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How to log in to the State Employee Credit Union Maryland account? How to enroll and create a new account? How to access online banking services through the mobile website and mobile app?


If you have an online banking account with SECU Maryland then you can log in to your account and access all online services. There are different ways to access your account.

Login prerequisites:

Some basic login requirements are mentioned below.

  • Keep ready with your username and password. If you don’t have your Username and Password then register first and create your login credentials.
  • Make sure that all the apps such as operating systems, mobile apps, browsers, etc are updated.
  • Try to avoid using any public or untrusted device to access your account.
  • Always use a reliable and properly working internet connection.

Let’s move on to the login process.

There are multiple ways you can access your account.

  • SECUMD Online Banking Login
  • SECUMD Mobile Banking Login
    • Login through the Mobile app
    • Login through the mobile website

Let’s check out each login process in detail.

1-SECUMD Online Banking Login

You can log in to your online banking account by visiting the official website. Please check the step-by-step process below.

Step 1: Open the official SECU MD website www.secumd.org.

Step 2: Click the Log In link on the top side. A login form will appear on the screen.

Secu MD online banking login page

Step 3: Enter your username and password and press the Submit button. You will e redirected to your account dashboard page if your username and password are correct.

2-SECUMD Mobile Banking Login

A mobile banking facility is also available for customers so that customers can use the more convenient method to access their accounts.

Customers can access the Mobile banking facility through a mobile website or mobile app. We are sharing details about both methods.

a-SECUMD Login through the Mobile app

SECU Maryland has released both Android and iOS apps so that customers can download any app that is compatible with their device. Please check the below steps to download the mobile app.

  • Open the mobile browser on your smartphone and visit the official website www.secumd.org.
  • Move down to the footer of the website. You will find SECU MD Android and iOS app links there.
  • Click any link to open the app page.
  • Click the Install button to download the mobile app.

Direct download links:

We are sharing direct links also so that customers can download the mobile app with just a click. Please have a look below

PlatformDownload linksCurrent version
AndroidDownload app4005.2.1
iOSDownload app4005.2.1

Login through the mobile app:

  • After downloading the mobile app, tap the new app icon to open it on your smartphone.
  • On the login screen, enter your username and password and tap the Login button to access your account.
  • Accept the terms and conditions and log in to your account.
  • After login, you will have to set up a 4-digit security code for further login purposes.
  • You can also implement a Face ID facility to log in and access your account.

b-SECUMD Login through the mobile website

If you don’t want to use the mobile app then you can also use the mobile website that also offers an interface similar to a mobile app. Customers can access their mobile banking account through the mobile website. Please check the below steps.

1-Open your mobile browser and visit the official website www.secumd.org. You will see a different interface.

2-Move down the page or click the Login link through the top menu, you will see your mobile banking login page.

3-Enter your online banking username and password and tap the Submit button to log into your account.

How to reset your online banking password?

Please follow the below steps to create a new online banking password.

  • Open the SECU MD login page on the official website or mobile app.
  • Click the Forgot Password link.
  • On the next page, you will have to verify your identity first. After the verification, you can create a new password.
  • Enter your username, date of birth, last name, and social security number, and press the Continue button.
  • Enter the security code to verify yourself.
  • After the verification, create a new password.

How to recover your online banking username?

Please follow the below steps to recover your online banking username.

  • Open the login page and click the Forgot username link.
  • On the next screen, enter your account number and social security number and press the Continue button.
  • On the next page, verify your identity by entering the security code received through text message or email.
  • After the verification, you will get your username.

Don’t enter the wrong password multiple times to access your account. Your account will be locked in case of multiple unsuccessful login attempts. In this case, you will have to call 800-879-7328 to unlock your account. 

How to create a new online banking account?

Registering an online account is a very easy process. You must be a member and have an account with SECU MD. If you are a first-time user then please follow the below steps to register a new account.

Online banking registration process:

Total Time: 10 minutes

  1. Accept the service agreement:

    Open the SECUMD website and click the “Log In” button at the top right corner.
    On the login form, click the “First Time User?” link to start the registration process.
    On the next page, select individual or business.
    On the next page, read SECU Online and Mobile Banking Services Agreement and Disclosures and select the “I Agree” check box, and press the Continue button.

  2. Verify your identity:

    After clicking the Continue button, you will be redirected to an identity verification page (as shown below). Confirm your identity verification by entering your account number, date of birth, last name, and social security number. Press the Continue button. The system will look for the account and ask you some questions to verify your account.

