Govt Schemes 2021: Central and State Government

Check the latest Central and State government schemes in India.

In this article, you can find a list of the important government schemes running by the government.

What is a government scheme?

A government scheme is a way to help Indian citizens directly or indirectly by providing different types of support such as subsidies, scholarships, financial support to businesses, etc.

latest govt schemes 2021

In India, there are a lot of schemes run by the Indian government for different purposes. Some schemes are providing direct benefits to citizens and some schemes are made to help businesses in India.

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Different Ministries run different schemes for different purposes.


  • To provide benefits to beneficiaries through different mediums such as financial support.
  • To promote those categories, areas, or domains where some government assistance is required
  • To make an environment where important things related to the common man are easily accessible.
  • To promote some basic rights given by the Indian Constitution.


There are a lot of benefits to these government schemes. Some of the benefits we are sharing are below.

  • People can apply for different schemes and take the benefits.
  • Some govt schemes are providing direct financial support to poor people which is a great help to the government for needy people.
  • Some govt schemes are providing financial and easy business-type support to the industries which help in generating employment.
  • Students are also getting scholarships and they can continue their higher studies which was very difficult for the students who were not able to continue their education due to the lack of money.
  • Farmers can also buy cheap equipment with the help of subsidies provided through the different schemes.

Type of govt schemes in India

If we categorize the government schemes then there are specifically two types of govt schemes.

  • Central govt schemes
  • State govt schemes

Central Govt Schemes

These schemes are run by the Central Government of India and are directly managed and funded by the government. Central government schemes cover a large population and provide a lot of benefits at the PAN India level.

Some popular schemes are mentioned below.

Central govt scheme list 2023:

State Govt Schemes

These schemes are managed by the respective state government. The state government also announces a lot of schemes from time to time for the people who reside in the state. All financial support is also provided by the respective state government.

We are sharing some popular state govt schemes below.

State govt scheme list 2023:

Andhra Pradesh Govt schemes:

Chhattisgarh govt schemes:

UP Govt schemes:

Haryana Govt schemes:

Karnataka govt schemes:

Tamilnadu govt schemes:

Telangana govt schemes:

Rajasthan govt schemes:

Bihar govt schemes:

Odisha govt schemes:

Gujarat govt schemes:

Madhya Pradesh schemes:

West Bengal schemes:

Kerala schemes:

Other schemes

Some schemes are provided by the public sector companies and Banks in India. Most of these schemes are related to the employees working in these organizations. Please have a look at some of the Public Sector company’s schemes.