TP Southern Odisha (TPSODL) Electricity Bill Payment online

What is TPSODL Odisha Consumer Portal and how to pay Electricity Bills online? What types of different payment methods are available for consumers? In this article, you will get all the latest information related to the TP Southern Odisha Electricity Bill.


TPSODL stands for “TP Southern Odisha Distribution Limited” whereas TP stands for Tata Power. Tata Power and Grid Corporation of Odisha has made a joint venture TPSODL where GRIDCO disinvested its 51 % equity stake and Tata Power successfully wins the bid to acquire 51% equity. GRIDCO now has a 49% stake in TPSODL.

Previously It was known as SOUTHCO (Southco Utility of Odisha). On December 04, 2020, Tata Power finally approved getting a 51% stake in SOUTHCO one of the Odisha Discom, and allowed to manage all six circles Ganjam City, Berhampur, Bhanjanagar, Rayagada, Jeypore, Aska.

Tata Power also renamed SOUTHCO to TPSODL. All consumers who live and use electricity in these circles can now pay their electricity bill online on the new TPSODL website. There are different options available to pay electricity bills. We are sharing all the details below, please have a look.

TPSODL Odisha Customer Portal

The TPSODL customer portal has been changed and it is now managed by Tata Power. Customers can visit their customer portal with the help of the below steps.

  • Visit the TPSODL website
  • Click the Customer Login link in the right sidebar or navigate to Customer Zone -> Consumer Portal from the top menu.
  • You will be redirected to your customer portal managed by Tata Power.

TPSODL Login, View, and Download Electricity Bill

If you are residing in the TPSODL circle and using the electricity then you can follow the below steps to view your Bill and download a copy of your bill.

  • Visit the TPSODL Tata Power customer portal
  • You will see a login page on the home screen.
  • Enter your consumer number and mobile number and press the Sign In with OTP button.
  • You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP to access your consumer portal account.

After login, you can manage your account and access the below-mentioned services.

1-Check complaint status:
TPSODL’s consumer portal allows customers to track the status of their complaints. By logging in to their account, customers can view the current status of their complaints and any updates or actions taken by TPSODL. This helps customers stay informed about the progress of their complaints and ensures timely resolution.

2-Check meter reading:
The TPSODL consumer portal provides customers with the ability to check their meter readings. By logging in to their account, customers can view the latest reading of their meter. This helps customers keep track of their energy consumption and ensures accurate billing.

3-SMS & Email Alerts:
The TPSODL consumer portal provides customers with SMS and email alerts about their accounts. Customers can receive alerts about their billing, payment status, meter reading, and other relevant information. This feature ensures that customers are always up-to-date about their accounts and helps them avoid any billing or payment-related issues.

4-View and Download Bill:
The TPSODL consumer portal provides customers with the ability to view and download their bills. Customers can access their bills from anywhere, at any time, and keep track of their billing history. This feature also helps customers maintain their records and ensure timely payment of their bills.

5-Check Consumption History:
The TPSODL consumer portal allows customers to check their consumption history. By logging in to their account, customers can view their energy consumption over some time. This helps customers understand their energy usage patterns and make informed decisions about their consumption.

6-View Payment History:
The TPSODL consumer portal provides customers with the ability to view their payment history. Customers can access their payment history from anywhere, at any time, and keep track of their payment records. This feature also helps customers maintain their records and ensure timely payment of their bills.

TPSODL Electricity Bill Payment

An online electricity bill payment facility is also available on the TPSODL portal. Consumers can pay their energy bills without logging in. The Bill payment process is easy. Please follow the below steps.

  • Visit the official website
  • Navigate to Customer Zone -> Bill Payment from the main menu or click the Pay Your Bill link located in the right sidebar.
  • You will be redirected to the bill payment page.
  • Click the Pay Energy Bill link.
  • Enter your CA number/Account Number, Phone number, and email address.
  • Press the Pay Now button and make an online payment.
  • You can also pay Non-Energy Bill and OTS payments through the same page.

