Comenity Maurices Credit Card Login, Payment, Phone Number

Check the step-by-step process for Maurices credit card login and bill payment in this article. How to register and manage your Comenity Maurices account?

How to apply for a new Maurices credit card? What are the rate, charges, features, and benefits of this credit card? Check all the latest updates in this article.

Comenity Maurices Credit Card

Maurices offers a credit card exclusively for its customers in partnership with Comenity Capital Bank. All members will get the opportunity to earn reward points and a cash back facility. If you are a regular customer of Maurices then you must get this credit card and access all exclusive benefits. This credit card is available exclusively for Maurices customers and it can not be used anywhere else.

Salient features:

  • Get 10% off on every purchase plus free standard ground shipping.
  • As an introductory offer, Get 15% off on your first purchase on the day of opening your account.
  • Cardmembers will get exclusive invites for sales and other surprises.
  • Earn 2 points on every $1 spend once a month through the Double Point event.
  • Get $10 off on your birthday.
  • All members will be automatically enrolled in the MyMaurices Loyalty Program and you can check your reward points in your MyMaurices Account.

Fee & charges:

Fee typeAmount
APR for Purchases27.74%
Penalty APRNone
APR for Cash AdvancesN/A
Minimum Interest Charge$2
Annual FeeNone
Authorize user feeN/A
Cash Advance feeN/A
Foreign Transaction FeeN/A
Late Payment penaltyUp to $41
Returned Payment penaltyUp to $41


  • No cash advance facility.
  • No balance transfer facility.
  • No Visa or Mastercard benefits.
  • Can not use outside Maurices.

Maurices credit card login

To manage your account, you may log in to your account through the official website. Comenity Capital Bank is the official credit card issuer and servicer and customers can manage their accounts through the Comenity website.

Login requirements:

Please follow the below guidelines before login in to make your account more secure.

  • Customers must have the
  • Arrange your username and password by registering on the official website.
  • Use a secure and latest web browser only.
  • Always use a trusted or personal device.

Please check the below login steps.

Step 1: Open the official website and click the Sign In link just below the top menu.

Step 2: Once you click the Sign In link, The login form will appear on the screen (as shown below).

Comenity Maurices credit card login page

Step 3: Enter your Username and Password and hit the Sign In button. You will be redirected to your dashboard page where you can start using all available online services.

How to log in through the mobile app?

There is no mobile app available as of now to manage your account. Maurices has an app but it’s for managing your reward program. You may use your mobile browser to access your account through your mobile device. Comenity’s website is fully responsive and you will not face any issues.

How to retrieve your lost username and password?

In case you have lost your username or password then you can use the account recovery service available on the Comenity website.

  • On the Comenity Maurices login page, click the Forgot Username / Password? link. You will be redirected to an account recovery form (as shown below)
Maurices account recovery form
  • In this form, you will have to enter your account number, ZIP code, and the last four digits of your SSN.
  • Click the Find my account button. Your information will be verified and you will get options to recover your username and password.

How to register and create an online account?

If you don’t have an online account then you can register by visiting the official Comenity Maurices website. On the homepage, click the Sign In button and again click the Register Now link on the login form. You will see an account verification form on the screen.

Maurices account registration form

Enter all account information and click the Find My Account button. After the verification, you can create a new account and new username and password also.

Cardholders will get the below-mentioned benefits after registering an account:

  • Online payment, schedule a payment, and autopay facility
  • Manage account settings and profile information.
  • Set up your alerts which you get through email and text messages.
  • Enroll in paperless billing and get a digital copy every month through email.
  • Request an increase in the credit limit.
  • Check account balance, transaction details, previous transaction details, available credit, etc.
  • Access the secure message center to send a message to the customer service team.

How to activate Maurices credit card?

Once you receive your credit card, you will have to activate it for making any transaction. You can call the customer service number 1-866-248-4488 (TDD/TTY: 1-800-695-1788) to activate your card. Just keep your card information ready before calling.

How to apply for a Maurices Credit Card?

If you want to get exclusive deals, reward points, 10% cashback facility then you must apply for the Maurices credit card. The online application process is available on the official website.

Please check the below steps.

Step 1: Visit the credit card page on the Maurices website at

Step 2: Click the Apply Now link available on this page.

Note: You may also check credit card details and terms & conditions available on this page before applying.

Step 3: After clicking the Apply Now link, a new screen will appear on the same page. Again click the Apply Now button to open the online application form.

Step 4: If you already have a Maurices account then just type your mobile number, the Last four digits of SSN, and ZIP code and click the Continue button. Your application will be prefilled with some details.

You may also start a fresh application by clicking the Apply Without Pre-Fill link.

Step 5: In the application form, enter your first name, last name, address, mobile number, and last four digits of your SSN. Click the Next button and complete the further steps.

Your application will be verified by Comenity Bank and you will receive a credit card after the approval.

How can I pay the Maurices Credit Card bill?

Paying your Maurices card bill is very easy now after the introduction of the different payment methods. Please check your statement for the total due amount and the due date for your bill. There are multiple ways you can pay your Maurices card bill.

Note: Please make sure that your payment will be posted before 5 pm on the due date to avoid any late fee penalty.

i-Payment through Mail:

If there is some time in the due date then customers can also use the Mail payment facility. Customers can mail payment checks or money orders at the below-mentioned address. Please consider at least 5 days time in the delivery of the Mail.

