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Go Antiquing Vendor Login. How to log in to the Dealer account on the goantiquing.net web portal. What are the requirements and instructions for a secure and safe login experience? Manage your Point of Saler software easily by logging into your Dealer dashboard through the official Go Antiquing login page. Check the latest updates in this article.

What is the Go Antiquing Dealer login?

GoAntiquing! is Point-of-Sale and retail space management software operated through an online website and used to manage Antique or Craft Malls, Consignment Shops or Art Galleries, and many other types of boutique businesses.

Dealers can access this software by using their login credentials. Dealers will have access to all the data and reports such as how many items have been sold and item information. GoAntiquing also provides a cloud backup facility so all the data can be securely stored and accessed.

It will give access to…

  • Sales reports to view and manage sales summaries for the week, month, and quarter.
  • Sales reports will be prepared according to the data shop keepers provide monthly, or quarterly.
  • Messaging from the shop to you to keep you in the loop on news and events, etc.
  • Access Sales Alerts through the email address associated with your account.
  • Check your account and manage the usage of the gateway

GoAntiquing.net login instructions

  • Logging in to the Gateway is a very simple process if you know the exact process and the URL of your account.
  • If you don’t know the password, ask your shopkeeper.
  • If there is no password then open http://www.goantiquing.net/login and set a new password.
  • Please use a secure and trusted device to access your account.
  • A properly working internet connection will also be required during the login process.

GoAntiquing Admin login

If you are the shop owner then you can use the default user ‘ADMIN’ login. It has no password, just click Login and access your shop account.

Once you logged in, you can visit Settings and click the General module. In the General Module, you will have to fill in your company information. After that visit the Rates tab and enter in Local tax info as well as default commission and consignment rates (these are used when adding a new dealer and are changeable when adding a new dealer).

Go Antiquing Dealer Login process

GoAntiquing dealers can log in by entering the dealer ID and Password in the GoAntiquing Gateway Login page goantiquing.net/dealerlogin.asp.

Login steps are given below. Please have a look.

  1. Visit the login page at http://www.goantiquing.net/login.
GoAntiquing Vendor Login Page
  1. Select your shop name or search your shop name
  2. Enter your Dealer ID and Password.
  3. Press the Login button to access your Dealer account.

You may also select the “Remember login info” checkbox to save your username for further login. Don’t select this option on a public computer or device.

After the successful login to your account, you will be redirected to your GoAntiquing Vendor dashboard page where you can…

  • Manage your account
  • Check and manage store and inventory
  • Easily track and monitor your sales
  • Communicate with your customers.
  • You will be able to manage your products, edit current products and add new products.

GoAntiquing! Point-of-Sale


GoAntiquing! is Point-of-Sale and retail space management software for your … Dealers can log in and run sales reports from a range of dates (limited to the amount of data on hand, the base subscription includes 3 months of sales history). Dealers can add inventory and print labels with or without barcodes.

GoAntiquing! Gateway login


Please use your web browser to open the website and then select your shop from the list, enter your Dealer ID, and password, and click Login.

Go Antiquing Dealer login demo

Frequently Asked Questions – GoAntiquing login


… Remote via GotoAssist · Dealer Login. Frequently Asked Questions. First Questions. First Questions. What kind of computer do I need to run GoAntiquing!

Product Information – GoAntiquing! POS login


GoAntiquing! POS – Samples – Login Page … access can change application settings such as add/edit/delete Dealers and Cashiers, change passwords, etc.

Credit Card Integration – GoAntiquing vendor login


As a Cardpointe ISV (Integrated Software Vendor), Brave New Software (the company that owns the GoAntiquing! product line) requires that your merchant …

GoAntiquing.net! POS Hardware Recommendations for Vendor login

  • Windows PC or laptop (running Windows 7/8/10/11) see this FAQ.
  • Consider an Intel Core i5-10th or Core i5-11th generation-based processor in a new PC (note: Core i7-10th or 11th are better but more $$).
  • Today’s PCs are configured with enough memory and storage for our needs so we do not specify any minimum.
  • Printer for reports that use standard copy paper (Note: this can also print receipts)

GoAntiquing login support

  • Customers can get an email, call, and remote support. Customers can call the support phone number at 800-385-7911.
  • Customers can call this number to speak through a voice menu system and connect with a support agent.
  • Customers can as; use the urgent feature available in the voice menu system if the software is not working.
  • Remote support is also provided through the Remote Support tool, provided by GoToAssist.
  • By using this tool, the support person can use your system remotely and diagnose any issue that is causing the software to not work properly.

