How to download Manav Sampada up Salary Slip?

Now all employees will get their salary through the official portal without any delay. Salary will be credited into the employee’s account between the last date of the current month to the 2nd day of next month. All employees can download their Pay Slip from the official portal. A step-by-step process is given below. Please have a look.

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How to download Manav Sampada Uttar Pradesh Salary Slip?

Please check the below step-by-step procedure to view and download the Salary Slip PDF file.

Steps to download Manav Sampada UP Salary Slip:

Total Time: 10 minutes

  1. Open the official portal

    The first step is to open the official. The official eHRMS portal can be opened at link. Click this link to directly go to the homepage.

  2. Open the login form

    Now you will have to log in on the Manav Sampada portal. Click the eHRMS login link to open the login window.

  3. Login on the portal

    After opening the login window select the department from the drop-down list. After that enter your login Id, Password, and Captcha code. After that click the Login link to enter the portal.

  4. Open the Manav Sampada Payroll module

    Manav Sampada dashboard directorate of basic education Uttar Pradesh

    After the login, you will see your employee dashboard (as shown above).
    Now in your employee dashboard, you will see two options under the Payroll menu item.
    I-Basic Education
    II-Salary Slip
    Note: Currently you will not be able to download your Salary Slip through the Salary Slip link under the Payroll. Another option to download the Salary Slip is available under the Basic Education link.

  5. Open the Payroll Management page

    eHRMS UP Payroll Management page

    Click the Basic Education link. A new window will appear on the screen (as shown above).
    On this Payroll management page, you will find three options.
    i-Salary Slip

  6. Open the Salary Slip download page

    eHRMS UP Salary Slip download page

    Now click the Salary Slip link. A new Salary Slip download page will appear on the screen (as shown above.
    On this Salary Slip download page select year, month, and click the Submit button. Your Salary Slip will be displayed on the screen.

  7. Download Salary Slip

    Manav Sampada Uttar Pradesh Salary Slip sample

    As you can see there is a Print button located on the top left side. Click this Print button and select the PDF under the Destination option. After that click the Print link to download the Salary Slip PDF file on your device.

Also check,

Information printed on the Salary Slip:

As shown in the above sample employee can check the earning and deduction component of his salary. The information available on the Salary Slip is mentioned below.

  • Employee Name
  • Department
  • Month and Financial Year
  • eHRMS Code
  • Designation
  • Posting office
  • Joining Date
  • Earnings
    • Basic Salary
    • DA
    • HRA
    • CCA
    • HA
    • Personal Pay
    • Special Pay
    • Other Earning
  • Deductions
    • GPF Subscription
    • GPF Advance
    • Group Insurance
    • Income Tax
    • Recurring Deposit
    • Other Deduction 1
    • Other Deduction 2
    • Recovery
    • Salary stopped days
    • Salary stopped amount

All employees easily calculate the total earnings and all salary components as well as the different types of deductions through their Salary Slip.

Also, check all details of eHRMS Manav Sampada UP portal at the linked article.

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