ESS Swissport Pay Stub Login: Attendance, Badge ID ❤️2023

What is the Swissport Employee Self-Service portal and how employees can log in to their accounts? How to check ESS Swissport Pay Stub, mark Attendance, and access other services? What is an employee Badge/ID? Check all updated information in this article.

What is Swissport ESS?

Swissport ESS is an online Employee Self-Service portal developed to provide all essential employees services through a digital medium.

Swissport ESS offers a convenient and easy-to-access platform that employees can use to log in and access all important services such as leave application, attendance submission, checking and downloading pay stubs, viewing job opportunities, etc.

Swissport website homepage

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ESS Swissport Login

Employees can log in and access all important services available to them by visiting the official web portal. Before login, some login requirements must be followed.

Login requirements:

  • Employees must have their user id and password that will be used to access their account.
  • Employees must contact their HR department if they don’t have their login information.
  • Employees must have a secure and trusted device.
  • A properly working internet connection must be available for an uninterrupted login experience.

Swissport Kenya ESS Login process:

Please follow below login steps.

1- Visit the official ESS web portal login page. A login form will appear on the screen.

Swissport ESS login page

2-Enter your login user id and password and press the Login button to access your ESS account dashboard page.

What if employees forget their passwords?

If somehow employees forgot their password and can not log in to their account then they can reset their password online. Please check the below steps.

1-Open the Swissport ESS login page and click the Forgot password link. A password reset form will open on the next page (as shown in the below image).

Swissport ESS password reset form

2-Enter your user id or email address in this password reset form and press the Send Me button.

3-Employees will soon receive an email on their registered email address. There will be a password reset link in the email. Employees can easily create new passwords for their accounts by clicking that link.

Swissport USA ESS Attendance Login

Employees from Swissport USA can directly access their ESS account by logging in to the official portal.

Required information:

  • Employees must have their Badge/ID.
  • Employees must have their login PIN.

Visit the ESS portal. A login form will appear on the screen.

Swissport ESS Attendance login page

Enter your Badge/ID and PIN and press the Login button to access your account.

Payroll Portal – Swissport Australia

Please enter your mobile number where your password will be sent. This number MUST exactly match your mobile number in our system.

If you have a New Zealand number, it must be entered as international ie. If your number is 021234567, enter it as 6421234567

Contact your Airport management team for further assistance if required.

Swissport Office365 portal

Welcome to the Swissport Office365 portal. To login to your mailbox, please follow this link:

Login to my Mailbox –

Sign in with your organizational account. If you received a password notification, you can change your password here:

Swissport Office365 portal – login password reset

Your new password should be 12 characters long and contain at least:

  • One lowercase (a…z)
  • One uppercase (A..Z)
  • One special character (?@#£$%&)
  • It should not contain the word Swissport, or any dictionary words
  • Following a password change, you cannot change your password for the next 24 hours without contacting the Swissport IT Helpdesk.

Forgotten password – Swissport Training

To reset your password, submit your username OR your email address below. If we can find you in the database, an email will be sent to your email address, with … Please open a ticket at the Global IT Helpdesk – the password reset function is currently not working

To reset your password, submit your username OR your email address below. If we can find you in the database, an email will be sent to your email address, with instructions on how to get access again.

Swissport Internal Login

Please use your Infraport / Cirtrix credentials to log in to the platform. In case you have forgotten your password contact your Local IT Administrator or DXC Helpdesk ([email protected] – Infraport user only).

If you have any questions regarding the OPS Platform contact [email protected], FIS contact [email protected], SMT contact [email protected].

Swissport ESS Services

Employees can access many services that they used to access in an offline mode. Some of the useful services available for employees are mentioned below.

ESS Swissport Pay Stub:

Employees can log in and check their pay stubs. All payslips and P9s-related information will be available through employees’ accounts and employees can also download a pdf file of their pay stubs. Employees can also check their pay stub history and earnings and tax deductions details.

Swissport Attendance:

Employees can access the online attendance module after login into the ESS portal. Everything is automated now and employees have to submit their attendance through online mode. All previous attendance history is also available through an online account.

ESS Swissport Leave Module:

A leave module is also available in the ESS Swissport. Leave application can be submitted online after login to the ESS portal. Employees can apply for a new leave, cancel leaves, and join again after the leave is finished. Previous leave history is also available and employees can check how many leaves are left for them in the current financial year.

Employees can use the below leave-related services:

  1. Leave planning: This service allows employees to plan their leave. Employees can select when they will suppose to take leave through the portal.
  2. Leave application: Employees can log in and apply for leave and submit their application to their manager through the Swissport ESS portal.
  3. Leave approval: All submitted leave applications will be reviewed and approved by the manager.

Other services:

Employees’ performance review and appraisal:
This service is designed to review the employee’s performance based on different criteria.

Employee recruitment and training:
Training and employment opportunities are a very important part of an Employee Self-Service portal. Swissport employees can also check the currently available job opportunities and training programs.

Customer support

Please contact your HR department for any kind of help.

If you forgot your password please contact the Swissport Global IT Helpdesk:

Important links:

Official website
ESS Login page USA
ESS Login page Kenya
UTTm: Login
Log In – Swissport – Office365 Portal


Name of the portalSwissport Employee Self-Service (ESS)
OrganizationSwissport International AG
Developed byMemory International Limited
Developed forSwissport employees
PurposeTo provide employee-related online services


What is a Swissport badge id?

Swissport Badge or ID is a unique identification number for all employees. It is given to all employees once they join the organization. Badge ID is very important and used to access many useful services such as the Attendance module

What type of leave-related reports are available on ESS Swissport?

Employees can use the below services to track and view different types of reports.

Tracking of leave: Employees can track their leave through the ESS portal and check their leave balance. This helps employees to check how many leaves they can take in the current calendar year.

Tracking of leave liabilities and monetary value: This service enables the company to track its liability for unused leave, and the monetary value of such liability.

Download leave reports: Employees can find the summary and a complete report of their leaves related to leaves taken, current leave balance, leave history, etc. Employees can download the complete leave reports and view them.

What are the instructions for a first-time user?

If you are accessing the ESS Swissport portal for the first time, you must check below useful information.

– Please get your user ID and password from your HR manager. Generally, the user id is your payroll number.
-If you are logging in for the first time, you will have to create a new password. Click the ‘I forgot password’ link and use your user ID and follow the instructions to generate a temporary password.
-Now login with your temporary password and change your password to create a password of your choice.
-Click the ‘My Profile’ link on the left side navigation bar, and then click on ‘Change password’. Enter your current and new passwords and save changes.

Can I log in to the Swissport ESS portal through a mobile device?

Yes, the ESS Swissport portal has been designed to keep accessibility requirements in mind. It is a fully responsive application and can be viewed very easily from a mobile device. You will see a slightly different and simplified interface on your mobile device.

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