GoAntiquing! Dealer Support Request Form


Use this page to submit a request for assistance to the shop in which you are a Vendor. This will be sent to the shop’s email account. The shop is your source of support.

  • Select your Shop name or search for your Shop name.
  • Enter your Vendor ID
  • Select the problem type from the options Password, Reports, Sales Alerts, and Other.
  • Write the exact description of the issue you are facing.
  • Complete the image captcha verification.
  • Press the Submit button.

Your support request has been submitted successfully.

GoAntiquing.net Vendor portal Summary

Article Title:Go Antiquing.net Dealer login
Go Antiquing net Dealer login pagehttps://goantiquing.net/dealerlogin.asp
Gateway login pagehttp://www.goantiquing.net/login
Go Antiquing Official websitehttps://goantiquing.net/
Portal Tags:go antiquing dealer login, go antiquing login,
goantiquing net vendor login, go antiquing net login,
go antiquing vendor portal
Current version3.1.850
DeveloperBrave New Software, LLC
RegistrarName106, Inc.
Registered on30 January 2005


What is Goantiquing net Dealer Cost?

Per Dealer rate of $2/Month
You buy in bulk and reallocate to your Dealers.
Example: 25 dealers for a year costs $600 based on $22512.
We let you use more than you pay for with the understanding you will pay any usage >10% over.
We do offer a substantial discount for new customers for the first year if you sign up for a year upfront.

What is the Software cost?

The first copy of the software to be used at a given location* is at full price, additional copies are discounted.
Here is the full pricing schedule:
Copy 1: $799**
Copy 2: $399
Copy 3+: $299
Admin: $199 (requires Copy 1 also)
Each year, on the anniversary of purchase, a $99 Annual Fee is due which covers License Renewal, Support, Updates, and Maintenance. Please see our Annual Fee Policy for details.

Other charges:

Inability to host a Remote Support session: Any customer that cannot run a Remote Support session, and the support staff determines that is what is needed to assist, will be charged $39 per support call (which must be paid via credit card immediately).
Non-GoAntiquing! program support limitation: After the first 30 days we will also assist with general computer setup, networking, and configuration of your PC which requires an ‘extended support’ support fee of $200/hr.
Training fee for replacement staff: If the person who was trained by our Support Staff leaves the shop, and ownership needs a new manager or primary person trained, that is an additional fee of $200 per hour.
Software deactivation: We reserve the right to remote shutdown your right to use the software if past due accumulated unpaid Fees meet or exceed $198.

How can I add a dealer to my shop?

You must set up at least one Dealer to start. Please follow the below steps.

-Click the People group and click Dealers.
-Click the Add button and add a new dealer.
-Fill in the dealer ID number, name and phone number, and the commission % for this dealer.
-Use the Rent management to set up their monthly booth rental fee.
-Finally, click the Save button.
-After that, click the Sales group header and the cash register screen appears.
-Enter sales information into the grid, when sufficient information is entered the Complete Sale button will be available.

What are common login issues GoAntiquing vendors face?

Customers may face the below types of login issues.

1-When I try and login the program says “ERROR: Cannot Connect to Database” and I cannot login. Help!
2-After installing GoAntiquing! Point of Sale and running it I get a “Run-time error#339. Component ‘Comdlg32.ocx'”. What is going on and how do I fix this?
3-I have been getting Error #545 “Request cancelled by user” when trying to print reports to my networked printer. Why?
4-I have been getting Error #-2147467259 – Unrecognized database format” and “Specified database is invalid” when trying to open my networked POS database. Why?
5-My old computer is being replaced with a newer one, how do I transfer GoAntiquing! to the new computer?

If you are also facing any type of the above-mentioned issue then visit the troubleshooting section on the FAQ page https://goantiquing.net/faq.asp of the Go Antiquing website.

To sum up, We have shared all information about the GoAntiquing platform. If you are a vendor and using the GoAntiquing platform then you can follow the easy and secure login and account access guide given in this article.

We have shared step-by-step instructions so that all vendors can securely access their accounts and start managing their store and inventory right away. If you are facing any kind of issues then contact Go Antiquing customer service for assistance.

Finally, thanks for reading this article. Please share your questions, comments, or views in the comment section below. Please share this article if it really helps you to find the information you are looking for.

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