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How to log in to my Belk credit card account and make a bill payment online? What is the process to pay bills through phone, Guest pay, and Mail Address?

What are the instructions to avoid penalties and charges? Check all details and updated information in this article.

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Belk credit card login

Synchrony Bank is the official credit card partner of Belk and issues Belk Rewards plus credit cards to customers. Synchrony Bank is also responsible to manage the credit card account, determine the terms & conditions for new card holders, etc.

If you are a Belk credit card user and want to manage your account then you can log in to your online synchrony bank account. There are many online services such as bill payment, view account statements, manage alerts, etc can be accessed after login to your online account.

If you don’t have an account then you can register and create a new account. We are sharing all information through a step-by-step process in this article. Please have a look.

Belk Login requirements:

  • Customers must be registered members and must have their User ID and Password.
  • A secure and updated browser must be used to access the credit card account.
  • Please ensure that all apps and browsers are updated.
  • Always use a good and properly working internet connection.
  • The cardholder is advised to use a trusted and personal device to access their credit account.

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Login process:

Customers can access their accounts in two ways.

  1. Login through the online website:
  2. Login through the mobile app:

Let’s check out both login processes in detail.

1-Login to Belk credit card synchrony website:

Please follow the below steps to log in and access your account through the official website.

How to access the Belk credit card login page:

There are different ways to access your account login page.

a-Through website:

  • Step 1: Visit the official Belk website
  • Step 2: Click the Belk Rewards+ link in the top menu and again click the Manage My Account link. The credit card account login page managed by Synchrony Bank will appear on the screen.

b-Through direct links:

Belk credit card login page

How to log in:

  • Once you have visited the login page, enter your User ID and Password in the login form.
  • Press the SECURE LOGIN button to access your account.
  • If you don’t want to type your user ID the next time you log in then you can select the Remember User ID check box.

2-Belk credit card mobile app login:

Belk credit card customers can download the Belk mobile app and manage their Belk Rewards credit card accounts. Customers can also manage their rewards and redeem them through the mobile app at the checkout while purchasing their favorite products.

How to download the Belk mobile App?

There are different ways to download the Belk app.

a-You can search the Belk app in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and download the official app.

b-You can download the mobile app through the Belk website. Please follow the below steps.

  • Visit
  • Visit the footer of the website. You will find the Android and iOS app links there along with a QR code.
  • You can scan the QR code and download the app on your smartphone OR
  • Click the app link to open the app page and click the Install link to download the app.

c-Direct download links:

We are sharing the direct links to download the Belk app. Just click the below link as per your device and download the app.

PlatformDownload linkCurrent versionSize
AndroidBelk Android app download27.0.052 MB
iOSBelk iOS app download27.0.096.5 MB

Mobile app login process:

Open the Belk mobile app and log in with your username and password. You may need to link your credit card account to your Belk website account to manage your credit card directly through the mobile app.

How do I pay my Belk credit card bill??

If you have a Belk credit card then you must pay the total statement outstanding amount or minimum amount before the due date to keep your account in good standing. There are different ways you can pay your credit card bill as mentioned below.

  1. Online payment.
  2. Payment through Mail.
  3. Phone payment.
  4. Payment by mobile app.
  5. AutoPay payment.
  6. Guest Payment.

All Belk card holders can use any one of the above payment methods to pay Belk’s rewards card bill. There are specific requirements and different processes to make Belk credit card payment Synchrony for each payment method. We are sharing complete details below about all payment methods.

i-How do I pay my Belk card online?

Synchrony Bank suggests its customers make Belk MasterCard online payments through the Synchrony website. Belk’s online payment is the most convenient method through a self-service interface. Please note that you must have registered an online account to make an online payment.

Please check the below steps for making an online payment.

  • Visit the Belk Synchrony account page at Amazon Synchrony account at or
  • Enter your User ID and Password to login into your account.
  • After login in, visit the payment section. Add your checking account as a payment account to your online account.
  • Enter the payment amount from the options minimum payment, full statement balance, or any custom amount as per your choice.
  • Enter the date to schedule your payment.
  • Select your bank account to pay your bill.
  • Review all information you have entered and finally click the Submit Payment link to make the payment.

ii-Mail a payment:

A Mail payment facility is also available for Belk card holders. Customers can send checks or money orders to the below-mentioned Belk credit card payment mailing address.

Belk Credit Services
PO Box 530940
Atlanta, GA 30353-0940


  • Please send a payment coupon or remittance slip along with the check or money order.
  • The payment coupon can be found in the monthly statement.
  • If you don’t find any payment coupon then please write your account number and name on your check or money order.
  • It will help Synchrony Bank to credit the payment into the correct account.
  • Consider at least 7 days for the Mail payment to reach the Belk credit card payment address.
  • It is best to send a Mail at least 10 days before the due date to avoid any late fee penalty.
  • The latest Belk payment address is available on your monthly statement. Please verify the address from your statement before sending a Mail.

iii-Can I pay my Belk bill by phone?

