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Walgreens People Central | Walgreens Employee Login | How Walgreens Boot Alliance employees can log in to their accounts and access important services?

What types of different services are provided through WBA Worldwide My HR portal and how employees can access them? Please check all the latest updates in this article.

Walgreens People Central login

Walgreens People Central is an employee portal developed by the Walgreens Boot Alliance (WBA). All employees can access different employee-related services through this portal such as viewing their pay stubs, getting their upcoming schedule, view other human resource/payroll-related information.

To access all services, employees must log in to their accounts.

Walgreens Employee Login requirements:

Before proceeding to the login, a few login-related requirements must be followed to access your account securely.

  • Correct URL of the Walgreens People Central portal
  • Employees’ USER ID and password to log in
  • A secure device to access the official website.
  • A WBA intranet connection and the device must be connected to the company network.
  • If an employee is accessing the website outside the network then the employee must be enrolled in the two-factor authentication.

How do I log into my Walgreens employee portal?


Visit the above link to open the company’s official login page. You will get two options here.

i-Select your region and Choose the Boots Retail USA option to continue with single sign-on. If you are not connected to the company network, you may be prompted to enter your corporate email address and password.

On the next page enter your Walgreens email address and password to access your account.

ii-If you do not select the Boots Retail USA option then you will continue with Walgreens single sign-on. If prompted, enter your OneID (Authenticator ID) and password.

Enter your One ID and password to access your account.

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How to recover your password?

Walgreens has enabled the password recovery feature on the login page of People Central. It is very useful in case someone forgot the password and is not able to access the employee portal. Please follow the below steps to access your account.

  • Visit the Walgreens employee login page.
  • Click the Forgot Password link.
  • On the next page, enter your email address and complete the captcha verification.
  • Press the email me reset instructions button.
  • Please check your inbox and click the password reset link.
  • You can now create a new password for your employee portal.

Walgreens employee login using an X.509 certificate


Visit the above URL and click the Sign in using an X.509 certificate link. On the next page, sign in if you have X.509 certificate.

Walgreens employee SSO login


Visit the above URL to open the SSO login page and enter your ONE ID and password to access your account.

Note1: If you are not able to access the People Central web page then login to your account and navigate to “About Me” > Personal Profile > People Central. The People Central link is also available in the Useful link section.

Note 2: If you want to access your Walgreens people central account outside the company intranet network then you must use the company network once and enroll yourself in the two-factor authentication service.

After enrolling in the two-factor authentication, you can log in from anywhere, you will have to authenticate your login through the authentication method you have set up.

How to enroll in the two-step verification service?

  1. Login into your https://mypassport.walgreens.com/ account.
  2. You will see your employee dashboard page.
  3. Select the Two-Step Verification option to start the enrollment process.
  4. You will get four options for the additional authentication method.
    • Text Messages will send a one-time passcode to your mobile phone
    • Phone Call will call your mobile or landline phone with a recording of a one-time passcode
    • An email will send a one-time password to the email address of your choice
    • You can also authenticate your login through the PingID push notification. You must download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

You may set up one or more authentication methods to verify your account.

After enrolling in the two-step verification system, you can reset your password either by answering the security questions or through the two-step verification method you have set up.

Other Walgreens People Central Login options

There are other login options available for People Central and other services.

Walgreens’ mypassport web page helps you to recover your account in case you forgot your password. Visit the above URL and enter your One ID to reset your password.

How to navigate to Walgreens people central?

After login into your account through the company network or from outside the network, Employees can navigate to Walnet > About Me > Update Personal Information > People Central.

Walgreens People Central Benefits

This portal is very beneficial for all employees where employees can access all important services and features. Some of the benefits are mentioned below.

Personal Information Access: Employees’ personal information is available to them just after login into their Walgreens account. There will be contact information, address, employment information, etc and employees can edit and update some information.

Access your Payroll details: PayStubs, bank account for direct deposit, tax-related information, etc are available to help employees. Employees can verify the accuracy of their PayStud and view different tax forms.

Employee Benefits: Check out all available employee benefits Walgreens offers through the employee portal. Find out the insurance, health, discounts, etc information.

Training and development: Training-related resources are also available to help employees to measure their performance.

Better communication: The employee portal also provides a better and more secure way to communicate with other employees and HR managers through a digital medium. There is no need to visit any HR office.

Walgreens Employee Discount


Check information about the discounts available for Walgreens employees. How to use your employee discount: • How to make sure you get the discount: • What’s not included with my discount?

Currently, employees can get a 25% discount on owned brands and 15% off on all national brands.

How to use your employee discount?

If you want to get discounted products then you will have to follow the below steps.

  1. Join Balance Rewards
  2. Link your Employee ID to your Balance Rewards membership.
  3. Navigate to Walnet > About Me > Update Personal Information > People Central > Balance Rewards
  4. Use your membership each time you shop in-store and online.

Customer service

For any kind of HR or pay stub-related information, please send an email to [email protected]. Please include your name and employee ID number in the email.


How do I check my PTO at Walgreens?

You can check your benefits details through People Central. Just log in to your account by visiting employee.walgreens.com. After login, navigate to myHR> search PTO. You will find your PTO benefits information available for you.

How do I set up direct deposit at Walgreens?

Direct Deposit settings are available in the Payroll section of the People Central employee account. Just log in to your People Central account and scroll down to the Payroll section.

You can update your bank account or set up a new bank account with the help of a bank account number and routing number.

What is Walgreens pay period?

Walgreens pay periods are a total of 2 weeks and run from Thursday to Wednesday. You are most likely to get paid on Thursday after every 2nd week. You must check it with your HR manager for the most accurate information about your pay day.

About Walgreens

Walgreens was founded in 1901 and currently has thousands of stores in 48 states across the United States. It was founded by Charles R. Walgreen, Sr., and started its pharmacy business near Galesburg, Illinois.

It all started when Charles R. Walgreen Sr. purchased the Chicago drugstore in 1901 and started Walgreens. In the next 25 years, Walgreens opened its 100 stores and continued its expansion and growth.

Later in 2014, Walgreens merged with leading international pharmacy-led health and beauty group “Alliance Boots” and created a new global company, “Walgreens Boots Alliance”.

Currently, more than  240,000 employees are working in the company and helping Walgreens in achieving its goals. For more information, please get in touch with Walgreens’ corporate office.

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