Target My RedCard: Credit / Debit card 2023 [❤️Full Guide]

What is a Target Redcard and how does this credit and debit card helps Target customers? What types of benefits Target Rewards card provides?

What are the fee & charges? Check all important information about the Target Redcard in this article.

Target My RedCard

Target provides an exclusive discount facility to all Target customers every day if customers make a purchase by using the Target Credit or Debit card. Target has given the “Redcard” name to its credit and debit cards.

Currently, Target offers two types of credit cards and a single debit card. Customers will get a chance to save on their spending every time they use their credit or debit card at the Target store or on the official website.

Target Redcard sign-up bonus and Introductory offer 2022:

There is no sign-up bonus available currently for new customers but there are other promotional and regular offers running on the Redcard.

Currently, a $40 discount promotional offer is running on Redcard. If you are approved for a new credit card or debit card between 09/18/22 – 10/08/22, you will get a $40 coupon on a future purchase of $40 more.

The $40 off coupon will be valid only on qualifying purchases. Customers will get this coupon through Mail along with their Redcard and they can use it on or after 11/07/22.

Target Redcard Features & benefits:

There are many types of benefits Redcard provides to Target customers. Some of the important benefits are mentioned below.

  • All customers will get a 5% discount every time they make a purchase at or in the Target store.
  • Customers will get a larger return window if they are not satisfied with any product. Extra 30 days will be given to return or exchange the eligible products in addition to the standard return policy.
  • A free 2-day standard shipping will be available to Redcard customers.
  • Redcard customers will get exclusive offers and discounts on eligible items.

Redcard Credit Card

TD Bank USA issues two types of Redcard credit cards in partnership with Target.

  1. Redcard credit card
  2. Redcard Mastercard

Credit Card Fee & Charges:

Fee typeTarget credit cardTarget Mastercard
APR for Purchases25.15% Variable25.15% Variable
Penalty APRN/AN/A
APR for Cash AdvancesN/A28.15% Variable
APR for Balance TransferN/AN/A
Minimum Interest Charge$1$1
Annual FeeNoneNone
Balance transfer feeN/AN/A
Cash Advance feeN/AGreater of $10 or 3% of the amount of each cash advance
Foreign Transaction FeeNoneNone
Late Payment penaltyUp to $41Up to $41
Returned Payment PenaltyUp to $30Up to $30
Over the limitNoneNone

Other fees:

Other types of fees such as a card replacement fee in case you lost your card and a fee for expedited delivery will be applicable and will be disclosed to you while using the facility.

Credit Card Drawbacks:

  • A Balance transfer facility is not available.
  • APR for cash advances is higher.

Credit Card Rewards Program:

An exclusive Reward program is run by the Target Corporation for Mastercard credit card customers. In this reward program, Mastercard holders will earn 2% rewards points on dining and gas purchases and 1% reward points everywhere else.

Customers will receive Target GiftCard according to the 1% and 2% reward points savings.

  1. 2% rewards. Customers will earn 2% rewards in the form of Target GiftCard for each eligible purchase they make in gas or dining merchant categories.
  2. 1% rewards. Customers will earn 1% rewards in the form of Target GiftCard for all categories other than Gas and Dining.

Apart from the above, if a customer uses Mastercard to purchase some specific products in the Target store or website that do not qualify for the 5% instant discount comes under the 1% rewards category. These specific products include eye exams, clinic services, wireless protection program purchases, etc.

Rewards limit: There is no limit on the reward points earned and customers can earn unlimited rewards.

In case of a return or exchange of a product, reward points will be adjusted according to the purchase amount.

How to redeem reward points?

Customers will receive GiftCard for every $10 reward point. To redeem rewards, customers may visit the Manage my RedCard webpage at or call the phone number written on the back of the card. A minimum of $10 amount rewards can be redeemed in the form of a physical Target Giftcard or an eGiftCard.

Rewards expiry: Rewards are valid for a lifetime and there is no expiry date. Customers may redeem their rewards whenever they want.

