Caesars Docagent Login, Payroll, Paystubs: login and account access. How to access Caesars My Payroll portal and download Pay Stub online? What are the benefits and services available through the Docagent Employee Self-Service portal? Check all the latest updates in this article.

Caesars My Payroll e-Document portal login

Caesars Payroll DocAgent portal is a document management portal designed and developed by Digital Designs Inc and available as a Digital Designs core software. My Payroll portal is designed for the Caesars employees to access their payroll-related information.

Employees can use their login credentials to access this portal. Employees can view and download their pay stubs, set up direct deposit, manage and update their profile information, and Opt in for the electronic delivery of their pay stubs.

It is a convenient and easy way to access employee-related services online where the portal has been designed in a way that all the essential services will be available for the employees through their login.

How to access the Caesars My Payroll employee portal?

Employees can access their payroll portal at the direct link All employees of Caesars Entertainment including all subsidiaries will use this portal to access their payroll, benefits, paystub, and other related services.

How to log in to

Employees can visit the official payroll website and access their accounts. login requirements

Before login in, employees must check the basic login requirements.

  • Employees must know how to access the Docagent payroll portal and must have the correct web address.
  • Employees must have their login information.
  • A secure device and the latest and most secure web browser will be required during the login process.
  • Employees must ensure that their internet connection provides a stable connection.

Please follow the below steps to log in and access your payroll account.

After login, you will be redirected to your employee dashboard page where you can access different services and facilities.

Instructions for first-time login on Caesars Docagent

If you are logging in for the first time then you will have to create a new password and security question. The security questions will help you to reset your password in the future.

  • After Clicking the Login button, you will see the option to create a new password.
  • Type a new password as per your choice.
  • Select a security question and write an answer that you can remember easily.
  • Press the Enter button.
  • Your new password has been created successfully.

Caesars Docagent login password recovery

Please follow the below steps to reset your password.

  • Visit the caesars My Payroll login page
  • Click the “Forgot Password” link on the login page.
  • On the next screen, you will be prompted to answer your security question.
  • Write the answer that you have created while creating your new password.
  • If the answer is correct, your password will be reset to your default password.
  • You will get a confirmation message on the screen.

Now you can again change your default password and create a new password.

Caesars Docagent Payroll portal services

There are a lot of useful employee services available on the portal that employees can access after login into their account. Some of the important services are:

Update/Change your ADDRESS and all Contact Info:
Employees can log in to their payroll account and update their personal information such as mailing address, phone number, email address, emergency contact information, etc.

Enroll/Change your Direct Deposit Accounts: There is a direct deposit service available which helps employees to set up a direct deposit account, or make changes to their direct deposit accounts. This allows for the automatic deposit of their paychecks into their bank accounts.

Opt-in for Electronic Delivery of your Pay Stubs: Employees can choose to receive their pay stubs electronically instead of getting them through Mail. It is a convenient and faster method as compared to the paper delivery of the pay stub.

W2 information: This service allows employees to access their W2 forms online. They can view, download, and print their W2 form whenever required for tax purposes.

Training and development: The employee payroll portal also offers training and development resources to employees. Employees can access different e-learning modules, training videos, and other materials.

PAID TIME OFF: This service allows employees to track their paid time off. Employees can check their vacation days, sick days, and personal days. Employees can also request time off through their payroll account and view their remaining balances.

Caesars Benefits Service Center

Caesars offers many types of health, wellness, and medical benefits program. Employees can explore all available benefits options and enroll through the Caesars Benefits Now portal.

How to log in to Caesars benefits service center?

Please follow the below steps.

Caesars benefits mobile app login:

Employees can also log in through the mobile app and enroll in your benefits for 2023. Mobile app download links are given below.

Benefit registration:

If you are a new employee then you will have to register an online account. After the registration, you can enroll in the 2023 benefits programs. Registration steps are given below.

  • Visit the benefits portal at
  • Click the New user registration link.
  • Enter your SSN’s last four digits and date of birth and press the Continue button.
  • Complete the registration process and create your user ID and password.

Employee Benefits

Employees can enroll in a variety of employee benefits programs as mentioned below.

