TJMaxx TJX Credit Card Login 2023 ❤️ Easy Account Access

TJMaxx credit card login process and other details are available in this article. How to access My TJX Rewards Mastercard account?

What are the precautions and necessary steps a customer must follow for a secure and safe login? Check all the latest updates in this article.

TJMaxx Credit Card Login

All TJX Customers having a TJX Rewards Credit Card or TJX Rewards Platinum Mastercard can log in to their account and use important account services such as bill payment, checking account details, managing alerts, etc.

Quick Login

Please check the detailed information below.

TJ Maxx credit card Login requirements:

First of all, customers must check the below-mentioned login prerequisites that are necessary for secure and successful login.

  • If you are a new customer, please enroll on the official website and create a new user ID and password.
  • Please use a secure device to access your accounts such as a personal laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Try to avoid accessing your account from a public computer and public Wi-Fi connection.
  • Please use a good internet connection that does not cause any interruption.

The above guidelines will help you to secure your account and personal data. Let’s move on to the login procedure.

Detailed login guide:

There are two ways to log in.

  1. Log in to the online website
  2. Login through the mobile app

Login process:

The login process is given below. Please have a look.

TJX Credit Card Login Online at website

To log in, visit the TJX Credit Card Synchrony account login page at and click the SECURE LOGIN button after entering your user ID and password.

Please follow the simple steps given below.

  1. Visit the TJMaxx website.
  2. Open the credit card page.
  3. Open the TJ Maxx Synchrony login page.
  4. Login to the Synchrony website.

Please check the detailed explanation about each login step below.

Step 1. Visit the TJMaxx website.

First of all, you will have to open the official TJ Maxx website. Visit the official web portal by clicking the link. 

Step 2. Open the credit card page.

Now you will have to visit the credit card page. Move down the homepage of the TJ Maxx website and click the “TJX Rewards Credit Card” link located at the footer under the Support section.

credit card link at the footer of the TJMaxx website

Step 3. Open the TJ Maxx Synchrony login page.

On the next page, you will see a ‘PAY MY BILL‘ link (as shown below).

Pay My Bill link on the credit card page of TJMaxx website

Click this link to open the login page. A login page will appear on a new screen (as shown below).

TJX TJMAXX Synchrony credit card login page

Step 4. Login to the Synchrony website.

In the login form, enter your User ID and Password and press the SECURE LOGIN button to access your credit card account.

Select the “Remember User ID” option located just above the Secure Login button. If you select this then there is no need to enter your User ID for further login.

TJMaxx credit card direct login page:

If you are not able to find the login page through the above steps then you can visit the Synchrony login page directly at

Login to the T.J.Maxx mobile app

All customers can download the official T.J.Maxx mobile app and access their credit card account on the go while shopping for their favorite products.

T.J.Maxx mobile app is a secure and faster way to access your account. The mobile app provides enhanced security and encryption methods that protect the consumer’s data.

App download links:

Please click the below links and download the official mobile app. You can also search the mobile app on the App Store and Play Store.

PlatformDownload linkVersion
iOST.J. Maxx iOS app15.0
AndroidT.J. Maxx Android app15.1.0

Login process:

  • Open the mobile app on your smartphone.
  • You will see a login form on the mobile screen.
  • Enter your account User ID and Password and press the Secure Login button.
  • If all information is correct then you will see your account dashboard page in the mobile app.

After login, use additional login security features provided through the mobile app such as fingerprint scan or facial scan, or protect it through a PIN lock.

Click the TJX Rewards app link to check the official mobile app download instructions.

How to recover the account?

Account recovery options are available on both the official website and the mobile app. It’s a good feature if someone forgets their login user ID and password. Please check the below steps to recover your account login details.

How to reset the password?

  • Visit the official website.
  • Click the Forgot Password link located just below the login form.
TJX Synchrony account password reset form
  • Enter your User ID and ZIP code and press the Continue button.
  • Verify your account on the next screen.
  • Create a new password and log in using the new password.

How to recover the User ID?

Please follow the below recovery steps.

  • Visit the official login page.
  • Click the Forgot User ID link.
  • You will find an online form on the next screen (as shown below).
TJX Synchrony account user id recovery form
  • Enter your credit card account number and ZIP code and press the Continue button.
  • On the next screen, you will find your user ID or further instructions on recovering the user ID.

TJMaxx enrollment and my account access

All customers must complete the one-time enrollment process to create a new account. It will help customers to access exclusive account-level services through the online version.

Some essential benefits and facilities customers will access are mentioned below.

  • Access account summary such as transaction details and history, account balance, etc.
  • Access one-time and recurring online bill payment services.
  • Access the credit card alert service and manage the alert at your convenience.
  • Manage paperless communication services online.

Enrollment process:

Please follow the below steps.

1-Visit the official login page and click the Register link.

2-An online enrollment form will appear on the screen (as shown below).

TJX Synchrony account registration form

3-Enter your account number and ZIP code and click the Continue button.

4-On the next screen fill in all required details in the enrollment form and create a new User ID and Password for your account.

Login security and account protection tips

Customers need to follow some security and privacy-related guidelines. It will help to secure customers’ data and avoid any unauthorized access to your account.

  • Always log out from your account once you have finished your work.
  • Once you open the official website, check that the HTTPS is written before the login URL.
  • Also, check if the padlock icon is present at the beginning of the website URL.
  • Clear the browser’s cache after logging out every time whenever access the account using a public computer.
  • Installing good antivirus software will add an extra layer of security.
  • Change your password regularly and make a strong password with a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.
  • Don’t revert to suspicious emails and don’t respond to fraudulent phone calls.

Helpline details

In case of any inquiry or login-related help, please call the customer service number below.

TJX Rewards Credit Card1-800-952-6133
TJX Rewards Platinum Mastercard1-877-890-3150

Important links:

T.J. Maxx my account login
Account User ID recovery
Password reset
New account sign-up


Can I download the TJX Mobile app to access my credit card account?

Yes, along with the online shopping experience, the T.J. Maxx mobile app also provides a credit card login and bill payment facility. Customers can log in and pay their card bill anytime anywhere.

What are the additional login security features the mobile app provides?

T.J. Maxx mobile app provides a fingerprint scan and facial scan facility. Customers can implement these features to add an extra level of login security to their credit card accounts.

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