Electricity bill payment is very easy now and there is no need to stand in a queue in any electricity office. All you need is your 12-digit consumer number and you can take the advantage of the online facility through the TPSODL portal to View, Download, and Pay your electricity bill.

TPSODL Bill Payment through digital payment services

Payments through the digital wallets payment services such as Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, UPI, etc are very popular these days due to quick and easy access.

All customers can use any digital services and pay their electricity bills within minutes. The process for making online payments through these digital payment providers is almost similar.

Please check the below steps to pay your electricity bill through Paytm.

  1. You can use the Paytm app or website to make a payment.
  2. Open the Paytm app and click the Pay Electricity Bill option.
  3. You will have to select your state and electricity board. Select “Odisha” and “TP Southern Odisha Distribution Limited”.
  4. After that, enter your Customer ID and Mobile number in the given space and click the Proceed button.
  5. You can enter the promo code to get cashback if you have one.
  6. Click the Proceed to Payment button. You will find multiple payment modes such as credit card, debit card, UPI, Paytm Balance, Paytm Payments Bank, Net banking, etc.
  7. Use any one option at your convenience and pay your electricity bill.

Similarly, you can use PhonePe, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, etc to make electricity bill payments.

Note: If you don’t know your Customer ID then you can find that on your electricity bill. We have already shared how you can view or download your electricity bill from the TPSODL Customer portal.

Promo codes:

Currently, customers can get some discounts or cashback on their electricity bills by using the below promo codes.

Please note that these promo codes are valid only for the specified duration. Please read all terms and conditions and the validity of promo codes by visiting the offers and schemes page on the TPSODL website.

Payment Service ProviderPromo CodeDiscount/Cashback
PaytmTPSODL200Up to 200 Rs cashback
PhonePeNo promo code required75 Rs cashback on the first PhonePe transaction
PaytmTPSODL150Up to 150 Rs cashback

Payment through Mo Bidyut online portal or mobile app

Through the Odisha government’s new 5T initiative, all Distribution Utilities of Odisha such as TPCODL, TPNODL, TPWODL & TPSODL are going to be managed by a single web portal and mobile app “Mo Bidyut”. Mo Bidyut is specifically developed to provide new electricity connections to Odisha citizens.

Whether you are getting the electricity supply from any Odisha Discom, you can apply for a new connection through the Mo Bidyut portal.

Mo Bidyut portal also offers a bill payment facility. Customers can follow the below steps to pay their electricity bills.

  • Visit the Mo Bidyut portal.
  • You can download the mobile app or just pay your electricity bill through the web portal.
  • Move down the homepage a little bit and click the online Bill Payment link.
  • Select “TPSODL” from the Discoms list and click the Proceed to Payments button.
  • On the next page, enter your Consumer ID and select Energy Bill in the Type of payment section.
  • Click the Proceed button and pay your electricity bill through any one of the available payment methods.

TPSODL Electricity Bill payment on Odisha One portal

Customers can use the Odisha One unified citizen portal to make online electricity bill payments. It is also a very useful utility and offers a faster way to pay electricity bills. Please note that Odisha One will charge you a convenience fee to pay your bills. There will be a 5 Rs charge for all bill payment transactions.

  • Open the Odisha One portal and click the Quick Pay link.
  • Customers can also visit the direct payment page at
  • Now select “Electricity” and “TPSODL” in the Service and Service Provider sections.
  • On the same page, enter your “Customer Id” and “Mobile number” and press the Submit button.
  • Your bill details will be shown on the screen.
  • You can now make an online payment through the available payment methods.
  • Pay your electricity bill and save the billing receipt for your reference.

TPSODL One-Time Settlement (OTS) scheme

TP Southern Odisha Distribution Limited has started a One-time settlement (OTS) scheme for those customers who have electricity arrears outstanding dues. Customers can save 30% amount on their electricity bill by paying a one-time settlement fee.