Phone payment is also a good option to make a quick payment for your Belk credit card. Please call the below phone numbers to make a Belk payment synchrony bank.

Belk Card1-800-669-6550
Belk Mastercard1-855-752-8046


  • Please note that when you call the payment phone number you can pay your card bill free of cost if you use the automated system.
  • You may also take the help of a live agent if needed but you will have to pay charges for this facility.
  • Please keep ready your credit card information and your bank account number and routing number.
  • Customer service is also written on the back of your credit card.

iv-Autopay payment plan:

Automatic payment is very useful to make a hassle-free credit card payment every month. The required payment will be debited from your bank account. Please check the below steps to enroll in the autopay payment service.

  • Visit the Belk credit card payment login page and log in to your account by entering your login credentials.
  • After login, navigate to the Payment section and select the Manage Autopay option.
  • You will have to enter the required payment information to enroll in the Autopay plan.
  • You can select the minimum payment, full statement amount, or any custom amount to be paid every month automatically.
  • Select your bank account as a payment method or add a new bank account.
  • Click the Set Up Autopay link to finish your autopay enrollment process.

v-Belk pay as a guest:

Synchrony Bank offers Belk credit card payment as a guest facility for all Belk credit card holders. Customers can use the guest payment facility to make a quick payment.

There is only one drawback customers can not track the previous payment history because there is no need to log in to your account for making a guest payment.

Please follow the below steps to make a guest payment.

  • Visit your Belk credit card payment login page.
  • The Pay As Guest link is available at the top side of this page.
  • Click this link to open the guest payment page. You will see an online form (as shown below).
Belk credit card guest payment page
  • Enter your credit card number, the last 4 digits of your SSN, and your ZIP code.
  • Click the Continue button and verify your account.
  • After the account verification, you can make an online payment using the available payment modes.

vi-Payment through Belk mobile app:

Customers can download the Belk mobile app and pay Belk bills online directly through the mobile app. Belk mobile app is a good option where customers can purchase whatever they want, manage their rewards, and make their credit card payments.

Steps to make credit card payments through Belk app:

  • Open the mobile app and log in to your account.
  • Visit the Rewards section in the mobile app where you will see Card, Activity, Payment, Offers, and Rewards link at the top side.
  • Tap the Payment link and make your credit card payment.

Vii-Pay at Belk store:

A store payment option is also available for all credit card customers. Just visit your nearest Belk store and ask the customer representative to make a payment on your credit card. The representative will ask you for the bank account information that you want to use to debit the required payment.

To find the nearest store, please visit the Belk store locator web page. You can search for a Belk store through zip code or state. Payment in the store is also a good option where customers can pay their credit card bills while shopping for products from any Belk store.

Belk credit card charges, interest rates, and penalties

Please have a look at the different types of fees and charges on your Belk credit card. There will be a penalty for late or returned fees. Applicable interest will be charged as per the below-mentioned APR.

You don’t have to pay any late fees/returned fees or interest charges on purchases if you make your minimum payment before 5 PM ET on the due date.

Charges and interest:

APR for purchases25.49%25.49%
APR for Cash
Cash advance feeEither $10 or 5% of the amount of each
cash advance, whichever is greater.
Minimum interest charge$1$1
Late/Returned payment penalty$40$40

How to avoid extra charges and penalties on Belk credit cards?

We are sharing a few important pieces of information related to Belk card payments. This information will help customers to avoid any penalties and high-interest charges.

Enroll in recurring payment:
A recurring payment plan ensures the timely payment of your Belk credit card every month. It is a great option to pay bills.

Just set up the autopay payment option and forget about the due date. Your payment will be credited to your credit card account automatically.

Schedule a payment:
Customers can schedule their payment anytime for a future date. It will help them to pay their credit card bill before the due date as per the scheduled date.

Manage your payment alerts:
Synchrony Bank offers an alert facility to all Belk credit card customers. Customers receive important alerts through email and text messages related to the Belk credit card payment due date, payment amount, successful payment, etc.

Please manage your alerts through your Synchrony account and enable all payment-related alerts so that you can get the notification at the right time

Add authorized users:
If you add an authorized user to your account then the authorized user can make a payment on your behalf. Please add your family members as authorized users in case you are not able to pay your credit card bill.

The authorized user will make a payment and help you to avoid any late penalty.

Avoid paying interest on purchases:
All cardholders will get around 23 to 25 days to pay their credit card bill after the closing of each billing cycle. Please pay your bill before the Belk credit card payment due date. Please ensure to make a payment before 5 PM ET on the due date.

Payments made after 5 PM ET will be credited on the next day. You can pay at least the minimum payment amount to avoid interest charges.

