[TCF] Huntington Bank Login: Online Banking [❤️2023 Guide]

Huntington Bank login | TCF online banking login. Check this ultimate guide and get the latest updates, information, and easy step-by-step guides on how to enroll in online banking. How to securely log in and access different banking services, customer service, and other facilities available for Huntington customers?

Huntington Bank Login

TCF Bank has joined Huntington Bank so there are a lot of changes in the online banking experience TCF customers will experience. The transition has been completed on October 12, 2021, and TCF customers can access their accounts through Huntington branches, online banking, and ATMs.

Huntington website homepage

Key points about TCF merger with Huntington:

  • TCF customers can now enroll in Huntington online banking by using their TCF account number, debit card number, or TCF online banking login ID.
  • Customers can download and access their accounts from the Huntington mobile app.
  • Now the online banking account will be governed according to the Online Services Agreement.
  • Bill payee’s details and scheduled payments were transferred from TCF to Huntington online banking. You will have to again set up the paperless bill for payees and recurring bill payment facility.
  • Scheduled transfers that you have set up in the TCF online banking need to be set up again.
  • TCF checking account holders will get a new Mastercard Debit Card and saving account holders will get a new ATM card.
  • All TCF customers will get a new Huntington account number which they can find in the Huntington online banking and mobile banking.
  • Your existing TCF Chemical credit card will continue to work and your TCF investment account will move automatically to Huntington Bank.

For more details, please check the official documents for TCF transition to Huntington.

Features & Benefits of Huntington Online Banking Login:

Huntington Bank offers some exciting services and benefits to all customers through its digital banking services. Some of the important features and services are mentioned below.

Easy account management:
Easily manage your account through any desktop browser and access your account details anytime anywhere. Check your account summary, balance, transaction details, previous statements, and more by just logging into your account.

Online bill payment:
Customers can use the secure and fast online bill payment facility offered by Huntington Bank. Add new billers, pay multiple bills at once, check previous bill payment details, set up recurring payments, and more. Access everything through a secure and easy-to-navigate interface.

Alert notifications:
Get all important account and security alerts through text messages and emails. Set up alerts and manage alert services according to your preferences.

Money transfer:
Money transfer has been made very easy and customers can easily transfer money to Huntington’s account or other bank accounts. Money transfer is a free service and customers can set up a one-time or recurring transfer or direct deposit to their Huntington account by their employer.

Paperless communication:
Paperless communication is a great way to reduce paper waste and helps the environment by reducing pollution. Customers can enroll through their online banking to receive a digital copy of their statement every month.

Account access sharing:
Huntington introduced a new Access sharing feature in online banking where customers can share access to their accounts with people they trust. The person who got access to a customer’s account can make limited transactions such as bill payments, fund sharing, etc.

How to login to Huntington’s online banking account?

If you are a Huntington customer or a former TCF Bank customer then you can manage your account by logging in through the official website or mobile app.

Key points to remember while logging:

  • Don’t use any untrusted or unsecured device to access your online banking account.
  • Don’t use an internet connection which is fluctuating from time to time and doesn’t offer a continuous supply of service.
  • Don’t use any unsecured or outdated web browser. Use the mobile app instead.
  • Register first and get your username and password.

Let’s move on to the login process.

1-Huntington Bank Login through the online website:

Step 1: Visit the official website. There is a Login link located at the top right corner. Click on this link to open the login form.

Huntington bank login page

Step 2: In the login form, you will get three options to access the below online accounts.

  1. Personal & Business
  2. Commercial
  3. Other

You can select any one option to log in according to your account.

i- Personal & Business banking login:
Select the Personal & Business option and enter your Username and Password and click the Login link to access your account.

ii- Commercial banking login:
Select the Commercial option and enter your Company ID, User ID, and Password and click the Login link to access your commercial banking account.

iii- Other:
If you select this option, you will see a list of different Huntington services. Clicking on any one link of these Huntington services will redirect you to that service-related portal where you can log in and access those accounts online.

We are sharing all login URLs of all Huntington Other services so that customers can directly go to the login page and access their account with the help of their login credentials.

