Conduent FEPS Landing Login 2023: Payroll Services

FEPS landing login, Conduent Front End Payroll System and services, Single Sign On, and other important information are available in this article.

Check all the latest updates about the Front End Payroll System by Conduent and the steps to easily access the FEPS payroll account.

Conduent FEPS

Conduent, which is a leading business process services company, offers an innovative and powerful Payroll system called FEPS (Front End Payroll System). The front End Payroll System is an HRMS system that is used worldwide to manage employees’ Human Resource requirements. It is used by large organizations to manage their payroll and other HR-related functions. Some of the important services offered are mentioned below.

  • Time and Attendance
  • Payroll inquiries
  • Payroll administration
  • Payroll processing
  • Garnishments
  • Payroll tax and accounting
  • Payroll reports
  • Payroll accounting
  • Incentive and executive compensation

Conduent also helps organizations to make the HRMS system work as per their specific needs. This web-based HR system is a user-friendly platform that makes it very easy for HR professionals and payroll administrators to navigate and operate. End-to-end payroll processing is very easy now by using the Conduent FEPS robust features and functionalities. It also supports time tracking, tax compliance, and reporting.

Conduent Landing login

Conduent landing login is the login portal of the Payroll system. All employees who have already been onboarded and got their login credentials can access this portal. The login process is very easy. Please follow the below steps.

  • Visit the official website
  • Click the Login Through Conduent SSO link.
  • You will be redirected to the Conduent SSO login page.
  • Enter Your Username (WIN / CID) and Password.
  • Press the Sign In button to log in to your account.

FEPS Landing

For password resets, contact the Conduent service desk here. Your SSO/AIM password is used to access FEPS, but the FEPS service desk cannot assist you with your SSO/AIM password.

Conduent landing FEPS Dashboard

For all other FEPS service requests, open a FEPS service ticket through the Conduent Service Now portal here.

This is a Conduent computer system that is “FOR OFFICIAL CONDUENT USE ONLY” by specifically authorized personnel and includes Conduent confidential, proprietary, and privileged information. This system may be subject to monitoring. No expectation of privacy is to be assumed. Unauthorized attempts to upload, download, or change information on this system are strictly prohibited

Conduent Service Portal

Service Portal • Welcome to the Service Portal. Having an issue logging in? Click the link below to reset your password. Enter your Username and Password and press the Log In button.

Conduent Password Self Service portal login

  • Regain access to your account if you have forgotten your password.
  • Note: It might take up to 20 minutes for your password to synchronize across all target systems.
  • Please log out of your VPN prior to changing your password if you are working remotely.

Conduent password reset

Enter your Last name and userID and press the Search button.

Note: UserID refers to WIN ID or CID. Last Name is mandatory and it should be the same as the Last Name on your AIM profile

SSPR will synchronize your AIM password to the AP Workflow application and the following active directory domains: ACS-CSG, Client.Local, Americas, BAS, Conduent Corp, DOL, GHS, Partners, US Coopers.

Conduent Access Manager SSO login

This Identity Provider needs to validate your identity. Please login to your existing account here so that we can return verification back to your local service. Enter your username and password and press the Sign In button.

Logging into the SSPR Application

Conduent is using the Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) portal which is a part of the Access and Identity Management (AIM) system. It helps Conduent to securely update passwords for employees and non-employees.

When you’re ready to start using SSPR, all you need is your web browser. Because it works in a browser, SSPR is as easy to access as any web page.
To access SSPR:

  • Open your web browser
  • Type in the address bar.
  • Enter your WIN ID or CID and Current Password (i.e., your network password) to log into the SSPR application.
  • Click Login.
  • If you have forgotten your password, see the Forgotten Password section of this document.
  • If you do not know your Current Password and you have not previously set up your Password Responses in SSPR, please call the help desk for a password reset.
  • Please be prepared to provide the help desk with approval from your manager for the password reset if you have not set up your Password Responses in SSPR.

SSO Handler

Access UAR Module and Attendance Policy Module directly by logging in to your account. Front End Payroll System. Cannot log into FEPS. The SAML identity is not established. This account has been inactivated. Activate this account,

Video Tutorials Conduent FEPS

Access Request Process for New Access – Describes how a supervisor may request new access for their direct report. ~/FEPSFiles/Help/Videos/ThumbNails/Access …

Using IPS Introduction

IPS stands for International Payroll and HR System. It is a system that can be used as both a Human Resources and/or a Payroll application. The IPS access privileges are restricted according to the specific user’s job-related tasks and responsibilities.

The FEPS (Front End Payroll System) provides features to do the following:

  • Register and track employee time and attendance.
  • Submit and track piece rate transactions for ABC employees (Achievement Based Compensation).
  • Calculate employee gross pay according to employee pay type (salary, hourly, piece rate)

Users from the Operations side, like production managers, supervisors or team leaders, may use the IPS along with the FEPS system to record and monitor employee time and attendance.

Conduent EDI Solutions

We specialize in trading partner management, payer front-end translation and EDI services that support claim and eligibility transaction processing.

Company Maintenance – General

Company Maintenance – General · Update FEPS: Click on checkbox if company uses FEPS (Front End Payroll System) to record employee transactions. · Automatic Salary …

Service Desk contact details

U.S toll-free: 1 833 275 4457
For callers outside the U.S: 1 212 671 9045

India Users:

  • Bengaluru: 91-80-41190100. Option # 2
  • Kochi: 91-484-4090100. Option #2
  • Noida: 91-120-4524300. Option #2
  • Hyderabad: 91-40-41525555. Option #2
  • Vizag: 91-891-6777100. Option #2

Chat with the Service Desk:

Go to https://conduent.service Scroll to the bottom and look for the Service Desk Chat bubble

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