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MUSC My Chart login and other related information such as how to Sign Up and set up a new account? How to download the mobile app? How to access customer service? will be discussed in this article. Check all updated information and step-by-step easy processes.

What is MUSC MyChart?

The Medical University of South Carolina and Epic system corporation joined to help patients through Epic’s Flagship healthcare product MyChart. Through this partnership, MUSC aims to provide all-important healthcare and medical record services to patients that will help the patients get the urgent help at the right time.

MUSC website homepage

MyChart is a patient portal where patients can log in and avail of different services such as online appointment scheduling, viewing health records, online bill payment, getting prescription refilling, etc. These services are available through an online portal and mobile app.

There are different websites available for the MUSC MyChart web portal as mentioned below.

  • is the official website of the Medical University of South Carolina and is the adult patient care portal. In this article, we are sharing the complete review of the official MyChart portal


Name of the portalMUSC My Chart
Original productMyChart
Developed byEpic Systems Corporation
Developed forMedical University of South Carolina
PurposeTo offer a digital platform including all essential patient-related medical services
BeneficiaryAll patients of the Medical University of South Carolina

MUSC MyChart login

All patients who are taking healthcare services from the Medical University of South Carolina can log in to the official MyChart portal with the help of their Username and Password. For this, there are some important points that patients must take care of.

  • Patients are requested to take care of the account security and use only trusted and secure devices such as personal mobile, laptops, etc to access their accounts.
  • Patients can choose a good internet service provider which offers an uninterrupted supply of internet.
  • Patients must arrange their login username and password by registering on the online portal.
  • Patients must use secure and trusted browsers to keep their data safe. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the modern browsers used by the maximum number of people worldwide.

By keeping the above points in mind let’s move on to the login procedure.

There are different ways you can access your MyChart account.

  • MyChart login through the online website
  • MyChart login through the mobile app

MyChart login through the online website:

Patients can use the MyChart official link to open the portal in a web browser. After that patients can use their username and password to access the MyChart account. Please check the below steps.

Step 1: Visit the official portal. Patients will find a login form on the right side of the website (as shown below).

MUSC Health MyChart login form

Step 2: Enter your Username and Password and hit the Sign In button to access your account dashboard page. Now you can check what facilities are available for you through your patient dashboard.

MyChart login through the mobile app:

In case you are not feeling comfortable opening the website and entering your username and password every time to log in then there is a more convenient and secure login method available. Patients can download the official mobile app and log in with just a touch of a finger.

Patients will also get advanced encryption technology for data security and additional login security features such as fingerprint scans and facial scans.

There are two steps to using the mobile login facility.

  • Download the MyChart app for MUSC
  • Log in to the app

Download the MyChart app for MUSC:

All patients can download the mobile app through the links available on the footer of the MUSC Mychart portal.

  • Open the official portal in your mobile browser.
  • Move down the page and you will see links for both Android and iOS apps.
  • Click the app link according to the mobile device you are using.
  • Google play store or apple app store will open where patients can download the mobile app on their device by clicking the Install link.

Log in to the app:

  • After installing the app on your device, open the app by clicking the new app icon.
  • In the app login screen, enter your MyChart username and password and click the Sign In button to log in.
  • After login, implement fingerprint scan or facial scan security features if you need them.

We are sharing the direct links below to download the mobile app. Please have a look.

PlatformDownload link
MyChart Android appClick here
MyChart iOS appClick here

How to recover the MUSC Mychart Username and Password?

People can forget their login credentials as it’s not easy to remember the username and password for all websites. In this case, there are facilities to recover both your username and password. Please check below.

Recover Username:

MUSC MyChart Username recovery form
  • Visit the official login page and click the Forgot Username link.
  • On the next screen, a username recovery form will be available.
  • Patients can use this username recovery form to recover the username. Enter your first name, last name, date of birth, and ZIP code, and press the Submit button.
  • Soon patients will receive an email on the registered email address including the username.

