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Today we will tell you all the important information related to the Bihar ration card through this article. What is the easiest way to see the list of ration cards and how to see the list online? All the information is available in this article of ours.

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Portal NameRation Card Management System
portal builderNational Informatics Center Bihar
portal workmaking new ration card
ration card beneficiaryfamilies living in Bihar
official website

Current statistics:

Ration Cards22,93,3571,56,13,9621,79,07,319
Ration Cards members1,14,77,7147,56,94,8588,71,72,572

RCMS Bihar Ration card list 2022

For the families living in Bihar, the Bihar government has launched the ePDS Bihar portal, through which the list of ration cards of all the families is prepared and new ration cards are made. Citizens living in Bihar can get all the information related to their ration card through the EPDS Bihar portal. All the families living in Bihar can follow the steps given below to find their ration card details in the ration card list.

Download Bihar Ration Card 2022 List

Total Time: 10 minutes

  1. Open the official website

    To see the ration card list, first, you have to open the official website of e-PDS Bihar. 
    The further process can be completed through this official website. 
    Click on the link to go to the official website 

  2. Open RCMS report page


    After opening the official website, you will see some options on the left side of the website. 
    Out of these options, you have to click on the RCMS report option. 
    After clicking on this option, you will come to the Ration Card Management System page and through this, you will be able to complete the further process.

  3. Select your district


    On the RCMS page, you have to select your district. 
    After selecting the district, click on the Show button, and a list of all the ration cards issued in your district will appear on the screen. 
    This list will contain the details of the number of ration cards for both rural and urban areas. 
    Now you have to choose your area.

  4. Select urban area

    If you come from an urban area then you have to click on the Urban link. 
    After clicking on this link, the list of ration cards of urban areas in the district selected by you will appear on the screen.

  5. Choose your city

    Now you have to click on the link of your city, after clicking on this link, the list of all FPS fair price shopkeepers in your city council (Nagar Parishad) will appear on the screen.

  6. Select the name of the fair price shopkeeper

    If you know the name of your shopkeeper from where you get ration then click on it. 
    After clicking, a list of all the ration cardholders who are given a ration every month by that shopkeeper will appear on the computer screen.

  7. Select rural area

    If you come from a rural area, you have to open the website again and click on the Rural Area link after selecting your district. 
    After this, the list of ration cards issued under all the blocks in your district will appear on the screen.

  8. Select your block


    Now you have to select your block. For this click on your block
    After clicking on the block link, a list of ration cards issued in all the Gram Panchayats under that block will appear on the screen.

  9. Select Gram Panchayat

    After this, you have to select your Panchayat from the list of Gram Panchayat. 
    Click on the name of your Panchayat in this list. 
    After clicking, a list of all the villages under that Panchayat will come.

  10. Select your village


    Now you have to select your village from the list of this village. For this, you can click on the name of your village. 
    After clicking on the name of the village, you will see the list of ration cards issued in your village on the screen.

  11. Check Your Name in Ration Card List

    Now you have found out how to see the list of ration card holders coming from both urban areas and rural areas and a list of ration card holders has also come in front of you. 
    Now you can easily check your name from this list. 

    In this list, you will find the following information.

    Ration Card Number
    Card Holder Name
    Card Type
    Father’s Name
    Number of Family Members 
    Name of FPS Dealer

  12. View Your Ration Card


    After finding your name in the ration card list, click on the ration card number given on the left side. 
    After clicking on the ration card number, your ration card will appear on the screen in which you can see important information related to your ration card and family members. 
    In the details of your ration card, you will get the important information written below.

    Name of the cardholder
    Address of the cardholder
    Fair price shopkeeper name
    Name of the family members
    Age of all the members
    Father’s name of all the members
    Relationship of the members to the head of the family

  13. Download ration card PDF


    Now you can also download your Ration Card from this page. 
    To download the Ration Card, press the Print Page button located at the bottom of the page.  
    After pressing the print button a new page will open to print the ration card.

    Here you have to select PDF in the destination. 
    After that click on the Save button given below. 
    Ration Card PDF file will be downloaded on your computer. 
    You can now take a printout of this PDF file or email it online and take a printout of it later.

If you are a resident of Uttar Pradesh then you can see the UP Ration Card List 2022 article.

Other Schemes of Bihar Government:

What is RCMS Bihar?

Ration Card Management System (RCMS Bihar) is a software developed by National Informatics also known as Jan Vitran Anna (JVA). It is used to make new ration cards, print ration cards, and view the list of ration cards for eligible families covered under the National Food Security Act. 

This software is integrated with the official website of EPDS Bihar. The software can also be used to change the name of the head of the family on the ration card or make some corrections to the ration card.

Find Your Name in Ration Card List?

If you want, instead of looking at the complete list, you can search your name in the ration card list. For this, you should know your ration card number.

  • First of all open the official website
  • On the home page of the official website click on the RC Details link from the given options
  • A new ration card search form will open in front of you on the computer screen.
  • In this search form, select your district and enter your ration card number.
  • After this, click on the search button, and the necessary information related to the ration card number will be displayed on the screen in front of you.

Also check,


What is a PHH Ration card?

PHH Ration card means Priority Household Ration card which is available for each family in Bihar state.

What is AAY in the Bihar Ration card?

AAY stands for the Antodaya Anna Yojana run by the central government and implemented by the state government. Under this scheme, every beneficiary family will get an AAY Card.

What is FPS?

FPS stands for Fair Price Shop where beneficiary family members can purchase ration at a subsidized rate. Currently, 46,594 FPS dealers are available in the Bihar state.

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