Other Huntington serviceLogin URL/Web page
Asset-Based Lendinghttps://cms.huntington.com/
Commercial eCustomerServicehttps://huntingtoncc.fdecs.com/eCustService/
Escrow Solutionshttps://escrowsolutions.huntington.com/aews
Payroll – Paychexhttps://myapps.paychex.com/landing_remote/login.do
Payroll – SurePayrollhttps://ht.businessonlinepayroll.com/SPF/login/ee_auth.aspx
Online Investmentshttps://www.mystreetscape.com/login/huntington/investor-index.html
Online Trusthttps://login2.fisglobal.com/idp/HUNTRPWL/?ClientID=WebLinkUI
Retirement Plan Portalhttps://go-retire.com/huntington
Smart Taxhttps://www.govone.com/TPP/huntington/Account/Logon
Remote Deposit Capture (TCF)https://tcf.itms-online.com/TCFBankDefault.aspx
Lockbox (Exela)https://receivables.regulusgroup.com/Lockbox/Authentication/PSGLogin.aspx
Lockbox (CheckAlt)https://lockbox.tcfbank.com/
Equipment Financing & Leasinghttps://www.huntington.com/Commercial/credit-loans-leasing/equipment-financing-leasing/make-a-payment

2-Huntington Bank Login through the mobile app:

If you have enrolled in the online banking services and also downloaded the mobile app on your smartphone then you can access your account through the mobile app. Please follow the below steps.

Huntington mobile banking login page
  • Open the mobile app on your smartphone.
  • You will see a login screen in the app. Enter your online banking username and password on this login screen.
  • Press the login button to access your account.

Note: You may also select the check box after the username to save it for further login.

Huntington Bank Mobile Banking

Customers are advised to use Huntington mobile banking to access the exclusive services and some great benefits the mobile app offers.

Some of the important services and benefits are mentioned below.

Ease of access
The mobile app is easier to use and a customer can access their account anytime anywhere by just tapping their finger. It offers a more convenient and faster experience.

Security features
Huntington’s mobile app is highly secure and designed to protect customers’ data most possibly by using advanced encryption technologies. Customers can further use the extra login protection by implementing the face lock or fingerprint lock to prevent unauthorized access.

Send money with Zelle
Zelle is the most convenient, easy-to-use, and faster way to send or receive money to your friends or family members and is exclusively available in the Huntington mobile app. Zelle is free to use and a preferred choice of all banks and financial institutions.

Check deposit facility
The check deposit facility is exclusively available through the mobile banking service. Just take a photo of your check and deposit money into your account. There is no need to travel and you can deposit your check by just sitting at home.

Push Notifications
The app provides important push notifications for account services, payments, balances, transfers, etc. Customers can manage these push notifications through their phone settings.

Quick balance check
A quick balance check facility is available through the mobile app customers can check their account balance by just tapping their fingers on the login screen. There is even no need to log in. Your device must be registered with the mobile banking service to use this feature.

Pay bill
The pay bill facility is similar to what is available under online banking.

How to download the Huntington mobile app?

To use the above-mentioned service, you will have to first download the official mobile app. App download links are available on the official website. Customers can easily download the mobile app by following the below steps.

  • Visit the Huntington website.
  • Under the Personal menu item, click the Online Services tab. You will see a new sub-menu.
  • Now click the Mobile Banking app link in this sub-menu. You will see a mobile app page where app download links are available for both Android and iOS platforms.
  • Click the app link which is compatible with your device and download the app to your smartphone.

Direct download links:

Customers can also download the official mobile apps through the below-given direct links.

PlatformCurrent versionDownload link
iOS6.41.124Click here
Android6.41.157Click here

How to Enroll in Huntington Online Banking?

Enrolling in online banking is a simple process. All you just need is your account information and you can enroll through a few steps. The enrollment process through the desktop browser and mobile app is the same. Please have a look below.

Step 1: Open the official website and click the Login link at the top right corner. On the login form, click the enroll link. If you are using the mobile app then open the mobile app and tap the enroll link on the login screen.

Huntington online banking enrollment form

Step 2: You will get two options to start and you can select any one option.

  1. Use my account number
    Select this option and enter your account number and Social Security Number or Tax ID.
  2. Use my debit card number
    Select this option and enter your Debit card number, PIN, and Social Security Number or Tax ID.

Click the Continue button to start your identity verification.

Step 3: On the next screen, set up security questions by writing the answers. Click the Continue button.

Step 4: On the next screen, you can set up your text and email-based alerts.

Step 5: In the next step, you can enroll in the paperless option. You will get a notification whenever your statements are available. Click the Continue button to enroll in the Paperless statement.

You will also get the option to create a Username and Password for your account. This username and password will be used to log in from a browser and mobile app whichever you use.

How to reset your Username?

