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What is Connect EBT portal? How to log in to your account and check your EBT balance at www connectebt com? What are the benefits of this portal and how customers can create a new EBT account? Check all the latest updates in this article.

What is Connect EBT portal?

ConnectEBT is an EBT portal that is used to manage EBT cards and benefits offered through the SNAP, TANF, Child care, WIC, unemployment insurance payments, etc programs. This portal is developed by Conduent Inc. and is the most extensive EBT management system in the market.

Note: Other EBT systems such as the www EBTEdge com cardholder portal and mobile app by FIS Global are also available in the market.

Conduent has developed several EBT services through an open architecture Electronic Payment Processing and Information Control (EPPIC). Currently, more than one-third of persons are participating in the EBT system and more than 25 states are using EPPIC.

It’s a completely flexible system where additional services and benefits can be easily integrated. It’s a highly secure system that offers advanced fraud detection through data mining and data warehousing tools.

Conduent Inc has developed an online cardholder website to provide users easy access to their EBT information such as EBT balance, transaction details, history, PIN management, etc.

ConnectEBT has processed more than 45% of SNAP payments and disbursed more than $100 billion to EBT cards in 2021.

ConnectEBT portal login

Customers can log in to the online EBT portal and access their accounts. Since there are different portals developed for each participating state, we are sharing all steps to log in and direct links to login pages of all states.

Login requirements:

  • EBT cardholders must be registered members on the ConnectEBT cardholder portal.
  • Cardholders must have their User ID and password.
  • Cardholders must have a secure and trusted device.
  • A good quality internet connection is required for an uninterrupted login experience.
  • Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Mozilla Firefox are the officially suggested browser to open this portal.

Login process:

Step 1: Open the official web portal www.connectebt.com. You will see a homepage screen similar to the below image.

ConnectEBT portal login page

Step 2: There are two ways to access your account.

  1. Through the left-side panel – Select your state from the drop-down menu above the login form. Enter your User ID and Password and press the Login button.
  2. Through the right-side panel – Select your state and press the Submit button. You will be redirected to your state-specific ConnectEBT portal. Enter your User ID and Password and press the Login button to access your account.

Direct login links:

You may visit your state-specific login page directly through the below links.

StateConnectEBT login page
Alabama EBTwww.connectebt.com/alebtclient/index.jsp
Arkansas EBTwww.connectebt.com/arebtclient/index.jsp
Connecticut EBTwww.connectebt.com/ctebtclient/index.jsp
Connecticut WICwww.connectebt.com/ctwicclient/reciplogin_client.jsp
Delaware EBTwww.connectebt.com/deebtclient/index.jsp
Georgia EBTwww.connectebt.com/gaebtclient/index.jsp
Indiana EBTwww.connectebt.com/inebtclient/index.jsp
Indiana WICwww.connectebt.com./inwic_card_english.html
Iowa EBTwww.connectebt.com/iaebtclient/login.recip
Maryland EBTwww.connectebt.com/mdebtclient/index.jsp
Mississippi EBTwww.connectebt.com/msebtclient/login.recip
New Jersey EBTwww.connectebt.com/njebtclient/index.jsp
New York EBTwww.connectebt.com/nyebtclient/index.jsp
Ohio EBTwww.connectebt.com/ohebtclient/index.jsp
Oklahoma EBTwww.connectebt.com/okebtclient/index.jsp
Oklahoma WICwww.connectebt.com/okwicclient/reciplogin_client.jsp
Pennsylvania EBTwww.connectebt.com/paebtclient/index.jsp
South Carolina EBTwww.connectebt.com/scebtclient/index.jsp
Tennessee EBTwww.connectebt.com/tnebtclient/index.jsp
Utah EBTwww.connectebt.com/utebtclient/index.jsp
Vermont WICwww.connectebt.com/vtwicclient/reciplogin_client.jsp
Virginia EBTwww.connectebt.com/vaebtclient/index.jsp

EBT Connect Mobile app

Conduent, Inc also developed the ConnectEBT mobile app that offers all services and functionalities that the online portal provides.

How to download the mobile app?

All customers can search for the EBT Connect app on the Google Play store or Apple App Store and download the official app from the Conduent Inc developer.

Direct download links:

Direct links are also available to download the mobile app with just a click. Please check below.

Mobile OSDownload linkCurrent VersionRequired OS
AndroidConnectEBT Android app1.8.0Android version 4.4 or later
iOSConnectEBT iOS app1.8.0iOS version 11.0 or later

Mobile app login process:

Similar to the above login process through an online portal. Open the mobile app and select your state. After that, log in to your account by using your User ID and Password. After login, customers can also set up additional login security features such as fingerprint scan login or facial scan login.

Currently, the ConectEBT mobile app is available for the below-mentioned states. More states will be included soon.

  • Arkansas
  • Delaware
  • Lowa
  • Illinois
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Oklahoma
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Utah
  • Virginia

How to register a new ConnectEBT account?

All EBT cardholders must register a new account to use online services such as.

  • Check your transaction details.
  • Check your account history.
  • View your SNAP benefits and schedule.
  • Manage your PIN.

Registration process:

There are two ways to create a new user ID and Password.

  1. Register through the ConnectEBT portal.
  2. Visit state specific ConnectEBT portal and register an account.

1-Register through the ConnectEBT portal:

  • Open the official web portal www.connectebt.com.
  • On the left side, select your state from the drop-down menu just below “To create a new User ID and Password:“.
  • You will be redirected to the new account registration page of your selected state.
  • Enter your ZIP code, date of birth, card number, user id, and password, and finish the registration process.
  • You will have to create security questions also so that you can recover your account in case you forgot your password.

2-Visit state specific ConnectEBT portal and register an account:

  • Visit the ConnectEBT portal of your state and start registering a new account.
  • Create a new User ID and Password for your account.
  • Create a new PIN and activate your account.

ConnectEBT balance check

Cardholders can check their EBT balance anytime by logging in to their connect EBT account. After login in, In the summary section, you can easily check how much balance is left in your account.

Customer Service

If you are facing any issues then please take the help of 24/7 customer care. Customer service numbers are different for different states. Please have a look below.

StateEBT customer service number
Alabama EBTSNAP and CASH: 1-800-997-8888
Medicaid NET: 1-877-391-4757
Arkansas EBT1-800-997-9999
Connecticut EBT1-888-328-2666
Connecticut WIC1-855-222-0510
Delaware EBT1-800-526-9099
Georgia EBT1-888-421-3281
Indiana EBT1-877-768-5098
Indiana WIC1-855-349-1454
Iowa EBT1-800-359-5802
Maryland EBT1-800-997-2222
Mississippi EBT1-866-512-5087
New Jersey EBT1-800-997-3333
New York EBT1-888-328-6399
Ohio EBT1-866-386-3071
Oklahoma EBT1-888-328-6551
Oklahoma WIC1-866-562-2702
Pennsylvania EBT1-888-328-7366
South Carolina EBT1-800-554-5268
Tennessee EBT1-888-997-9444
Utah EBT1-800-997-4444
Vermont WIC1-855-769-8890
Virginia EBT1-866-281-2448


Name of the portal and appConnectEBT
Developed byConduent, Inc
Developed forParticipating states
Supported languageEnglish, Spanish
PurposeTo offer electronic benefit transfer to people
Registration modeOnline
BeneficiaryAll state residents in the United States
Official websitewww.connectebt.com

Source 1: ConnectEBT portal, Source 2: Conduent Inc

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