Maurices Credit Card
P.O. Box 659617
San Antonio, TX 78265-9617

Please cross-check this address with the address mentioned on your latest account statement.

ii-Phone payment:

A phone payment facility is also available through the customer service phone number. Please call 1-866-248-4488 to pay by Phone through the automated dialer machine. Please cross-check the payment phone number from your billing statement. Please keep your payment bank account information ready before making any call.

iii-Expedited payment: 

Customers can also use the expedited payment option while using the phone payment facility. Customers can opt for expedited payment through a phone call by paying a service fee of up to $15. This service fee will be applied every time you make an expedited payment over the phone. You will be informed about this fee while the phone call and you may withdraw your request if you wish to use any free payment method.

iv-Online payment:

Online payment is the easiest and free payment method customers can use. If you have registered an account on the comenity website then please follow the below steps to pay your bill online.

  • Visit the Comenity Maurices login page.
  • Login by using your username and password.
  • Visit the payment section and add a checking account by entering the bank account number and routing number.
  • After that, select your payment account and enter the amount you want to pay. You may enter the full payment amount, any custom amount, or minimum payment amount.
  • Enter the date to schedule your payment.
  • Review all payment information and pay your Maurices card bill.

Important points about online payment:

  • The online payment facility is available 24/7.
  • Please make payment before 5 pm on the due date.
  • Online payment can be made through a bank located in the United States.
  • The payment due date facility is not available as of now.
  • The debit card can not be used for making an online payment.

v-Automatic payment:

Cardholders can use the Automatic payment facility if they don’t want to keep track of the due date every month. After enrolling in the autopay, the required monthly credit card bill will be debited from your checking account. It’s a great facility to avoid any chance of a late payment penalty.

Please follow the below steps to set up an automatic payment.

  • Visit the Comenity Maurices payment page.
  • Visit the automatic payment section.
  • Set up automatic pay by entering the amount you want to pay every month and the payment date.
  • If you want to cancel the autopay then visit the same page again.

Note: Automatic payment option will automatically adjust the required payment by debiting the full payment amount from your checking account irrespective of the amount you set in your autopay setting.

vi-Payment through the Comenity EasyPay facility:

The Comenity Bank also has an online payment facility “EasyPay“. The benefit of the EasyPay facility is that there is no need to log in to any account and payment can be made by using credit card information.

By using EasyPay anyone can pay the credit card bill if have the correct account details. Please check the below steps to make a payment.

  • Visit the Comenity Maurices login page.
  • In the top menu, click the EasyPay link.
  • On the next page, you will see an online form to make a payment.
  • Enter the Credit Card Account Number, ZIP Code, and last four digits of SSN and click the Find My Account button.
  • The Comenity Bank will search the account information and let your know about the account.
  • If you have identified the account then you can make an online payment by using the available payment modes.

Maurices Credit Card | Apply, Login & Pay

Learn about the new maurices credit card program that can help you save every time you shop at maurices! Find info on applying, logging in to pay and more!

Maurices global Sign In


Already have a account? • Create Your Account. Sign up so you can checkout quickly, manage
preferences, and enjoy mymaurices rewards

Sign In – maurices Credit Card – Help – Bread Financial

maurices Credit Card Account Website. … Why do I need a verification code to sign in? … What do I do? Why should I select “Remember Me” when I sign in?

Comenity Maurices payment – Sign In – Bread Financial

Please sign in to continue to the requested page. … Comenity® Mastercard® Credit Card Accounts are issued by Comenity Bank pursuant to a license from.

Account – maurices Credit Card

Access automated customer care 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customer Care Address. Comenity Bank PO Box 182273. Columbus, OH 43218-2273 

maurices Credit Card – Current Credit Card Agreements

You understand and agree that Comenity Bank may provide you with all required application disclosures regarding your maurices Credit Card application in electronic form.

Customer Service

Take the help of the Comenity Customer Service team in case of any inquiries. Credit Card Customers can call 1-866-248-4488 (TDD/TTY: 1-800-695-1788).

Mail address:

Comenity Bank, PO Box 182273, Columbus, OH 43218-2273

Please mention your name, address, phone number, and Account number in the Mail.

Official website –

Comenity Maurices card page –

New account registration page –

Maurices Credit Card Sign-in page –

Maurices Credit card activation page –

Send a secure message –

Transaction details –

Statement details –

Set up or manage – Alerts

Maurices credit card payment –

Maurices credit card pay by Mail page-

Maurices Comenity EasyPay –

Maurices credit card agreement (CCA) –


Name of Credit CardMaurices Credit Card
Issued byComenity Capital Bank
Serviced byComenity Capital Bank
Credit card network providerNone
BeneficiaryAll eligible Maurices Cardholders
Who can applyAll eligible applicants


How can I edit my account profile and personal information?

It’s very easy to edit and update your profile through your online account. Just log in to your credit card account and edit the information by selecting the pencil icons on the Account page.

There is some information that can not be edited online due to privacy issues. You will have to send a message through the Secure Message Center or call Customer Care at 1-866-248-4488, TDD/TTY: 1-800-695-1788.


Maurices credit card is a good option if you are a regular customer of Maurice’s and shop your favorite items through the online website or in-store. Due to the great reward points facility and other perks, Maurices credit card is a good-to-go option. If you are not a regular customer of Maurices then you can go with any Visa or Mastercard licensed credit card that provides the facility to shop anywhere.

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