Medical Dental & Vision:

All Caesars team members will have access to Caesar’s best-in-class healthcare & benefits program. Employees can access a variety of affordable healthcare plans, including insurance carrier options for medical, dental, and vision coverage. Medical plan availability is subject to the eligibility criteria of employees.

Employees can also enroll in family-based health and insurance plans to provide total coverage to their families.

Compensation Packages:

Employees will get compensation based on their work type. Hourly & Salary Compensation includes, at a minimum, $12 per hour for non-tipped, non-union Team Members nationwide, a compensation level 66% higher than the federal minimum wage currently in force. The $12-per-hour minimum for nontipped, non-union Team Members is one of many steps in a full compensation review underway.

Total Wellbeing Program:

Caesars has partnered with WebMD to offer all important health-related tools and services so that employees can maintain or improve overall physical, mental, emotional, interpersonal, and financial well-being.

WebMD also offers discounts and special medical premiums for Caesars employees. Employees can also participate in various activities to get the Total returns credit.

Employee discounts:

Caesars also offers some of the best in the industry employee discount programs to its employees across all locations. Employees can take benefit of these discounts to access hotel rooms, dining, and entertainment-related services at a lower price.

Caesars Scheduling Login

Caesars employees can access their scheduling portal through the below steps.

Caesars ESS scheduling portal is powered by the Virtual Roaster application designed and developed by Digital Instinct

Employee Payroll Helpline

For assistance related to payroll, W2, etc please call 1-866-955-7975.

If you have a question that needs a direct response, please call a benefits representative.

1-866-BEN-FITS (1-866-236-3487)
Caesars Benefit Service Center
Weekdays 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.Eastern Time, Monday through Friday


What is the default password for Caesars Docagent Net?

If you are a first-time user and accessing your account then you can use the default password in the password field.

The default password for first-time users will be the first two capitalized letters of your last name + the last four numbers of your social security number.

For example, if your name is James Jackson and your social security number is 987-65-4321. Your password will be ON4321.

What is the default login for Docagent?

The default login ID to access docagent portal is Employee 800 Number. You will have to enter all 9 digits in the user ID field.

What are the pay periods?

Caesars follows a biweekly pay period plan that starts on a Friday and ends on a Thursday. When the Pay period ends i.e. on Thursday (one week after the end of each pay period), Caesars issue the Paychecks to all employees.

If employees have a direct deposit set up in their Docagent payroll portal, they will get their funds in their accounts. If you are a new employee then you may expect a paper check mailed to your address on file for the first 1-2 pay periods.

How long does it take Caesars to pay out?

Generally, the payout time is within 72 hours after processing starts. A withdrawal request may take 1 or 2 days based on different factors but you may consider a maximum of 72 hours time to get your monthly payments.

Employees will also get a notification once the funds are available in their accounts.

What is your vacation structure?

Paid Time off is available for both part-time and full-time hourly employees of Caesars Entertainment employees.

Employees can use the paid time off in the facility to take a leave. Salaried employees can also opt in for Flexible Time Off (FTO) which is useful to manage the work-life balance.

All types of PTO facilities are very helpful and allow employees to spend their valuable time with their families and friends.

What is doc agent?

Doc Agent is an online portal specifically designed to manage and provide employee-related information and services to Caesars Entertainment employees.

How do I log into doc agent?

Employees can log into the doc agent payroll portal by visiting the official website and entering their 9-digits employee ID and password.

What is Caesars DocAgent phone number?

Caesars DocAgent’s phone number for payroll-related inquiries is 1-866-955-7975. Employees can also call to a benefits representative at 1-866-BEN-FITS (1-866-236-3487) in case of any query or question.


Overall, after the implementation of Virtual Roaster, Caesars’ ESS and Scheduling applications has provided a great opportunity for the company to improve the overall employee experience by optimizing its scheduling process. It also helped Caesars to reduce overall labor costs.

Key points:

Name of portalCaesars DocAgent Payroll Portal
Product nameDocAgent
Developed byDigital Designs Inc
Developed forCaesars Entertainment Inc.
BeneficiaryEmployees working at Caesars
Current version2.0.6606.23445

Finally, we have shared all the important information about Caesar’s employee self-service portal in this article. We have also shared how to access the scheduling and benefits center. Please let us know your views on this article by sharing your valuable comments in the below-given comment sections.

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