How to Report Leave of Absence Walmart One

What is My Sedgwick One Walmart report an absence procedure and how to request leave through What different options are available for Walmart associates while requesting leave and returning from leave?

What instructions an hourly and salaried associate must follow and what are the guidelines for Maternity and parental leave? Check all details and the updated information in this article.

Report an absence and request leave – Quick access

  • Visit > ME > LEAVE OF ABSENCE (LOA) > mySedgwick (LOA Claims) if you are connected to the Walmart network.
  • Visit my sedgwick website, register a new account, and request leave if you are outside the Walmart network.
  • Call mySedgwick phone number 800-492-5678 and request leave.

Check the step-by-step procedure and detailed information below.

What is My Sedgwick Portal?

My Sedgwick is a proprietary claims system that allows employees to manage their claims and find related information. It is very useful and provides the following services.

  • Create a New Claim – Employees can log in to their MySedgwick Walmart account and create a new disability or leave a claim online through an easy-to-use interface.
  • Find Claim Information – Walmart employees can log in and check all the information related to their existing claims or leave. Employees can also check the claim status.
  • Leave Balance – It also provides information about the remaining leaves.
  • Payment History – Employees can check their previous payment details anytime after logging in to their account.
  • Easy Communication – You can use the secure and easy communication medium available for everyone.
  • Add Claim Information – Employees can add absence and return to work dates to their case or claim.
  • Manage Your Profile – Employees can view and update their personal information through their account.
  • Alert Service – Employees can manage their text and email-based alerts and update their preferences.
  • File Upload – Employees can easily upload their claim or leave-related documents.

Report an absence and request leave – Quick access

  • Visit > ME > LEAVE OF ABSENCE (LOA) > mySedgwick (LOA Claims) if you are connected to the Walmart network.
  • Visit my sedgwick website, register a new account, and request leave if you are outside the Walmart network.
  • Call mySedgwick phone number 800-492-5678 and request leave.

Check the step-by-step procedure and detailed information below.

How to Report an Absence at Walmart One?

If you are a Walmart associate and looking for urgent leave then there are different options available through the Walmart GTA portal. We are sharing simple steps and helpful information about how to report your Leave of absence online and request leave through the One Walmart My Sedgwick portal.

One Walmart report an absence and leave request process:

  1. Contact Your Manager for a Leave Request.
  2. Choose Leave Type.
  3. Request a Leave Through
  4. Review Your Leave Packet.
  5. Complete the Release of Information.
  6. Complete Medical Certification.
  7. Return Documents.

Complete information about each step is given below.

Step 1. Contact Your Manager for a Leave Request

The first step is to contact your manager and inform them about your upcoming plan of taking a leave. You must inform the manager at least 30 days before going on leave and discuss the available options.

Step 2. Choose Leave Type

The next step is to decide what type of leave you require. There are different types of leaves you can apply for. Please check below.

  1. Continuous: A leave of absence for an uninterrupted length of time. This is the most common type of leave.
  2. Intermittent: A leave for a series of separate periods off for a qualifying reason, like ongoing medical treatments. If your leave is FMLA-eligible, your medical provider will need to specify how long and how often you will be absent.
  3. Reduced work schedule: Some health conditions may require you to only work a part of your shift for some time, as specified by your medical provider. A reduced-hours leave will specify the number of hours or shifts you can work per day or week.

Please note that intermittent and reduced-hours leaves aren’t available for all leaves. Different rules also apply in some states.

Step 3. Request a Leave Through

The next step is to apply for a leave. All Walmart associates can apply for leave through the portal. Leave application through Sedgwick is mandatory whether you are requesting leave for any personal reason, you will have to send your leave request through the Sedgwick portal or by phone call.

Information required:

The below-mentioned information is required to request leave through my Sedgwick.

  • Walmart Identification Number (WIN)
  • Two-week work schedule
  • Last day worked
  • Estimated return to work date
  • Health care provider’s address, phone, and fax number.

Request leave:

1-Visit the Sedgwick portal at and log in to your account if you are not using the company network.

Alternatively, navigate to > ME > LEAVE OF ABSENCE (LOA) > mySedgwick (LOA Claims) if you are connected to the Walmart network.

2-After logging in, file your request online. You will have to provide the below information.

  • Share the reason for leaving
  • Share the dates for your leave
  • Your return date
  • Leave types such as continuous or intermittent
  • Your most recent two-week work schedule (hourly), three-week work schedule (salary), or four-week work schedule (drivers)
  • The fax number for your doctor if you’re requesting a medical or family care leave

3-Share all required information and submit your leave request. Your leave request will be reviewed by managers and you will be notified through Sedgwick on your email address, text message, or phone call.

While submitting your leave request, you will get the option to opt-in to receive communication via text and email. This will help you to receive updates and you can get important claim information faster.

Step 4. Review Your Leave Packet

After submitting your leave request, Sedgwick will determine your eligibility based on different factors such as your employment type, your employment history, your hours and length of service, and the type of leave.

After that, you will get a letter and your initial leave packet from Sedgwick by mail or email, depending on which one you choose. This packet will let you know if you’re eligible for the type of leave you have chosen.

You will get some important documents, and forms in the leave packet. Please review all documents and information. You may also take a printout of the leave packet.

Step 5. Complete the Release of Information

You will get a release of information document within your leave packet you receive through Sedgwick. This form allows Sedgwick to contact your medical providers to coordinate your leave and get any additional details or clarification.

