Target RedCard Bill Payment 2023: Online, Phone, Mail, Store

How can I pay My Target Redcard credit card bill online, by phone, Mail, in-store, etc? How to use the different payment methods available and what is the easiest way to make a payment?

What precautions customers must take while the bill payment process? Check the most up-to-date information in this article.

Quick Payment

Target Redcard

Target RedCard makes it very easy to pay your bill at the checkout while purchasing your favorite products at Target stores or the website. Customers can use their Red Card to swipe or they can add it to their wallet for a contactless payment service.

RedCard credit card provides a convenient and faster way to pay for purchases made at Target along with 5% rewards points on every purchase, free shipping, exclusive discount offers, and a larger return widow.

Customers can use their Redcard for shopping and pay the required bill later with the help of the different methods mentioned below.

RedCard Credit Card Bill Payment

Cardholders must remember the Due date every month to pay their Redcard bill every month. It will help to avoid any late penalties and interest rates. There are different ways to pay the credit card bill as mentioned below.

All customers can pay their Credit Card bills in different ways as mentioned below.

  1. Online Payment
  2. Payment by Mail
  3. Automatic payment
  4. Payment through the mobile app
  5. Phone payment:

i-Onlne Payment:

Online payment is the easiest and faster way to make a payment on the Redcard credit card. Cardholders must have registered on the Redcard Manage website and created their Username and Password in order to access the online bill payment facility.

Please check the below steps to make an online payment.

  • Please visit the official website
  • Login by using your username and password.
  • Visit the payment section of your account.
  • If you haven’t added a bank account to pay the card bill then please add a checking or saving account.
  • After adding a bank account, enter all below mentioned required details in the payment form.
    • The amount you want to pay (minimum payment OR full statement balance OR any custom amount).
    • Select the bank account you want to use for payment purposes.
    • Enter the payment date.
  • Review all information and pay your credit card bill.

After making an online payment, your payment will be posted instantly to your account.

ii-Payment by Mail:

Customers can also use the Mail payment facility to pay their Redcard bills. A check or Money order can be sent in the mail for the required payment.

Please check your monthly statement before sending a Mail. Important information such as the instructions about Mailing payment and a remittance slip can be found in the statement.

Customers can send Mail to the address mentioned on the billing statement. If you are not able t find the payment address then you can send the Mail to the below address.

Payment address:

Target Card Services
P.O. Box 660170
Dallas, TX 75266-0170

iii-Automatic payment:

An automatic payment facility is also available for all Redcard customers.

Benefits of automatic payment:

  • You can set up an automatic payment to debit the required payment amount from your bank account without keeping track of the due date every month.
  • It’s a good idea to make payment before the due date and avoid any late payment penalty.
  • Your payment will be posted on your account before the due date every month and helps you to increase your credit score.

How to set up the autopay?

To set up the autopay, visit your online account and go to the payment section. You will find an automatic payment option there. Enter all required details in the autopay setting and set up autopay.

iv-Phone payment:

Redcard customers can call the customer service phone number to make their credit card payments. Phone payment is also a very easy process and can be completed instantly.

You will need your bank account information such as your routing number and account number to make a payment.

Please call the below-mentioned customer service number.

Target Credit Card & Target Mastercard (U.S.)1-800-424-6888
Target Mastercard (outside the U.S.)1-612-815-9922

You can make the payment by using the automatic call instructions. After dialing the phone number, you will have to verify your account by providing your 16-digit card number OR your Account ID. After the verification, you can make a one-time payment for your Redcard bill or schedule it up to 30 days in advance.

Customers can also check the below information.

  • Current Balance
  • Recent Transactions
  • Minimum Payment Due
  • Payment Due Date
  • Review payment history including payments

You can also take the help of a live agent but you will have to pay the required charges in that case which will be disclosed while the payment process.

v-In-store payment:

Along with purchasing any product from the Target store, customers can also make their Target credit card payments in the store. Just visit the service desk in any Target store and ask them to make a payment on your Red Card.

You will have to share your Redcard account information and the bank account information you want to use for making a payment. Please ask the service desk representative what payment methods they are accepting in the store for making a Redcard payment.

Important payment-related information:

  • It is advised to pay your Redcard bill before the due date every month to avoid any late penalty.
  • On-time payment will help customers to make a good credit profile over time.
  • If a customer makes at least the minimum payment amount before the due date, it will help to avoid any negative impact on their credit score.
  • Please ensure that all the payments you are paying must be in U.S. Dollars
  • In the case of Mail payment, the U.S. Bank account must issue a check.
  • Payment above the full statement amount can be accepted but customers are advised to avoid this.


What is the minimum payment I can pay for my Redcard?

Customers can find their minimum payment due in their monthly statements.

If there is no past due on your account then the minimum payment will be $30 or equal to the statement balance if the new balance is less than $30.

When will my payment be credited to my Redcard account?

Your payments will be credited to your account if they reach to payment department before 5 PM on the due date. Payment received after 5 PM will be posted on the next day.

If you are using electronic transfer or phone payment then it will be posted instantly. If you are paying through a check or money order then consider around 5 to 6 days in the payment credit.

What if my Redcard payment gets delayed?

If somehow your Redcard payment gets delayed then a late payment penalty will be applied and you will have to pay the penalty charges in the next billing cycle along with the due amount.

Interest will also be applied to the remaining balance and will be charged in the next billing statement. It is advised to make the payment for the remaining amount to minimize the interest charges.

Currently, a late payment fee of $30.00 will be charged for the first time and the penalty will be $41 for the next missed payments in a six-month billing cycle until you clear any past due and make a minimum payment.

Your late payment fee will always be less than the minimum due amount.

What if my payment is not honored by the depository institution?

If payment is not honored by the depository institution then a returned payment penalty of $30 will be applied and will be included in the next billing cycle. Interest charges will also be applied as per applicable law.

Returned payment penalty will be applied in case of electronic payment, check payment, money order payment, or any similar payment mode.

How can I check my billing details?

Customers will receive their monthly statement every month through an electronic medium if they have not opted to receive a paper copy.

Customers can find all billing-related details such as new statement balance, minimum payment due, payment due date, etc.

can I get a paper copy of my billing statement?

Although it is a good practice to receive an electronic copy of your monthly billing statement, customers can also get a paper copy if they want.

Customers can send a paper statement request by sending a Mail to the customer service team or by calling the customer service number.

The customer service number can be found on the back of your RedCard and the address can be found on your billing statement.

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