IOSMS v2 login: eHRMS app, Odisha Teacher mutual transfer portal

After the launch of the Digital India initiative by the Indian government a lot of government organizations have started using online Human Resource Management Systems to manage their employees in different departments. Different states are free to use different HRMS systems.

The West Bengal government initiated a project ‘Integrated Online Salary Management System’ (OSMS) for the primary and secondary teachers of West Bengal State. IOSMS is an initiative of the School Education Department, Government of West Bengal

What is IOSMS?

OSMS formerly known as IOSMS is an online Integrated Salary Management System developed by the NIC for the school education department, West Bengal to provide a complete human resource and financial management system for the primary and secondary teachers.

With the help of this financial management system, teachers can download their Monthly payslips, PF statements, etc. When Android app has also been developed by the National Informatics Center and is available to download from the official website. This app also provides some kind of functionalities, features, and services similar to the portal.

West Bengal government has launched the updated v2 portal which was in the development process for a long time. The initial application OSMS V 1.0 was launched in December 2012. After two years, a new application iOSMS was launched by integrating the salary management module in 2014 and after three years of the launch of the second application, the government has launched the updated Integrated Salary Management System IOSMS V2 for all teachers and other department officials by introducing new functionalities mentioned below.

  • Increment Module
  • Different types of Salary calculation (Part Salary)
  • Employee Transfer
  • OTP based log in
  • User Management through Child log in
  • Android app
  • Leave Module
  • E-Service book

Current statistics:

Secondary school14199
Primary school49342
Primary employee188647

Objective and Benefits

The main objective to develop the IOSMS portal is to provide easy access to financial-related information for employees and manage their personal information and data online. Now all employees can easily track their monthly salary and download their annual statements also.

Now all teachers of the primary and secondary schools can use all available services online with the help of the online portal and mobile app. These days as everything is available online through online portals and mobile apps at an easily accessible and faster pace that’s why the government of West Bengal has provided an online human resource management system for government teachers.

All teachers can access all information and services online easily and there is no need to visit any education department office now.

Due to this convenience department officials and teachers can save their time and work on other official task to help improve the overall productivity of the department.


Portal nameIntegrated Salary Management System
DepartmentEducation department, Gorkhaland Territorial Administration
DeveloperNational Informatics Center, West Bengal
BeneficiaryPrimary and Secondary teachers in West Bengal state
Current version2.0
Official v2

OSMS v2 login

If you want to perform any task such as tracking your monthly salary, downloading your salary slip, checking and updating your profile information, etc then you will have to log in on the official portal. The exact login process is given down below. Please have a look.

IOSMS v2 log in process:

Total Time: 5 minutes

  1. Open the official portal

    First of all, you will have to open the official portal by clicking the official website URL

  2. Find the login link

    Now you will have to locate the login link on the homepage of the official West Bengal teacher portal. The login link is available in the top menu on the right side of the website.

  3. Open the login page

    osms login form

    Now you may simply click this login link to open a login page. You will see a login page as shown above.

  4. Select user role

    Now on the login screen, you will have to select the user role. Different types of user roles are assigned to different departments. You will have to select anyone from the below-given user roles.

    State-level user.
    District level user
    Subdivision level user
    Circle level user
    School-level user

  5. Enter your login credentials

    After that, you will have to enter your username, password, and captcha code. After filling in all information you may simply click this sign-in button. You may also check the Remember me checkbox if you are the only person who uses the device you are currently using such as your mobile phone or your personal computer. If all login details are correct then you will see your employer dashboard page.

The login process has been completed now and you can start using all available services.

iOSMS Odisha self / mutual Teacher transfer portal

Now all Teachers and other staff of the education department can apply for a transfer to another district or within a district. West Bengal School’s education department has introduced a new portal Utsashree v1.0 which is inter-connected to the Banglar Shiksha online portal.

With the help of the Utsashree portal, all teachers can submit a transfer application.

Criteria for a Transfer application: All applicants who are fulfilling the below-given criteria can submit an online transfer application.