Please follow the below steps to recover your username if you are not able to recall it.

  • Visit the official website and open the login form by clicking the Login link at the top right corner.
  • On the Login form, click the Forgot Username? option.
  • You will be redirected to a username recovery form.
  • Enter your email address which is available on file and click the Continue button.
  • You will soon get an email from [email protected]. You will receive your username in this email.
  • If you don’t get an email then you will have to take customer service help at (800) 480-2265.

How to reset the Password?

If somehow you forgot your password then you can easily reset it online. Please check the below steps.

  • Visit the official website and click the Forgot Password link located under the login section in the top right corner.
  • On the Forgot Password page, enter your username and the last four digits of your SSN or Tax ID and click the Continue button.
  • You will receive an email including the instructions on how t reset your password. Follow the instructions and create a new password.

Note: If you are a Business customer then you can call the customer service team at (800) 480-2001 to enroll in the online banking services.

Huntington Banking Customer Service

In case of any inquiry related to online banking, checking, or saving accounts, you can connect with the customer service representative at the below numbers.

General Inquiry(800) 480-2265
Technical support(888) 576-7900

Request a call back:

Now it’s very easy to connect with the customer service team without waiting for your identity verification and without speaking to an automated teller machine. Just request a call back with the simple steps mentioned below.

i-Request call back through the online website: Just log in to your online banking account and move down your dashboard page. At the bottom right part, you can find the customer service number and a link to Schedule a Call. Just click this link and select the reason for the call.

Select the First available option to receive a call on your mobile number within 1 minute. You can also schedule the call according to your preferred timing and date. After selecting the options, click the Get a Call button.

ii-Request call back through the mobile app: Open the Huntington mobile app and log in by using your login credentials. After login in, click the More link located at the bottom right corner.

On the next screen, tap the Let Us Call You option. Select a mobile number if there are multiple mobile numbers in your account. Select the reason for the call and set the time to call.

Huntington virtual assistant:

You can also ask common questions to the Huntington virtual assistant and you will get instant suggestions related to your query. It’s an automated assistant and you can access this by clicking the Ask Me link at the bottom right corner.

If you don’t get the answer to your query then the virtual assistant will connect you with the concerned customer representative. The virtual assistant will share three options Live Chat, Phone, and Let us call you to get further help.

Social Media:

You can also ask basic questions on Twitter at @AskHuntington or on Huntington’s Facebook page. Don’t share any sensitive account-related information such as account number, SSN, etc on these social media platforms. You can also send an email to [email protected].

Other customer service contact numbers:

Business Banking(800) 480-2001
Credit Card(800) 340-4165
Insurance(888) 576-7900
Investment(800) 322-4600
Loan(800) 445-8460
Mortgage(877) 932-2265

Important links:

Official websitehttps://www.huntington.com/
Digital banking pagehttps://www.huntington.com/Personal/online-banking
Huntington bank loginhttps://onlinebanking.huntington.com/rol/Auth/login.aspx
Username recovery pagehttps://onlinebanking.huntington.com/rol/Retail/SelfService/ForgotUsername/Process
Password reset pagehttps://onlinebanking.huntington.com/rol/Retail/SelfService/ForgotPassword/Process
Online banking enrollment pagehttps://onlinebanking.huntington.com/rol/Retail/SelfService/Enrollment/BeginEnrollmentFlow


Bank nameHuntington National Bank
Holding companyHuntington Bancshares Inc.
Founded in1866
Chief Executive OfficerStephen D. Steinour
Number of employees25,000+
Number of locations (US)1,000+
Number of ATMs1,600+
Total assets$174.064 Billion (2021)
Total revenue$6.016 Billion (The financial year 2021)
HeadquarterColumbus, Ohio, United States
FDIC MemberYes
Official websitewww.huntington.com
Customer service number(800) 480-2265

How to set up direct deposit?

Customers can use Huntington’s direct deposit facility to get the funds directly into their Huntington’s account. Just fill out Huntington’s Direct Deposit form and submit it to your employer’s office.

How to find the Routing number and account number?

You can find the Routing number and account number in your online banking account. Just log in to online banking and click the account where you want to receive direct deposit funds. On the next screen, click the Account numbers and more link and you will find the Routing number and account number in a pop-up message.

You can also find this information after login into the mobile app. Click the account and on the next screen under the Summary tab you can find the Routing number and account number.

Note: Please check that the direct deposit facility is available from your employer.

How to deposit a check?

