e-Gram Swaraj PFMS: Online Payment Status Report ❤️2023

How to check the online payment status report on the e-Gram Swaraj PFMS Portal? How to access the PFMS dashboard page? How to visit the payment page and get the online reports?

PFMS Dashboard

PFMS “Public Financial Management System” is a web portal developed for the Finance department, GoI. It shows all the transaction reports in real time.

PFMS page shows the different types of transaction details, scheme-wise transaction statistics, Online Payment Status Report, Sector Wise Dash Board, Planning & Reporting Dashboard, Panchayat Decision Support System (PDSS), etc.

As of now (18 May 2023), 258976 PRIs data is available on the PFMS dashboard page.

How to access PFMS reports on e-Gram Swaraj Portal?

If you want to access the PFMS portal then please follow the below steps.

Step 1: Visit the e-Gram Swaraj portal https://egramswaraj.gov.in/.

Step 2: Click the Dashboard link on the homepage.

Step 3: On the Dashboard Report page, you will find three links.

  1. Dashboard
  2. Panchayat Information Dashboard
  3. Analytical Dashboard

Step 4: Again click the Dashboard page. The PFMS new Dashboard page is on the screen (as shown below).

PFMS Dashboard page on eGramSwaraj.gov.in

You can also visit the PFMS Dashboard page directly at https://egramswaraj.gov.in/pfmsDashboardNew.do

How to check the Online Payment Status?

There is an online payment module that is accessible through the PFMS dashboard page. As of today (18 May 2023), you can find the payment data of 116722 Panchayat Raj Institutions on the portal.

You can find the Online Payment Status Reports for different fiscal years. Payment reports of all Zilla Panchayat, Block Panchayat, and Village Panchayat are available for all states.

Please follow the below steps to check the payment status report for your Gram Panchayat.

Step 1: Visit the PFMS Dashboard page on the e-Gram Swaraj portal.

Step 2: Now click the Online Payment Status Report link (as shown in the above image). The payment status report page will appear on the screen (as shown below).

Online Payment Status Report page on eGramSwaraj.gov.in

Step 3: Select the financial year and state from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Select any one option from…

  1. Zilla Panchayat & Equivalent
  2. Block Panchayat & Equivalent
  3. Village Panchayat & Equivalent

After that, select the scheme and date.

Step 5: Enter the given captcha code and press the View Report button.

Step 6: After that, Select the District, Block Panchayat, and Gram Panchayat.

The report will be available on the screen and you can download the Excel file also on your device. If you don’t find any data then the payment status report module might be not working currently or it is being updated. Please try later.

Alternative method:

You can also find the latest payment report by navigating to eGramSwaraj -> PFMS Dashboard -> Online Transaction Statistics. Here you will find two sections.

  1. Payment report
  2. Yesterday’s payment report

You can view the report by clicking the View Details link.


Name of the modulePFMS Dashboard
Developed forTo provide transaction-related statistics and reports
Available forEveryone
Access modeOnline
No. of PRI’s Onboard Till Date278177
No. of PRI’s Registered on eGS-PFMS264364
No. of PRI’s Onboard on eGS-PFMS258976
No. of PRI’s with Online Payment on eGS-PFMS (2023-2024)116722
Total Payment Initiated Till Date (in Cr.) (2023-2024)5538.789
Total Payment Approved Till Date (in Cr.) (2023-2024)5037.590

Finally, we have shared the information about the PFMS Dashboard on the eGram Swaraj portal. We have also shared the step-by-step process to access the payment status report.

Please let us know your views on this article.

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