  • Applicants must be a West Bengal citizens who is working as a government teacher for at least 5 years in the present post.
  • Applicants’ age must be less than 59 years and he/she can apply for a minimum range of 25 KM.
  • Only secondary teachers can apply within a circle.
  • If someone refused a transfer order then he/she will not be able to apply again before 7 years.
  • If anybody is facing Disciplinary proceedings/judicial proceedings or charges of financial irregularity then the application will not be accepted.

Required documents:

  • A distance certificate between the place of posting and permanent address.
  • Birth certificate of a child for female teachers, medical certificate in case of illness, physical disablement certificate for minimum 40% disability.

How to apply for a Transfer: Please check the steps given down below.

Step 1: Open the official OSMS portal and click the UtsaShree link available in the top menu. UtsaShree portal will open in a new window.

Step 2: Now if you want then you can read the user manuals available related to the transfer application. After that, click the apply for transfer link for a new transfer application. On the next page, select the checkbox and click the proceed button at the end of the page.

Step 3: new teacher login screen will be prompted after the click where you will get teacher login options through osms type. Here you will have to select either primary or secondary. After that, you will have to fill in your unique OSMS code, PAN card number, and captcha code. Click the login button to proceed further and complete the OTP verification step through your mobile number.

Teacher transfer application login page

Step 4: After the OTP verification, you will see a transfer application where you can apply for the below-mentioned transfer types.

  • Self-initiated transfer management (General transfer)
  • Mutual transfer management

Step 5: Select any one type of transfer and fill in your preferred district, subdivision, or school name. You can add more choices by clicking the add more district button. After that, you will have to select a reason for transfer from the drop-down menu.

Step 6: After filling in all details, select the self-declaration checkbox at the end of the page and click the proceed button. After that, you will have to upload supporting documents related to your reason. For example, if you have selected the medical reason self option then you will have to specify the disease and upload the medical certificate for that.

Step 7: fill in other required information and upload the distance certificate also. Your teacher transfer application form has been filled out now click the finalize button. Your application is automatically sent to HOI through the system.

Note: After clicking the finalize button you will not be able to change your information. So it is advised to verify all the information before finalizing your application.

Your transfer application has been successfully submitted and now you can view your application status through the ‘VIEW SELF INITIATED TRANSFER STATUS’ link. You may also check your transfer eligibility by clicking the transfer eligibility marks link.

Note: You will get the preference in your transfer process according to your transfer eligibility marks which will be decided by considering different eligibility factors.

The mutual transfer application is also similar to the general transfer. you will have to complete some additional steps in the transfer application mentioned below.

  • I know my matching applicant
  • Search for the matching applicant
  • Initiate mutual transfer process
  • View mutual transfer status

Download the IOSMS eHRMS app for Teachers

An eHRMS mobile app has been developed to provide the same functionalities similar to the IOSMS portal.

The app was released in December 2018.

eHRMS app features

  • Monthly pay slip
  • Annual statement
  • PF statement

I did not find the official app in the Play store so you may currently use the online portal to download your monthly Salary slip and annual statement.

How can I download teacher PaySlip?

West Bengal Primary and secondary teachers can download their Pay Slip with the help of the below-given process.

  • Open the official portal and log in by using your login credentials and OTP verification.
  • Now on your user dashboard page select the Payslip generation option.
  • Now select Month, and Year from the drop-down menu and click the Submit button.
  • Your Payslip will be downloaded on your device.

Annual statement: Similarly you may select the Annual statement option and choose financial year from the drop-down menu and click the Submit button to download your Annual statement.


If you are looking for any kind of Administrative or technical help then you can contact support through the below-given email ID. There is no contact number provided by the West Bengal government.

Administrative help: [email protected]

Technical help: [email protected]


Can I update my profile details?

Yes, you can easily update your profile information such as your contact details, address, etc after login on to the official portal.

What kind of transfer applications are available?

There are many types of transfer applications available on the portal and applicants can select from the below-mentioned application type.
1-Primary general transfer application
2-Primary mutual transfer application
3-Secondary general transfer application
4-Secondary mutual transfer application

How can I get my payslip online from the IOSMS?

You can download your Payslip from the official portal or the Android mobile app. You will have to log in to download your payslip.

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