Please complete and send this release of information document to Sedgwick through any one of the below methods:

Step 6. Complete Medical Certification

The next step is to complete your medical certification through your healthcare provider. Contact your healthcare provider and ask them to complete your medical certification forms.

You may also ask Sedgwick to complete your certification forms from your healthcare provider. Once you get your medical certification forms, send them to Sedgwick before the due date. The due date is mentioned on the Medical certification forms.

Step 7. Return Documents

All documents must be completed and returned no later than the medical due date, which is 20 days after the packet was sent by Sedgwick. If additional time is needed to submit medical certification, contact Sedgwick before the medical certification due date.

You can fax to 859-264-4372, email to [email protected], or upload to mySedgwick.

It’s important to return this information promptly! Missing or delayed forms are the most common cause of denied leaves.

Sedgwick Walmart Report an Absence Number

Apart from the online portal, associates can request leave by calling Walmart call in sick number at 800-492-5678. Associates can report an absence, and get information about leave, leave-related documents, leave request process, or any other related information by calling Sedgwick.

How to log in to MySedgwick and report an absence?

Please follow the below steps to log in to mySedgwick.

Step 1: Visit the official website You may also visit the direct login page at

Step 2: You will be redirected to the mySedgwick login page (as shown below).

mysedgwick Walmart login page

Step 3: Enter your username and password and click the LOGIN button to access your account.


  • If you are using the Walmart Network then you can directly log in to Sedgwick through MySedgwick link on the Walmart One portal.
  • You will automatically sign in to mySedgwick without entering your username and password.
  • To log in through the Walmart One portal, navigate to -> ME -> LEAVE OF ABSENCE (LOA) -> mySedgwick (LOA Claims).
  • If you are at home or outside the Walmart network then you will have to create a new account at and after that, you can request leave.

How to Register a Walmart account?

There is no need to register for My Sedgwick if you are using the Walmart network. If you want to access a Sedgwick account from your home then you will have to register a new account. Please follow the below steps.

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Click the New User link on the login page.
  3. Select if you have a claim number or not.
  4. Enter your Date of birth, SSN, and zip code.
  5. If you have a pending case or claim, complete the Your case/claim information section.
  6. You can now create a new username and password.
  7. Set up security questions.
  8. You will get a confirmation email regarding your registration.

Helpful Information While Returning From Leave – Walmart Report Absence

You will have to keep track of your leave and follow some important instructions and guidelines while returning from leave.

Confirm return date:
Before your leave is finished, Sedgwick will contact you and inform you about your return-to-work date and/or determine if an extension may be needed. Please confirm your return to work (RTW) date to Sedgwick. You can notify your manager also about your return to work.

The best you to confirm your return date is by using the Interactive Voice Response (IVR). You can call Sedgwick’s automated IVR line at 1-800-492-5678 OR you may use the online portal

Once your return date is confirmed, your payment process will start. Confirming your return date will also help you to get system access on your return date so that you can start your work without any further authorization and interruption.

Complete return to work certification:
You will have to share your return-to-work certification form with Sedgwick through fax or email at least three days before your return date. You must share your return-to-work certification with your facility on the day you joined after your leave finished.

Do you have restrictions?
Work with Sedgwick and the Accommodations Service Center at 855-489-1600 to make necessary arrangements if you are returning to work with restrictions and need special accommodations. Your People Partner can be a great resource for you

My Helpline

All Walmart associates can get absence reporting-related help through the Sedgwick contact information given below.
Phone number800-492-5678
Mail addressP.O. Box 14028, Lexington, KY 40512
Email[email protected]
People services800-421-1362
Sedgwick Technical helpline866-647-7610
Sedgwick Email helpline[email protected]


What after requesting a leave through Sedgwick Walmart?

Once you’ve requested a leave, you will have to follow the normal call-in procedures and remain on active status until a decision is made on your claim.

Home Office, Sam’s Club, and Walmart stores: call in each absence until Sedgwick has approved your leave.

Supply Chain: call in each absence until your facility receives notification from Sedgwick that your leave of absence has been requested. Typically this will happen within one business day of being submitted.

Your facility’s attendance policy still applies, so call in each absence until Sedgwick has communicated a decision to both you and your facility.

You may also sign up for two-factor authentication before you go on leave, so you can access your Walmart login outside the Walmart network while you’re away.

You may have a state leave benefit available based on the state where you work. Follow the instructions in the initial packet from Sedgwick for filing with your state.  It is very important to file with your state as soon as possible so you receive your state pay during your leave of absence. 

What if you are not eligible for leave?

If you aren’t eligible for an FMLA leave, you may not be eligible for an intermittent leave under the Leave of Absence Policy.

However, if you need leave due to a medical condition, you can submit a request to the Accommodation Service Center for consideration of intermittent time away from work under the Accommodation in Employment Policy. 

The Accommodation Service Center will review your request and determine your eligibility. Intermittent accommodation approvals are for your own health condition only, not to care for a family member.

You can contact the Accommodation Service Center at 855-489-1600, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (CT).

What if my leave or disability claim is denied by Walmart?

If your leave request is not approved by Sedgwick then there may be different possible reasons as mentioned below.

Not providing all your supporting documentation within 20 days.
Not providing additional information requested by Sedgwick within 12 days.
Not meeting the eligibility requirements (hours and/or length of time working for the company) for the type of leave you’ve requested.

Sedgwick will notify you and share the actual reason why your request is denied. In this case, you may contact your HR OR facility manager or leave specialist for the available options.

Sometimes associates apply for medical leave but the medical condition does not found to be very serious or fit for a leave.

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