Reset Password:

MUSC MyChart password reset form
  • Open the official webpage and click the Forgot Password link.
  • Patients will find a password reset form on the next screen.
  • Now enter your Username, Date of birth, and ZIP code in this form and click the Next button.
  • You will receive an email containing instructions on how to create a new password. Generally, a password reset link is also sent along with the instructions.
  • Patients can click the password reset link to create a new MyChart password.

Also check,

How to sign up for MUSC Mychart?

Patients can use the online registration facility. It will help patients to create and set up a new MyChart account easily. There are two ways all patients can use the online facility to create a new MyChart account.

  1. By using an activation code
  2. Online account set up

By using an activation code:

If patients have an activation code then the Sign-Up process is very easy and takes a few minutes in activating the MyChart account. If you have an appointment with MUSC Health or just visited the MUSC hospital then you will receive the activation code through your after-visit summary. An activation code may be sent via email also. Please check the further process mentioned below.

Step 1: Visit the official MyChart login page and click the Create Your Account link located on the login screen.

Step 2: On the next screen, you will find an account activation form by using the activation code (as shown below).

MUSC Health MyChart Sign Up through activation code

Step 3: You need to enter the below-mentioned information in this activation form.

  • MyChart activation code
  • Date of birth
  • ZIP code

Click the Next button.

Step 4: On the next screen, patients can create a Username and Password which will help them access their account every time they want to log in.

Online account set up:

If you don’t receive an invitation code then the registration process may take longer duration than usual if the information you will enter in the online form differs from the information available with the MUSC Health records. It is due to the verification process and takes around a week. You may also get a verification call to verify your information.

Please check the below steps.

Step 1: Visit the official portal and click the Create Your Account link.

Step 2: On the next page, click the Sign Up Online link. You will find an online registration form (as shown below).

MyChart MUSC online sign up form

Step 3: Fill out this sign-up form and submit it for the verification process. If all information matches with the information of MUSC Health records then you will receive your invitation code and you can use this invitation code to instantly access your account.

Benefits of MUSC My Chart

Patients can use all available facilities offered to them through the MyChart portal. Al they have to do is log in to their account and access any service available online. There and many types of facilities available online as mentioned below.

  • Access health record
    Patients can access their health records and use them anytime as per their requirements. These health records and important reports are always accessible by the patients as long as they can log in to their MyChart portal.
  • Check lab test results
    Patients can check any test result as soon as it is uploaded on the MyChart portal. These results will also include the Covid-19 test results. Patients can also download the PDF file on their devices.
  • Schedule an appointment
    Patients can take the help of the appointment scheduling features to book an appointment at their convenience. The doctor’s availability and date and time slot can be used to schedule a preferred appointment.
  • Communicate with your care team
    Patients can also communicate with the Doctors and care team to get the answers to important questions. Patients can use the secure message and email facility through the MyChart portal.
  • Use your child’s MyChart account
    You may also get access to the minor patient’s MyChart account through the authentication code.

MUSC MyChart Bill Payment

Once you logged in to the MyChart account then you can pay your medical bill online. After singing in patients can use the insurance details also available with MUSC Health.

Patients can get an estimated idea about the total bill amount they will have to pay by visiting the Please note that this will show the estimated amount but the actual bill amount may be different due to many factors.

A Guest payment facility is also available and anyone can use this facility to pay the Patient’s bill. Patients can access the guest payment online form at

MUSC Health online form for guest payment

If you click the above link then you will be redirected to a guest payment online form (as shown in the above image). Now enter the account number and guarantor’s last name in this form and click the Look Up button to verify the account details. Once verified, you can pay the required bill through the different payment modes.

Patient Helpline

Patient’s helpline service is also available if they are facing any type of My Chart-related issues such as login and Sign-Up related problems, Problems using the MyChart portal, accessing any My Chart service, etc.

Phone number: All patients can call the MyChart help desk at 843-792-3111 for any kind of help.

Email support: Please send an email at [email protected].

Important links:

Official MUSC website
Official My Chart MUSC login page
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Online registration by demographic verification
Recover MyChart Username
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