Belk pay my bill – Flex Pay Plan

In addition to regular credit card purchases, Customers can also enroll in Flexible payment plans. You must be a Belk Rewards+ Premier or Elite cardholder to get the benefits of a Flexible payment plan. You will have to pay the minimum qualifying payment for the Flex Pay plan + Minimum amount of regular purchases + any past due to avoid any penalty and interest charges.

Flex Pay Plans will have their own criteria for the minimum or monthly payment. Please download the Belk Rewards+ Program Terms document and read the program terms & conditions carefully.

How to register a new Synchrony Belk account?

If you are using a Belk credit card then you must register an online account to access many important services and facilities available online.

Some of the important services available through an online Synchrony account are mentioned below.

  • Bill payment – Use the online bill payment facility 24/7 and pay your credit card bill. Check the previous payment details and enroll in the autopay service.
  • Alerts – Manage your alerts through your online account. Set your alert preferences, and stop or receive important alerts.
  • Account Summary – Access all the account information online anytime. Check transaction details and history.
  • Send a secure message – Send and receive messages from the customer service team through a secure and encrypted communication channel.

Registration process:

Synchrony Bank is the official credit card partner of Belk Inc and issues Belk Rewards Cards and Belk Rewards Mastercard to Belk customers. Customers can register an online account by visiting the Synchrony website. Please check the below steps.

  • Visit the official website.
  • You will be redirected to a login page.
  • Click the Register link available on the login page.
  • An online form will appear on the screen (as shown below).
Belk Synchrony account registration page
  • Enter your account number and ZIP code and press the Continue button.
  • You will have to verify your account.
  • After the verification, you will see a registration form where you can create a new User ID and Password.
  • Please check the User ID and Password requirements, create your new User ID and Password, and finish your registration process.

Belk credit card customer service

For any kind of account or payment-related help, please connect with the customer service executives through the below-mentioned Belk credit card phone numbers.

Phone number:

Belk Card1-800-669-6550
Belk Mastercard:1-855-752-8046

Belk credit card address:

You may also write to Synchrony Bank related to different types of issues. We have mentioned different Mailing addresses below. Please have a look.

i-Correspondence address:

Belk General Inquiries
PO Box 965029
Orlando, FL 32896-5029

ii-Billing dispute address:

Billing Disputes:
PO Box 965027
Orlando, FL 32896-5027

iii-Fraud address:

Attn: OH3-1032
PO Box 166015
Altamonte Springs, FL 32716

Note: Please note that all the contact information is available through your monthly statement and cardmember agreement. Please check your statement for the latest and updated contact information.

Important links:

Belk credit card login
Alternate login page
Alternate login page
New account registration
Password reset
User ID recovery


What is the penalty amount I have to pay for the late payment for my Belk credit card?

There will be a penalty if you miss your payment on the due date. If you fail to make at least the minimum payment amount before 5 PM ET then a $29 penalty will be applied for the first occurrence.

If you fail to pay Belk credit card at least the minimum payment 2nd or more times within six billing cycles, you will have to pay a $40 penalty.

This penalty will be shown in your next billing cycle along with the applicable interest charges.

When will my payment be credited to my account?

The payment will be credited as soon as Synchrony Bank receives it. Your account may take some time to reflect the payment and show you the increased available credit.

For the fastest payment, please use the online payment through the online website or mobile app or use the phone payment facility.

How to make my payments faster?

Synchrony Bank offered many payment options to Belk customers such as paying by mail, online, phone payment, or at a store.

If you want to make the process faster then please make sure that the payment must be made in U.S. dollars from a bank located in the United States. You may use a physical or electronic check, money order, or a similar instrument.

Customers must follow all the payment-related guidelines and instructions written on their monthly statements. It will help Synchrony Bank to credit the payment quickly in your account.

How to reset the Synchrony Belk account password?

If customers forgot their account password and are not able to log in to their account then a password reset facility is available on the Synchrony website. Please follow the below steps to create a new password.

-Visit the official Synchrony Belk account login page.
-Click the Forgot Password link located on the login page.
-On the next screen, enter your user ID and ZIP code and press the Continue button.
-Complete the verification process and create a new password for your account.
-After creating a new password, log in and access your account.

How to recover my Synchrony Belk User ID?

a User ID recovery facility is also available on the login page. Please follow the below steps to recover your User ID.

-Visit the Synchrony Belk login page.
-Click the User ID recovery link.
-Enter your account number and ZIP code on the next page.
-Verify your account.
-After the verification, you will receive your User ID through an Email.

How do I check my Belk credit card balance?

You can check your Belk credit card balance by logging in to your Synchrony Bank online account at

What is the Belk credit card payment due date?

Belk credit card payment due date generally comes around 25 days after the billing statement. It is different for all customers and depends on when your account was opened by Synchrony Bank. You may check your monthly billing statement to know the exact due date.

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