  3. Create a new Username:

    On the next screen, create a new username for your online banking account.
    You will have to check the availability of usernames until you find an available one.
    Select the email option to receive your temporary password and press the Continue button.
    You will receive a temporary password through an email.

  4. Create a new password:

    Enter the temporary password you received through email and log in to your account.
    After login in, you will have to create a new password as per your choice.
    Please check the new password requirements and create a strong password that is hard to guess.
    Click the Continue button.

  5. Set up security questions:

    In the next step, you will have to set up security questions.
    These security questions will help you to recover your account in the future.
    Select 5 questions and write answers that you can easily remember.
    It is best if you write the questions and their answers somewhere securely.

  6. Set up confidence image and passphrase:

    In the next step, you will have to set up a confidence image and passphrase. It will save your account against fraudulent websites. You can also upload your confidence image file with a 100px by 100px dimension and a maximum 3 MB size. The passphrase must be less than 50 characters long.

  7. Verify your contact details and finish the process:

    In the last step, make sure that you have provided a valid and working email address and contact number. Your email and phone number will be used for future communication purposes. Click the Continue button to finish your online banking registration process.

SECU MD Online/mobile banking services

All customers who have an online banking account with SECU Maryland will get the benefits of all banking services. Please have a look below at some important services customers can access after login into their account.

Account management:
Login to your account and check account details, transaction details, history, account balance, etc.

Customers can view or download their monthly account statement through their account and check all types of transactions done by them.

Transfer funds:
Quickly transfer funds to the SECU account or any outside account.

Bill payment:
Add billers to your account and make payments online through your online banking account. Customers can also set up a recurring payment plan.

Deposite checks:
Customers can deposit checks through a mobile banking facility. Log in to your mobile app, take a picture or scan the check to deposit it to your account by just sitting at home. There is no need to visit the branch.

Manage important account-related alerts online. Set alert preferences or stop receiving specific service alerts.

Credit card:
Access your credit card account, make payments, check transactions, etc.

Portal Helpline

If you are facing any issues while using the online banking portal or if you have any account-related inquiries, please call SECU’s Contact Center at 410-487-7328 or 800-879-7328 for assistance.

If you have access to your online banking account then you can send a secure message through the message center.

  • To access the message center, log in to your account.
  • Click on your name in the top right corner and again click the messages option.
  • Type your message and submit it. You will soon get a reply from the customer service team.

Important links:

Official websitewww.secumd.org
NC SECU Login pagemyaccounts.secumd.org/Authentication
Mobile banking login pagemyaccounts.secumd.org/Mobile/Authentication
Password reset pagemyaccounts.secumd.org/ForgotPassword
Username recovery pagemyaccounts.secumd.org/ForgotUsername
Online banking enrolment pagemyaccounts.secumd.org/Registration
Secure message center login pagemyaccounts.secumd.org/MessageCenter


Name of the credit unionState Employees Credit Union of Maryland, Inc.
Routing number255076753
Insured byNCUA
Registration modeOnline
Number of branches25
Number of ATMs50,000+
Number of Members250,000+
BeneficiaryAll account holders
PurposeTo provide all banking services to customers
Official websitewww.secumd.org


ECU MD is the largest credit union in Maryland having 25 branches throughout Maryland and a network of 50,000+ ATMs. All customers can access banking services through digital mediums such as online banking, mobile banking, and mobile apps.

SECUMD is offering most of the banking and financial services to its customers such as checking and saving accounts, business banking, lending, loan, credit cards, etc.

Although SECU is not a bank but offers all banking services at a lower rate and fees and customers also get a lifetime membership facility.

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How can I cancel my online banking account?

Customers can cancel their online banking account anytime if not happy with the services.

Just call the customer service number at 410-487-7328 or 800-879-7328 or send a written request to “SECU P.O. Box 2148 Glen Burnie MD 21060”.

While writing, please include your name and member number.

How to view the nearest SECU ATM and Branches, and working hours?

Visit the official website and click the or click the ATMs & Locations link in the top menu or click the direct link https://www.secumd.org/branches-atms/.

You will be redirected to an ATM and Location Finder page.

You will see Google Maps locations on the right side. You can type the address, zip code, or city to view the specific location on Google Maps.
Select the Branches or ATMs to view their locations.

You will see the locations in the Result section on the left side. You will the below information in each result.

-Branch name
-Get Directions

What is the Secu MD Routing number?

Secu MD routing number is 255076753.


Source 1: SECU Maryland website

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