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JHU ESS Login. What is Employee Self Service at Johns Hopkins Univerisity? What are the benefits of the ESS and how employees can access services from the JHU ESS portal? Check all details and the latest updates in this article.

What is Johns Hopkins University – Employee Self-Service?

The Employee Self-Service platform is a part of the Human Resources/Payroll system that provides Johns Hopkins University employees secure and easy-to-use online access to their personal and payroll information. This online self-service platform allows employees to view their data and make any necessary changes through the user-friendly interface

Johns Hopkins University website homepage

JHU ESS is an online portal and employees can access their account through a web browser. If you are an employee working at Johns Hopkins University, you can access your JHU ESS account by logging in through my.jhu.edu. Some students also have access to the ESS portal. After login employees will have access to:

  • Their online pay stub information
  • View and update Direct deposit information
  • Tax withholding forms and the ability to make changes
  • Manage contact and personal information such as address, phone number, etc.
  • Check how many hours an employee has worked.
  • Check leave balance and apply for leave


All university employees can log in to their accounts if they are getting paid through SAP. There is no direct login link for the JHU ESS, Johns Hopkins University is using Microsoft identity management services to manage all employee’s profiles so you will have to log in through a Single Sign On login. employees can log in to myJHU and access ESS from there.

Login requirements:

There are a few basic requirements to log in and access an ESS account.

  • Employees can access their accounts if they are getting paid through SAP.
  • Employees must have their JHED ID and Password to enter the login form.
  • Employees must have a secure device and a supported web browser installed on the device.
  • Employees can use the latest secure web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.
  • Some employees get issues with Microsoft Edge so if you are also facing any login issues, just switch your browser and try logging in again.
  • A good quality and properly working internet connection must be available all the time during accessing your Employee Self-Service account.

Login Process:

Employees can follow the below steps to access their accounts.

  1. Visit “myJHU” website at https://my.jhu.edu/ or at https://my.jh.edu/myJH/.
  2. Click the “Login” link located at the top right corner.
  3. You will see a Microsoft-powered SSO login page for Johns Hopkins University.
JHU ESS login page
  1. Enter your Username and click the Next button.
  2. On the next screen, enter your Password and press the Next button.
  3. You will receive a security code according to your Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Setup for example through a text message or email.
  4. Enter the security code and Press the Verify button.
  5. If the security code is correct, you will have immediate access to your “myJHU” account.
  6. Once you logged in to “myJHU”, navigate to the HR section and choose “ESS”.
  7. You will have to log in again for security purposes.
  8. After login again, you will be redirected to your employee self-service dashboard page where you can access your pay stub, tax withholding, time, and profile information by navigating to different sections.

Note: It may be possible that Single Sign On is disabled on the JHU ESS login. It may be due to security reasons. Employees can directly access their accounts. There is no need to enter any further security code after entering your user ID and password.

You will be logged out from the ESS after 5 minutes of no activity. It’s a security measure implemented to prevent unauthorized access. We also advice all employees to log out from their ESS manually after finishing their work.

Employees can visit the direct login page at https://my.jh.edu/myJH/index.cfm?event=security.authenticate. After clicking this link, employees will see the login page directly and they can access their account by just entering their username and password.

How to reset my JHU ESS password?

In case an employee forgot the password of the ESS account then there is a password recovery facility available for all employees. Please check the below steps to create a new password.

  1. Visit the official website https://my.jh.edu/myJH/.
  2. Click the “Forgot Password?” link located at the top right corner.
  3. On the next page, you will find a password reset page powered by Microsoft.
JHU ESS password reset page
  1. Enter your email or username and the given characters in the next section.
  2. Press the Next button.
  3. Create a new password by following the further on-screen instructions.

How to create a new JHU ESS account?

Since your JHU ESS account is managed through myJHU, you will have to create a new JHED account through your JHED ID. Please follow the below steps.

  1. Visit the myJH web page https://my.jh.edu/.
  2. Click the Create Account link to start your registration process.
  3. Enter your JHED ID and complete the captcha verification.
  4. After that, press the Continue button and create a new account.

Note: It is possible that you will get your JHED ID and password from the HR department to access JHU ESS. In that case, there is no need to create an account.

JHU ESS Overview and Features:

Employees can access a variety of helpful services through the ESS portal. Some of the important services are viewing and updating profile information such as permanent addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers, viewing pay stub information and downloading paystub in a PDF file format, managing directed deposits, viewing and managing time and attendance information, etc.

The JHU Employee Self-Service is built through four different modules that provide a different set of services. Please check below. Employees will find links to all four modules after login into their account.

Personal Information

After login into the JHU Employee Self-Service account, employees will have access to their personal information such as an address, phone number, email address, emergency contact information, etc. It’s a secure way to access and update personal details. Employees can visit this section and update their contact information in case employees got a new mobile number or forget their last email address password.

Payroll Information

JHU Employees can log in to the ESS account and access their payroll information such as direct deposit, federal and state withholding information, paychecks-related information, bank account information, and pay statement, including earnings and deductions, etc. Employees can anytime visit the payroll information section and make changes to their financial information and stay updated. Updating payroll information will help you to receive your monthly paychecks in the correct bank account on the correct date.

