & Found
-Event Booking
-Inventory Wardrobe Manager
-Meal Manager
-Applicant Manager
-Visitor Manager

How does Scheduling work?

ABI Mastermind Scheduling module can help in the automatic scheduling of staff and employees for any event. It manages the scheduling according to the employee’s skills, level of positions, availability, etc.

Once all information has been entered into the system, it automatically schedules hundreds of employees for an event through required criteria such as skill level, availability, pay rate, position, etc, and implements an optimal schedule.

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