All customers can deposit checks and cash through any nearest Huntington branch. If you don’t want to visit any branch then there is a great facility to deposit checks through Huntington’s mobile banking. You must be enrolled in mobile banking to use this feature.

Please check the below steps to deposit a check through the mobile app.

i. Open your mobile app and log in by using your username and password.
ii. Visit the Deposit section and select the account where you want to deposit the money and enter the deposit amount.
iii. Take a photo of the front and back sides of your endorsed check.
iv. Review all information and finish the process. If you get a success message then your fund will be soon available in your account.

How to use the access-sharing service?

Now you can give access to your account to someone known to you such as your family members, or relatives for limited transactions such as bill payments, transfers, etc. Checking, savings, and credit card account are eligible for account access sharing.

You can enroll in the access-sharing feature through your profile on the top side of the online banking or mobile app. Please check the below steps.

1. Under the profile section on the top side of the online banking account click the Manage User link.
2. On the next screen, click the Enroll button and accept the
3. On the next screen, read the terms & conditions and click the Continue button.
4. You have successfully enrolled in the access sharing. You can now add a new user and share access to your account.
5. You can click the Add a user on the same screen or visit the Manage user under the profile section and click the Add a new user link.
6. On the add user screen, enter the first name, last name, email address, and mobile number of the new user and click the Continue button.
7. On the next screen, choose the account which you want the new user to access and manage.
8. Review all information and click the Continue button.
9. Read the terms & conditions and click the Submit button. You have successfully sent an access-sharing invitation to a new user. You can add more users if you want.

The new user will have to enroll in the online banking service within 24 hours to get access to the account.

How can I use the Zelle service to send money?

Huntington app offers Zelle service which is the most used service to send and receive money to your family, and friends in a faster, and more secure way. If a person has a bank account in the U.S. you can send and receive money to him instantly within 1 minute through Zelle.

Please follow the below steps to use Zelle:

1. Open the Huntington mobile app and log in to the app.
2. Visit the Payment section after logging in where you will find the Zelle enroll link under “Send Money with Zelle”. Tap the Enroll link to proceed further.
3. Select the account you want to use to send or receive money.
4. Select your email address or mobile number. You can also add new contact methods if you wish.
5. Complete your enrollment process.
6. After enrollment you can start sending or receiving money by just using the email address or mobile number of the recipients.

Make sure that the recipients have already enrolled in the Zelle to make the payment process faster otherwise the Recipients will get an invitation link to enroll in the Zelle and after the enrollment, the payment will be processed.

How to use the Bill Pay facility?

All customers can now pay the online bill for most of the billers in the United States from the online website or mobile app. Just log in to your online banking and visit the Payment section.
You can add a new payee by clicking the add payee link.

Customers can set up recurring payments for the regular bills or make a one-time payment. You may schedule a payment in advance by maintaining enough funds in your payment account.

What is the Hub in Huntington online banking?

Hub is a digital banking tool to track, measure, and view analytics reports. All important budgeting, planning, and saving digital tools for your account are available in the Hub. Hub is accessible through both online and mobile banking.

Spend Analysis: Customers can check spending analysis for their monthly transactions and even set an alert to get notifications.

Spend Setter: Customers can access the Spend Setter budgeting tool. Customers will find where they are spending their money according to different categories. You may also add a new category as per your preference and set a budget.

Savings Goal Getter: The Savings Goal Getter tool lets you add saving Goals and track your Goals.

Look Ahead: You will find the Look Ahead calendar tool where you can check the upcoming payment or transfers you have scheduled

About Huntington Bank

Huntington was founded in 1866 and currently manages a network of 1000+ branches in 11 states in the United States. All important financial and banking services are available through Huntington such as banking, Investment, Insurance, Business, commercial services, etc.

The best customer experience is the key to retaining customers and improving business. Huntington is already serving its customers by providing the best and world-class services through banking and financial products.

Several other banks and financial companies have merged with Huntington Bank. Recently Huntington acquired TCF Bank and the transition to Huntington Bank was completed in October 2021. All TCF Bank customers have been moved to Huntington Bank along with all banking and other services.

In 2019, Chemical Financial Corporation, the holding company for Chemical Bank, merged with TCF Financial Corporation (TCF). It was an all-stock deal worth $3.6 billion that helped Chemical Financial Corporation to increase the value of its assets to $45 Billion. After some time, the Chemical Bank’s name was changed to TCF Bank. TCF Bank was again acquired by Huntington Bank as we have already mentioned above.

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