Time Information

JHU’s Employee Self-Service will allow employees to view their timesheets by accessing E210. It will provide information such as how many leaves have been taken and how many leaves are left. Leave balance, sick leave, and other types of available leave information are available for employees. With the help of this information, employees can manage their schedules and prepare in advance.

Benefits Information

Employees’ benefits are a crucial part to make them stay updated about all the available options. Johns Hopkins University also provides benefits information such as insurance, health coverage, 401K plan information, etc directly through the Employee Self-Service account. Employees can just log in and access all the information.

JHU ESS Helpline

Employees can get the necessary assistance through HR/Payroll Shared Services at 443-997-5828
Monday- Friday 8:30-5:00 Eastern Standard Time. For technical help, please call 410-516-HELP. If you forgot your password you may send an email to e-mail [email protected]

Important links:

Official websitehttps://jhu.edu/
Johns Hopkins ESS pagehttps://ess.johnshopkins.edu/
ESS login pagehttps://my.jhu.edu/
ESS alternate login pagehttps://my.jh.edu/myJH/
ESS another alternate login pagehttps://my.johnshopkins.edu/
Career opportunities for current employeeshttps://jobs.jhu.edu/CurrentEmployees/
Johns Hopkins University & Medicine Shared Services ESS informationhttps://ssc.jhmi.edu/hr_payroll/ess_home.html
Johns Hopkins University & Medicine Shared Services ESS FAQhttps://ssc.jhmi.edu/hr_payroll/ess_faq.html
JHU Time Off informationhttps://hr.jhu.edu/benefits-worklife/time-off/
JHU Pay information & resourceshttps://hr.jhu.edu/pay/
JHU Benefits information & resourceshttps://hr.jhu.edu/benefits-worklife/

Key points:

Portal nameJHU ESS
Developed forEmployees working at Johns Hopkins University
PurposeTo make a one-stop solution for employees services
BeneficiaryAll employees and students have their login credentials


I am a former Johns Hopkins employee. can I access my ESS account?

Former Johns Hopkins employees will continue to be able to access certain ESS functions for the remainder of the following year i.e. till 12/31 when their employment ends.

How can I check my Pay dates?

Pay dates show you important information about the Pay beginning date, pay end date, time entry cut-off, payday, etc. Employees can visit the https://ssc.jhmi.edu/hr_payroll/deadlines.html link and check the pay-related dates for the current payroll cycle.

How can I update my permanent address?

You may follow the below steps to update your address.

-Visit the official website https://my.jhu.edu/ and log in to your account.
-After login, click the Personal Information link on the employee dashboard page.
-On the personal information page click the edit link.
-enter your permanent address, primary phone number, nearest major intersection to your home, and other required fields.
-select the “I agree” check box and review all the information.
-after that click the save button to save changes.

Your information has been updated successfully and there is no further approval required. Similarly, you can also update your emergency contact information and personal data.

How can I set up my bank information for direct deposit?

Your page checks will be deposited in your default bank account. Employees must log in to their ESS account and update their default Bank information. Please follow The below steps.

-Visit the official website https://my.jhu.edu/ and log in to your account.
-click the payroll information link on your employee dashboard Page.
-on the payroll information page click the edit button to update your direct deposit details.
-Enter your routing number in the bank key field and enter other Bank information such as Bank name, account number, city, Bank branch, and country.
-Read and check the disclaimer box. Click the Review and Save button.

Please note that you can have your direct deposits in two different bank accounts. An employee can add a default Bank and two additional banks. You can decide how much of your direct deposit must be deposited in each bank account. Click New Additional Bank Link to add a new bank account. You may follow the above process to add a new bank account.

Please note that you will not have access to your direct deposit information if you don’t have I-9 paperwork on file. Please contact your HR department for more information about this.

How can I view my pay statement?

You will find your pay statement in the payroll section of your Jones Hopkins University employee’s self-service account. Please follow the below steps to download your pay statement.

-Visit the official website https://my.jhu.edu/ and log in to your account.
-click the payroll information link on your employee dashboard Page.
-visit the pay statement section.
-you can select the month and year from the drop-down menu.
-after selecting the month and year you can download your page statement in a PDF file format.

Open your pay statement in Adobe Acrobat or any other PDF reader and check your earnings and deductions details.

What is an E210?

E210 is a timesheet that all employees at Johns Hopkins University access through their ESS account to view their hours worked and leave information. It is available only for the employees.

What are the benefits of JHU ESS?

There are many advantages to employees by using the ESS at Johns Hopkins. Some of the benefits are mentioned below.

i-A one-stop solution – All the information is available in a single place and there is no need to visit any other website.
ii-Security – JHU ESS is built on keeping the security and employees’ privacy concerns in mind. There is no need to think about data loss or privacy issues.
iii-Easy communication – ESS provides a secure and convenient way to communicate with the HR department.
iv-Easy access – It’s very easy to access your account through any web browser. All you need is your JHED ID and password.

How can I download my W2 form?

Current employees can visit the https://ssc.jhmi.edu/hr_payroll/jh/w2.html URL and download the W2 form after login through their login credentials.

We have shared all the overviews and information about different services available through the JHU ESS. We have also shared the benefits of this ESS and how employees can make the most out of this software.

Finally, please share your views on this article and also share it through the below links.

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