Care Credit Card Application Pre Approval, Apply Online

Care Credit Pre Approval online application and CareCredit Prequalify process-related information are available in this article.

  • How does the Care Credit Card Pre-Approval work?
  • How to apply online and submit a full application?
  • What information is required to apply for a CareCredit card?
  • How to prequalify for a CareCredit card?

If you are looking for the above information then you are at the right place. We have shared an easy step-by-step guide below. Please check the updated information and step-by-step application process.

Eligibility Criteria

CareCredit is a Healthcare and Medical billing credit card issued by Synchrony Bank. You must fulfill the necessary eligibility criteria in order to apply for a new Care Credit card. Eligibility criteria and all other terms & conditions are managed by Synchrony Bank.

  • Must reside in the US.
  • Must be 18+ years old to apply online
  • Must be 21+ years old to apply by phone.

Information required:

Below mentioned information will be required during the registration process.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security number or ITIN
  • Net income
  • Housing Information

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How do Care Credit pre-approval and online applications work?

Please have a look at the below important points.

  • If you want to apply for a new Care Credit card then it is advised to check if you are pre-qualified for an offer. If you are pre-qualified and submit a full online application, your chances of final approval are very high.
  • In the process of applying for a credit card, a hard inquiry on your credit profile is performed which may impact your credit score. It would be better to use the pre-approval check and submit a full application once you are approved in the pre-approval process.
  • One more thing to note is that the pre-approval and further online application processes must be completed together. If you qualify in the pre-approval process then you will have to apply online and submit a complete application without exiting your browser. If you exit your browser then you will have to again perform the pre-approval check.
  • You can submit a maximum of four pre-qualification applications in a day.
  • The pre-qualification process is just to increase the final approval probability. The actual credit card application will start once you qualify for the pre-approval check.
  • Pre-qualification is a very fast process and takes some seconds to share the final result.
  • Submitting a pre-qualification form does not impact the credit score. It is done by performing a soft inquiry.

Note: Pre-approval facility is available only through the online website and mobile app. You can not check if you are pre-qualified if applying through phone calls or direct visits.

How to apply?

There are different options available to apply for a new credit card.

i-Apply through online website:

Please check the below steps.

Step 1: Open the official website

Step 2: Click the Apply link available in the top menu. You may also visit this page directly by clicking the link.

On the next page, select the healthcare category from the drop-down list and click the Get Started button.

Step 3: On the next page, you will find an online form as shown below.

carecredit online prequalify check form

Enter your SSN and Mobile number and click the Continue button.

If you don’t have a mobile number then click the I don’t have a mobile phone number link and complete the online form on the next page.

Step 4: After filling out the online form, click the SEE IF I PREQUALIFY button. You will get your prequalification status within seconds.

By using the above method, you can easily check if you are pre-qualified for the CareCredit card or not. If you are qualified then you will have to submit a complete credit card application simultaneously without exiting your browser.

You will get all the necessary on-screen instructions to fill out the further application form. Synchrony Bank will again verify your application and send you your credit card through Mail after the approval.

ii-Apply through phone:

Synchrony Bank is also providing the facility to apply by calling the customer service number 800-677-0718. Customers can apply by using the automated line or by speaking with a live agent. Application through an automated line can be submitted 24/7 and through a live agent can be submitted Monday to Friday from 9 AM – 9 PM (ET).

Please download the CareCredit account agreement and take a print-out and read all information before making a call.

iii-Apply through the mobile app:

An online application facility is also available through the CareCredit mobile app. Once you download and open the mobile app, you will see a link to apply for a credit card on the login screen. You can instantly check if you are pre-qualified and submit an online application. All the steps are similar to submitting an application through the online website.

iv-Apply by direct visit:

Customers can also apply directly through their provider. Customers can visit in-person to anyone from more than 250,000 healthcare providers and select retail locations that accept CareCredit and submit their offline applications.

v-Can I apply with a co-signer?

Yes, you can apply jointly with someone else. This facility is helpful if you are not pre-approved. You may get approved to submit an online application with a joint applicant.

In a joint application, both applicants will apply for a credit card and receive a separate credit card after the approval. Both applicants will be responsible to manage and pay the bills of the joint account.

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