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What is the CFMS AP portal and how can citizens check their bill status online? What are the features and benefits of this portal? Check all details and an easy step-by-step process to check the CFMS Bill status.

After reading this article, citizens can…

  • Easily navigate to the portal.
  • Find essential services easily.
  • Check the status of their bill online
  • Login to their account.

Comprehensive Financial Management System (CFMS) is an enterprise-level application, being designed, developed, and implemented by the Andhra Pradesh Centre for Financial Systems and Services (APCFSS) on behalf of the Finance Department.

What is the CFMS AP Portal?

CFMS is Andhra Pradesh’s Comprehensive Financial Management System by APCFSS for Finance Department, an enterprise-level application on the SAP S4 HANA platform.

It provides real-time financial data, improving decision-making and financial discipline.

CFMS is developed by the Andhra Pradesh Centre for Financial Systems and Services (APCFSS) to facilitate convenient access to stakeholders while reducing reconciliations.

It helps in enhancing financial discipline and works as a one-stop solution for financial information and services in Andhra Pradesh.

How to Check the Citizens Bill Status?

Checking the bill status on the AP CFMS portal is a straightforward process but it could be difficult for those people who are not a heavy technically sound and not very familiar with finding the information through online portals.

CFMS AP portal itself is not easy to navigate due to a lot of services offered by the portal.

That’s why we decided to present the information as a simpler and easy step-by-step guide so that all citizens can check their bill status by following these steps.

To check the Citizens Bill Status, visit the CFMS AP website, navigate to Expenditure > Bill Status under the Citizen Services section, enter year and bill no., and find the bill status.

Please follow the below-given steps.

  1. Check the Required Information/Services.
  2. Open a Web Browser.
  3. Open the Official Website.
  4. Navigate to the Bill Status Web Page.
  5. Enter Year and Bill No.
  6. Check Your Bill Status.
  7. Check the Final Payment Status.
  8. Check Beneficiary Details.

Step 1: Check the Required Information/Services.

You must check and arrange the all required information that will be used to check your bill status and beneficiary details. You will need the correct web address and the details such as Bill No.

Step 2: Open a Web Browser.

The next step is to open the web browser on your device. You can use any device such as a laptop, desktop, or mobile device.

Please install a secure and stable web browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc.

Step 3: Open the Official Website.

After opening the web browser, visit the Comprehensive Financial Management System (CFMS) official website

You will see the website homepage on the screen (as shown below).

CFMS official website

Step 4: Navigate to the Bill Status Web Page.

Now you will have to visit the Bill status web page. For that, move down the CFMS website homepage, you will find the Citizen Services” section.

Navigate to Expenditure Links->Bill Status under the Citizens Services section. See the below image for your reference.

Bill status link on the website

Once you click the Bill Status link, you will find an online form on the next page where you can check the bill status and other details (see the below image).

citizen bill status check page on CFMS AP

Step 5: Enter Year and Bill No.

Enter the Year and Bill No. in the given fields. The CFMS will process your request and show you details on the same page.

You will find much useful information on this page as mentioned below.

  • Bill Status
  • DDO
  • District
  • Treasury Office
  • HOA
  • Gross Amount
  • Deduction
  • Net Amount

Click the HOA number to check the below details,

  • Major Head
  • SubMajor Head
  • Minor Head
  • Group SubHead
  • SubHead
  • Detailed Head
  • SubDetailed Head
  • Voted/Charged
  • Contingency/Non-contingency

Step 6: Check Your Bill Status.

Now you can find the status of your Bill in the Bill Status section.

If everything is fine, you will see the “Approved” status in this section.

Step 7: Check the Final Payment Status.

In the next section, you can see the detailed bill flow where you can check the bill process status from different processors.

There are five columns in this section as mentioned below.

  • Processors
  • Activity
  • Action
  • Status
  • Received date
  • Processed date
Detail flow of citizen bill on CFMS AP

You will find how many persons will process the bill and the corresponding status. Received date and processed date will be available there.

If all have processed the bill from their end then you will find the “completed” status.

Step 8: Check Beneficiary Details.

In the next section, you will find the beneficiary details through different columns such as…

  • Code
  • Name
  • Bank account no.
  • Gross amount
  • Deduction
  • Net amount
  • Payment status
  • Payment ref.
  • Payment date
  • History

You can easily find the Gross Amount, Deductions, and Net Amount. If the payment status is pending, click the “Pending” link to check the reason why it is pending.

If the status is “Waiting for fund clearance“, the fund is not yet cleared by the government.

citizen bill status beneficiary details on CFMS AP

There is a download link available just after the History column. Click this link to download the beneficiary details in an EXCEL file format.

If you click the Code number then you will get more information such as


Frequently Asked Questions

How to check CFMS beneficiary payment status?

During the process of checking the citizen’s bill status on the CFMS Andhra Pradesh portal, citizens will get the beneficiary payment status in the last step under the beneficiary details section.

Payment status will be Pending, Waiting for Fund Approval, or Processed.

Please check the process to check the beneficiary payment status in this article.

How to check the AP treasury bill status?

AP Treasury bill status is the same as the Citizens bill status. The process is also similar to what we have shared in our article. Please follow the below steps.

Steps to Check AP Treasury Bill Status 2023:

Open the AP CFMS website and visit the Citizens Services section. Navigate to Expenditure Links -> Bill Status. On the Bill status page, enter the year and Bill No. and the system will show you the current bill status.

Checking the citizen’s bill status on the CFMS AP website ( is not a tough task if you know the exact process and other required information.

You can follow the above given step-by-step process and check the status of your bill and beneficiary salary details easily.

Key points:

Name of portalComprehensive Financial Management System (CFMS)
Product nameSAP S4 HANA
Developed byAndhra Pradesh Centre for Financial Systems and Services (APCFSS)
Developed forFinance Department Andhra Pradesh
BeneficiaryAll employees and citizens of Andhra Pradesh state
Core servicesGovernment to Government (G2G),
Government to Citizen (G2C),
Government to Employee (G2E),
Government to Business (G2B) 

Finally, we have shared all the important information about the Andhra Pradesh CFMS portal and how to check the Bill status on this website.

We have also shared the complete step-by-step process to help citizens get an idea about all the steps and the required information.

I hope you will be able to check your bill status now without any issues. Please let us know your views, suggestions, and other questions in the comment section below.

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