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TNREGINET | Apply EC online | View EC online Tamilnadu

Tamilnadu government has introduced the TNREGINET portal to digitalize various services and provide doorstep services to all citizens. Now anyone can apply online for a Birth certificate, Marriage certificate, Firm registration, Society registration, etc.

In this post, we are sharing details about How to View EC (Encumbrance Certificate) online and How to apply EC online through the TNREGINET portal.

What is an Encumbrance Certificate?

An encumbrance certificate is a property document that represents the legal ownership of the property and prevents the property from any fraud or illegal actions. It also represents that there are no legal liabilities against the property. If someone has an Encumbrance Certificate then no one can claim ownership of your property

EC is a very important document that helps in buying, selling, taking loans, etc. If you are planning to buy any property and looking forward to investing your valuable money then you want to assure that the property is free from any type of loan or lease or any other type of debt. That’s why EC became the most valuable property document.

How to view EC (Encumbrance Certificate) online in Tamilnadu?

Now people of Tamilnadu can easily check the EC online status through the official portal. To view the Tamilnadu EC online you may follow a very easy process which we have mentioned below.

Step#1: First of all open the official website at

tnreginet tamilnadu
Image source: official website

Step#2: Under E-Services navigate to Encumbrance Certificate> View EC. You will see a page where you can search Encumbrance Certificate.

tnreginet view ec online link

Step#3: On this page, you have three options to search the EC online.

  • EC
  • Documentwise
  • Plot Flat wise

(i)-EC: If you select the EC option then you will have to enter the below-mentioned information in the search form.

encumbrance certificate  ec search option page
  • Zone
  • District
  • Sub Registrar Office
  • EC Start Date
  • EC End Date
  • Survey Details – Village, Survey No., Subdivision No.

(ii)-Documentwise: If you select the Documentwise option then you will have to enter the below-given details in the search form.

encumbrance certificate  documentwise search option page
  • Sub Registrar Office
  • Document No.
  • Year
  • Document Type

(iii)-Plot Flat wise: If you select the Plot Flat Wise option then you will have to enter the below-given details in the search form.

encumbrance certificate  plot flat wise search option page
  • Zone
  • District
  • Sub Registrar Office
  • EC Start Date
  • EC End Date
  • Survey Details – Village, Survey No., Subdivision No.
  • Plot No.
  • Flat No.

Step#4: After selecting any one option and submitting all details enter the given security code and click on the “Search” button. Details about the Encumbrance certificate will be displayed.

How to apply EC online in Tamilnadu?

Citizens can also apply for the Encumbrance Certificate through the TNREGINET online portal. To apply for the EC You must be a registered member. If you have not registered on the Tnreginet portal, First register and then apply. Please check the process given below for Encumbrance Certificate online application.

Step#1: Login to the portal by using your username and password.

Step#2: Now click on the “Search and apply EC” link. You can find the “Search and apply EC option under E-Services>Encumbrance certificate.

apply ec online link

Also check, IFHRMS karuvoolam portal for all details

Step#3: On the next search and apply EC page you will have to enter some details which we have mentioned below.

tnreginet search and apply ec page
  • Search parameters – Village, District, Sub Registrar office, etc.
  • Survey details – Survey No., Subdivision No.
  • House details – Door No. Plot, Ward, Block
  • Boundary details – East, West, North, South
  • Extent Details – Total extent, Conveyed extent

Step#4: Now click on the “Search” button and you will see various document information on the dashboard. Check the details and click on the “Apply Online” button.

apply ec online document information

Step#5: On the next page enter your Name, Mobile number and click on the “Next” button to proceed with the online payment.

apply ec online applicant details

Step#6: Click on the “Pay” button, enter the required details on the new page, and click on the “Submit” button to pay the application fee.

apply ec online applicantion payment link

Step#7: On the payment page you can do online payments through the list of Banks given there. Select any one Bank, click on the “Submit” button, and complete the payment part.

apply ec online application payment page

Step#8: After the successful payment you will receive a successful payment message on the screen.

apply ec online applicantion generate acknowledgment page

Click on the “Generate Acknowledgement” link to download a fee receipt.

After the payment, you will get a digitally signed EC certificate online which you can view through the Tnreginet online portal by using the view EC online process which we have already shared above.

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