Redcard Debit Card

The debit card also offers the same type of benefits credit card offers. The debit card can be used to pay for purchases through an electronic transfer from a deposited account. You must have a deposit account in any bank in the United States and you must authorize the Debit Card transactions from the deposit account.

Redcard debit card is issued by Target Corporation itself.

Important points about Debit Card:

  • Target Debit Card is not issued by any financial institution. It is issued specifically to make purchases at Target stores and the Target website.
  • Debit card customers can Pay directly from their checking account and they can also withdraw up to $40 cash at the checkout.
  • Customers must log in to their Manage My Redcard account and set a PIN for their Redcard debit card. A debit card PIN will be used to make purchases.
  • Please make sure that the transactions done by your debit card must not exceed the deposit account balance.
  • If you are not satisfied with the Debit Card service then you can close your account anytime by calling at customer service number 888-729-7331 or by writing to “Target Corporation, c/o Financial and Retail Services, P.O. Box 9491, Minneapolis, MN, 55440”. It will revoke your authorization and close your card.
  • The debit card can be used to make recurring payments after the customer’s authorization.
  • The ATM withdrawal facility is not available with a Redcard debit card.

Customer Service

For any kind of issue or concern, Please call the below-mentioned customer service numbers.

Target Mastercard1-800-424-6888
Target Credit Card1-800-659-2396
Target Debit Card1-888-729-7331

While calling, you will have to verify your Account ID OR Your 16-digit card number. After the verification, customers can access the below services.

  • Request a recent statement
  • Request a new card 
  • Report your card lost or stolen 
  • Manage your PIN
  • Activate a new card


Name of the cardRedcard credit card
Redcard debit card
Issued byCredit card: TD Bank USA
Debit card: Target corporation
Serviced byTarget
Credit card network providerMastercard
Credit score requiredAverage


Does Target offer an extended return facility on all products?

30 Days extended return facility is applicable on most of the items except the products below mentioned.

-Optical purchases
-Non-returnable items
-Contract mobile phones
-Online purchases of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) eligible items using both Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) and a RedCard for payment.

Will I get the 5% discount on all Target products?

Some products are not available under the 5% discount category. Below mentioned products will not get any discount through Redcard purchases.

-Prescriptions, and over-the-counter items in the pharmacy store at Target.
-Optical eye exams and protection plans (Optical lenses and glasses will get a 5% discount).
-Target GiftCard, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express prepaid cards; Game On gift cards; and Starbucks gift cards.
-No discount will be given on credit card payments, debit card cash back, and Mastercard cash advance.
-Alcohol purchases in Indiana
-Wireless protection program purchases and deposits required by mobile carrier
-Gift wrapping services
-Taxes, shipping, delivery, handling, etc.

What type of shipping benefits are available on Redcard purchases?

All customers will get a standard free shipping facility on most of the items and a free 2-day standard shipping on eligible items. Free shipping depends on the item availability and location zip code.

If you have enrolled in the Shipt membership then there may be a delivery fee. Shipt is a one-day delivery facility. Shipt yearly membership costs around $99.

Information about the free delivery and 2-day free delivery will be available on the product page and at the checkout.

Can I use my Red card everywhere?

Redcard Debit cards and credit cards are exclusively available to shop only at or in the Target stores. But Target also offered a Mastercard credit card that can be used anywhere where Mastercard is accepted. It is specially made available for those customers who want to use their credit cards everywhere.

Do Redcard Debit Card transactions affect credit score?

Target shares the Debit Card transaction details with major credit bureaus and other reporting agencies. If you don’t maintain your Debit Card account properly then a negative report may be shared with credit bureaus and it may negatively affect your credit score.

How can I get my Target Redcard agreement?

Customers can view their agreement through the below links.

Target credit agreement
Target debit card agreement

Customers can also request an agreement copy through email or US Mail. Please check the below steps to send a request.