The OTS scheme will be valid till 21st April 2023. OTS scheme has been approved by the Odisha state electricity regulatory commission to provide benefits to all LT electricity consumers. The scheme is applicable for Electricity Arrears before 31 Dec 2020

LT Consumers will get the below-mentioned benefits.

  1. 30% Rebate on Electricity Arrears and 80% Rebate on Delayed Payment Surcharge (If arrear payment is made in full at a time)
  2. 20% Rebate on Electricity Arrears and 80% Rebate on Delayed Payment Surcharge (If arrear payment is made in two equal monthly installments (50% +50%))
  3. 15% Rebate on Electricity Arrears and
  4. 80% Rebate on Delayed Payment Surcharge (If arrear payment is made in three monthly installments (50% +25% +25%)).

There will be extra terms & conditions related to the OTS scheme that customers can check by calling toll-free No. 1912 or 18003456797.

How to register a complaint online on the TPSODL portal?

Request through the contact form:

Customers can also send a service request or complaint through the contact form available on the Tata Power TPSODL consumer portal. Please follow the below steps to send your request online.

  1. Visit the TPSODL Consumer portal.
  2. Click the Contact And Support link.
  3. On the next page, you will see an online request form.
  4. Select a topic, enter your consumer number, and select Complaint type.
  5. Type your message and press the Next button to send your complaint.
  6. Your request has been submitted successfully and you will soon receive a notification about your query.

Apart from the consumer portal, consumers can also submit their grievances through the customer service toll-free number and email address mentioned below in the helpline section.

How to apply for a new electricity connection?

If you are residing in the TPSODL circle area and want to get a new electricity connection then you will have to apply through the official TPSODL website. All new connection applications for up to 5Kw are now managed by the Mo Bidyut portal.

For other types of electricity connections, applications will be submitted directly through the TPSODL web portal. Please follow the below steps.

  • Visit the official website
  • Click the New Connection link on the right sidebar or under the Customer Zone menu item.
  • You will get four options on this page.
    • LT Connection up to 5 kW
    • LT 3 Phase connection
    • HT Connection
    • EHT Connection
  • Select “LT Connection up to 5 Kw” if you are a normal consumer and looking for a connection for your house.
  • You will be redirected to the Mo Bidyut portal.
  • Click the New Service Connection link and verify your mobile number through the OTP.
  • Fill out the online application form and upload relevant documents.
  • Finally, make the payment and submit your application.
  • Your application for a new electricity connection has been received successfully.
  • Please take a printout of the application form and payment receipt.

If you need other types of connection then click any one link from the “LT 3 Phase connection”, “HT Connection”, and “EHT Connection” on the TPSODL new connection page. Fill out the application form and submit it.

You can also track the status of your application from the same page by clicking the connection type link that you have applied for.

TPSODL offline payment

Although customers can easily pay their electricity bills online by using anyone online payment method we have mentioned above in this article. An offline payment option is also available. Customers can visit any TPSODL payment collection location and pay their electricity bills.

Customers can visit the payment location page to check out the location and Google Maps directions.

Customers can visit the below payment addresses.



Customers can pay the required billing amount either in cash or by bank draft or banker’s cheque. After the payment, the supplier will issue a payment receipt to you.

Customers can also check the Collection Outlet details below.

TPSODL Helpline

Consumers residing in the Southern region can call the TPSODL 24/7 toll-free customer service number to get billing and electricity-related assistance.

Phone number: Please call at 1912 / 1800-3456-797.

Email address: Please send an email to [email protected].

Twitter: You may also ask questions on the TPSODL Twitter handle @TPSODL or visit the URL

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Name of the portalTP Southern Odisha Distribution Limited
Total Population serving94.38 Lakh
Number of customers23.69 Lakh
Distribution Area48,751 sq. km.
Total Energy Input (In MU) for 2020-213599.29
Aggregate Technical & Commercial Loss (%) as on 31-03-202130.03%
33KV Lines as on 28-02-20223,844 CKM
11KV Lines as on 28-02-202242,696 CKM
Low Tension Lines as on 28-02-202239,166 CKM

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