-Visit the Target Redcard web page.
-Move down the page and click the Request credit account agreement link under the Additional information section.
-You may also click the direct link to send a request.
-In the request form, select the card type and fill out the request form.
-Choose a delivery method from email and UD Mail and press the Submit button.

Your cardholder agreement request has been submitted and you will soon get a copy of your agreement through the delivery method you choose.

Customers can also call customer service number 1-800-424-6888 to request an agreement copy.

How can I use the cash advance facility from Redcard Mastercard?

Target Mastercard customers can use the cash advance facility to withdraw cash from the Mastercard ATM network. This service is chargeable and the customer will have to pay the cash advance fee which is $10 or 3% of the amount of each cash advance. Interest will also be charged at a 28.15% Variable rate.

Customers can find the nearest ATM location by calling the Mastercard ATM finder helpline service at 1-877-346-3286 or by visiting the official website and using the ATM locator.

What if I lost my Redcard?

If a customer lost his Redcard or it is stolen or if customers think that the card PIN has been compromised then please immediately inform Target Card Services.

Customers can write to:

Target Card Services
P.O. Box 1581
Minneapolis, MN 55440-1581
Or call us at 1-800-659-2396

Does Target offer Expedited Delivery of Redcard?

There is an expedited delivery facility available in case a customer lost his card and needs a replacement card urgently. Expedited delivery is a paid service and it can be availed by paying a $25 fee.

Where can I check the current Target promotion, discounts, and offers?

To check the Promotion & Coupon details, customers can visit the Current promotions page. On this page, customers will find the latest promotions running by Target, the Latest Coupons & offers available for customers, Weekly ads, and Team member discount details. All pieces of information are available on a single page.

How to use a promo code with your order?

Customers can add a promo code in the following way.

-Proceed to the checkout of your cart items.
-In the cart, Select Add promo code under Discounts and add promo code(if using the Target App) or if using the website then enter your promo code Underneath Order Summary.
-Select Apply or Redeem. You will see your order summary including your promo code summary. You may also add additional promo codes if you wish.

Type of promotions:

You will find different types of promotions such as
-BOGO (Buy one get one)
-Gift card on the spending of a minimum amount or buying a minimum number of products
– Discount on some products
-Discounted sale items
-Gift card on preorder
-Free shipping promotion
-Sale on promotions for a limited period of time
-Clearance sale promotion
-Free Target gift card promotion by Target Plus™ 3rd Party Partners
-Redcard 5% promotion.

How can I use my Red Card in my Target Wallet?

How do I use a RedCard in my Wallet?
-Just open your Target app and visit the Wallet tab.
-Select Add payment and select the + icon to add a new payment method.
-Add your Redcard with the help of the on-screen instructions.
-Verify by PIN and verification code.
-Select Save. Your Red Card has been added to your Wallet.

How can I use the account alert service?

Manage My Redcard portal provides alerts service to all cardholders. Customers can log in to their accounts and set up different types of text and email-based alerts according to their preferences.

It is a very useful service and customers will get an alert every time through an SMS or Email for the services they have opted in.

Can I update the phone number and email address of my Redcard account?

All customers who have signed up for the manage my Redcard account can edit and update their personal information. Just log in to your account and edit any information in your profile section.

About Target

Target was founded by Dayton company in 1960 as a Discount Retail shop and later 4 Target stores were opened in 1962.

Target launched its eCommerce website in 1999 to help customers by providing an online shopping experience. In 2000, Dayton Hudson Corporation was renamed Target Corporation

Target launched its first store card in 1995. Initially, the Target store card was known as the Target Guest Card. In 2001, Target replaced its store card with the Target Visa Credit Card which was used to purchase at major retailers nationwide.

In 2004, the Target store card was renamed Target RedCard, and currently, Redcard is available in partnership with Mastercard.

Final review and conclusion

Everyone loves shopping in Target stores due to the availability of almost all required products and services customers need.

A Redcard facility helps customers to get a 5% discount every day, an extra return window, free shipping, and other exclusive benefits. If you are a regular shopper then Target Redcard is no doubt a great option to look for.

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